Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass (My Complete No BS Review)
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Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass (My Complete No BS Review)

October 8, 2019

Hey, what’s going on guys? Troy Adashun here with WeightGainNetwork.com
and today we have another awesome episode of the no BS supplement review. What I’m going to break down today is Optimum
Nutrition Serious Mass. What I did here is I analyzed every single
aspect of the nutrition, so I dove deep into all of the supplement facts. I broke down the proteins, the carbs, the
fats, the serving sizes, all the different vitamins, and minerals, and bodybuilding micronutrients
in Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, which is promoted as a high-protein, weight gain powder. I’m giving to give you guys my no BS review. I’m going to give you all the pros, all the
cons and at the very end, I’m going to give you a letter grade of how effective it is
helping you guys gain weight and gain muscle mass. Also, I hope you guys enjoy my Hello Kitty
toaster. I think I’m the only person in the world who
has testosterone-enhancing pre-workout and a Hello Kitty toaster in the same kitchen. So like to stay diversified. Anyway, guys, I’m going to head on over to
my muscle-building laboratory. We’re going to take a peek at Optimum Nutrition
Serious Mass. Let’s get started. Here we go, guys. Back in the muscle-building laboratory and
let’s break down the pros of Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass. I don’t want to be considered a hater, so
I want to get into every single positive benefit that I can think of with Optimum Nutrition
Serious Mass. So the first pro is it actually tastes really
good. It tastes awesome with vanilla almond milk
or you can mix it with chocolate almond milk, get even more calories, or if you guys aren’t
lactose sensitive, good, old-fashioned regular milk will work just fine and it actually tastes
really good. It has a similar consistency to a vanilla
or chocolate milkshake depending on what flavor you get. The next benefit is it actually has a full
vitamin and mineral spectrum. So it has vitamins A through Z, so if you’re
taking Serious Mass, you definitely wouldn’t need to take a vitamin on top of that as it’s
going to have all the vitamins and minerals all the way through vitamin A through vitamin
C. Another good benefit is it’s going to replenish glycogen stores. Now glycogen is basically just a fancy terminology
for the stored carbohydrates in your muscles. So when you’re going in the gym, you’re hitting
those compound exercises hard, you’re breaking down muscle glycogen and in order to constantly
get stronger, initiate protein synthesis and gain weight and healthy muscle mass, you need
to replenish the glycogen stores. Now, there’s 250 grams of maltodextrin carbohydrates
in Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass per serving, so that is a massive amount of carbohydrates. So one serving, 250 grams of carbs, that’s
going to be well – that’s about how many grams of carbohydrates I’m eating right now because
I’m cutting. That has a massive amount of carbohydrates,
so if you’re one that has trouble getting in all of your carbohydrates throughout the
day, Serious Mass will definitely deliver a big carbohydrate punch. So due to the fact that it’s really heavy
in carbohydrates, it’s going to be an awesome post-workout muscle activator. Just, the most important thing after you workout
is you want to have a good amount of protein and carbohydrates, so that really hits both
hard. You have about 50 grams of protein per serving
and 250 grams of carbs. There’s actually a five to one of carbohydrate
to protein ratio and in my opinion, it’s a lot harder to get in your carbohydrates than
your protein throughout the day, so I think it really does a good job of replenishing
those glycogen stores and giving you a ton of carbs. Now another benefit is it has added creatine
and L-glutamine. Creatine is obviously really vital for increasing
your strength and increasing your max lifts on any compound exercise. Glutamine is awesome for recovery and it’s
got really good branched chain amino acids. So the combination of the added branched chain
amino acids and your creatine and glutamine is really effective. And then last, but not least, it has 1,250
calories per serving. That is about half as many calories as I’m
eating per day right now. I wouldn’t recommend that for you guys depending
on what your goals are. But I’m only eating about 2,500 calories a
day just because I’m cutting, trying to get super ripped for the summertime. For me personally, if I was on just a really
on-the-go diet and lifestyle and I was having trouble getting in all my meals that would
take up half of my calories for the entire day. So 1,250 calories per serving does a great
job of getting you a bunch of calories in every single serving. Those are all of the benefits of Optimum Nutrition
Serious Mass. So so far it looks like a halfway decent supplement
for gaining weight and gaining mass. Now let’s take a look at all the cons. Getting into the cons, I know I wanted to
dive into every single positive benefit. I don’t want to be a complete hater, but there
are actually more cons than pros when I really took a look at what’s in Optimum Nutrition
Serious Mass. Now the first con is although there’s 1,250
calories per serving, there’s only 8 calories in the entire 6-pound tub, so it’s only going
to last you 8 meal replacements and it’s going to set you back 33 to 38 dollars depending
on where you get it. If you guys want my opinion on the cheapest
place to get it, although after you watch this whole video, you might not want to buy
it, I would say you should go on Amazon.com or Bodybuilding.com. Those were the cheapest prices that I saw. But the fact that it only has 8 servings and
that’s about 4 to 4.50 a serving that’s not crazy bad. You figure you can go to the McDonald’s dollar
menu and get three or four things and in all honesty, it’s not going to have the same nutrition
as the mass gainer. You’re going to get far better bodybuilding
nutrition for around the same price. But, to me, 8 servings and spending 30 to
35 dollars definitely isn’t that great. Now the next con that I want to dive into
is the protein content in the entire tub. I took a look at MusclePharm Combat Powder
and I took a look at the 6-pound tub of Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, now there is about
400 grams of protein in the Serious Mass, in the 6-pound tub, and it costs 33 to 35
dollars. Now in the MusclePharm Combat Powder there
isn’t all those carbohydrate fillers in it, so there’s actually 1,330 grams of protein
in Combat Powder, which only costs about 40 to 42 dollars for the 4-pound tub. So there’s more than three times the amount
of protein in MusclePharm Combat Powder. And the main ingredient, you have to understand,
in all these mass gainers is maltodextrin. Now you can buy maltodextrin. I can get a big 10-pound tub of maltodextrin
for like 15 dollars. so if you guys are trying to get in more protein
and make your own mass gainer, all you’d have to do is buy some maltodextrin powder and
mix it with the Combat Powder from MusclePharm and you’d be able to to get a lot better protein
ratio. It’s typically recommended that you have a
two to one carb to protein ratio following your workouts, so in my opinion, having a
five to one ratio is just a bit too much. You guys don’t need all those carbohydrates. In fact, if you guys are consuming another
250 to 300 grams of carbohydrates every single day from maltodextrin powder, I guarantee
you, you’re going to gain way more body fat than you want. Another thing I noticed is allergens. There is milk, wheat, dairy and soy in this,
so it may not be super easy to digest. In fact, it may upset your stomach a little
bit, due to the fact that it’s got milk and egg and wheat and soy, these are four of the
most common allergies in the world, so I always say you want to get most of your nutrition
from whole food sources, just because it’s going to be cleaner and easier to digest. Now I mentioned in the pros that we have creatine
and we have glutamine. Now what you have to understand is how much
creatine is in here. There is only 8 grams of creatine in the entire
6-pound tub of the mass gainer. Eight grams is about one and a half teaspoons. So next time you’re in your kitchen look at
the little teaspoon container and one and a half of those is the amount of creatine
in the entire tub. Now, for me personally, I’ll take 5 to 10
grams of micronized creatine every single day when I’m really trying to build mass. So that is definitely not enough creatine
to see good results from and in my opinion you just want to buy your own micronized creatine
and add it to your own homemade mass gainer. And then also they promote that they have
glutamine. But just like the creatine, they have a really
small amount. There’s only 4 grams of glutamine peptides. You can get a big old-fashioned bag of L-glutamine
and it will set you back about 16 – 17 dollars, but there’s going to be about 250 grams of
L-glutamine in that bag. Those are definitely things that you want
to look out for. You’re paying directly for the creatine and
the glutamine and they’re really not giving you enough to see positive results from, so
that’s why I always buy my own ingredients separate. Like I’ll buy my citrulline and I’ll add it
to my pre-workouts. I’ll add my glutamine to my post-workout shakes
and my creatine to my post-workout shakes, just because these mass gainers always under-dose
these ingredients. The last negative thing that I saw is it’s
really heavy in artificial sweetener. And they also have something called sweet
dairy whey, which is really hard to digest if you’re any bit lactose intolerant. So obviously this is why you want to get most
of your nutrition from whole foods. Just getting it from chicken, and beef, and
eggs, and fish, and eating sweet potatoes and brown rice and black beans and all these
healthy carbohydrate sources is going to be so much better for you guys to gain weight
than buying any type of mass gainer. So overall it sounds like I kind of trashed
Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, but there are definitely some good things in it if you’re
really on the go and you want to enjoy a mass gainer once in a while, it’s not the worst
solution in the world. I’m going to give it a grade of a C minus. Now I’m a pretty tough grader. I could have – there’s some mass gainers that
I’ve seen that I would have given like a D or even an F just because of the flat out
junk and filler in it. There are some good things in it. Overall, it’s a little bit cleaner of a formula
than I’ve seen in some of the other mass gainers that I’ve talked about and reviewed. But overall I’m going to give it a C minus. If you guys can, make sure you get in your
calories from whole food nutrition and don’t rely on mass gainers to gain weight. Hit those compound exercises and eat a clean
calorie surplus and you guys are going to see far better results than any type of mass
gaining formula. Hope you guys enjoyed this no BS review in
my ultra-cool muscle-building laboratory.

