Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy

October 28, 2019

Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy
Hi, my name is Dale, I’m here representing Optimum Nutrition and on behalf of Sporty’s
Health I’d like to talk to you about a few of our different products. This particular
one, Amino Energy. Amino Energy is an absolutely fantastic spin
on sport supplementation and general health as it is. The name might say it all. There’s
an energy component to it, there’s also the amino acid component to it. The product is
derived of your essential amino acids plus some conditionally essential amino acids.
What your essential amino acids are, basically your body, these are the amino acids that
generally eight of these amino acids your body cannot manufacture itself. It has to
source from food. Conditionally essential amino acids, these
amino acids is a small group of seven, and the body can manufacture these but the problem
is that they’re often in short supply, particularly in people that are exercising strenuously,
and we’re often depleted in these. So they come under that conditionally essential category.
So the reason this one’s been developed is obviously for people to be basically getting
in some essential amino acids and these other amino acids while getting some protein into
the, an additional protein source into their daily food intake. This is something that
mixes into a water bottle or a shaker, something like that, it’s a great way that you can increase
your water intake which is absolutely vital these days. WE tend not to drink enough water,
it’s a delicious way of increasing your water intake.
The other noticeable points about this particular product is it’s fantastic from a training
perspective. The idea is there’s other ingredients in there. There’s some nitric oxide producers.
Basically what these are, they increase blood flow. So we’ve got argenine and we’ve got
an l-citrulline malate in there as well. What this does is increases blood flow and
nitric oxide. What this will help do is give you that pump during training. It’ll also
help shuffle the nutrients into the muscle cells that we’re trying to work out. So this
starts the rebuilding and the protein synthesis process.
Other things that have been added to this is you’ve got your energy component, and that’s
coming from a naturally occurring caffeine from green tea. So there’s a spike in energy,
but it’s not like a typical caffeine hit where you get this massive spike in energy and then
a big crash or dump afterwards. It’s just for a gradual release of energy that just
kicks in. We’ve also thrown in some antioxidants in
there for cellular health and oxidative stress and things like that as well.
So the product comes in six different flavors, absolutely fantastic flavors, something you
can be mixing in your water bottle to have throughout the day. Generally because of the
other ingredients that are in there, things in there for the nitric oxide production,
we also have added, sorry I should have mentioned this earlier, we also have added an actual
beta alanine in there. Beta alanine increases your buffer’s carnacine levels. What this’ll
do: it’ll help you train harder, longer, for more reps. Basically this is the sort of product
that can be used any time of day, definitely pre-training and during training as well to
expand the duration of. I find it very very universal and adaptable for people like triathletes,
runners, people maybe more inside the endurance sports, not just weight training perspective.
So it’s something that you could have leading into a run after work, and then backing it
up during if you’re a swimmer and it’s in your water bottle on the side of the pool,
and half way through you’re sipping on that as you’re going. It’s ideal for these sort
of situations. So it’s not just weight trainers that can
benefit from this. It’s also perfect for the person that’s sitting in the office and drinks
too much caffeine. It’s a great way that you can get some great water intake, it will give
you the energy from the caffeine component to it, but it is once again like I said just
gradual. So ideal product for anyone, and it’s providing
many many health benefits. This is available at, and thanks for listening.

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