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  1. I'm using it now for a meal boost…eat a full meal chase it with a shake…to crank the calories use evaporated milk…good luck hardgainers

  2. Serving size is soooo big idk how anybody can drink that much, splitting up half a serving in the morning and half at night and so far this product is killer…

  3. 1250 calories…. ask yourself if they are Good Quality Calories!? It's like getting calories from junk food. You Have to Good Quality Calories in your diet. That 1250 is just a number!

  4. How many oz of milk should I pour?

    Example: I've used gold standard & I would pour 8 oz of milk & 2 scoops

  5. Been using this for about 2 weeks now and I already weight 140. Last month i weighted 125. Actually for the most part I have always weighed around 125 to 130 for the last 5 or so years. Finally got tired of it and began exercising and bought this too. Today I turn 20 and it's nice finding out that I'm actually finally gaining some weight. I was beginning to think that there was a magic portal in my stomach that transported half the food I ate to my brother who is basically the opposite of me :v dude is basically 180 lbs of muscle and 4 inches taller than me… I'm jelly. But eventually I will reach my goal of just 155 lbs :v but seriously how the fuck does one eat 4 meals a day and a lot of snacks in between and not gain weight, while my brother eats basically the same as me and he had to be put on a diet for risk of diabetes…… I'm still jelly…..

  6. I only take one scoop a day with whole milk its like an extra 800 calories people need to stop taking weight gain advice from people who never had a problem gaining weight

  7. Skinny boy here, first major gains I’ve seen in years. This stuff has been the only product that I can use to fight my motabolism effectively. Any other recommendations guys?

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