P90X3 Nutrition Guide Basics You Must Know
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P90X3 Nutrition Guide Basics You Must Know

October 5, 2019

on hey this is Coach bob was Sweet Life
Fitness dot net and you know how to dial in with the p90x3 nutrition guide that’s what I want to talk to you about day 90 S three nutrition guide is there for you as a resource I but how
do you know that you actually founded the correct way so one thing that I I recommend that you
do is go to my site Suite Life Fitness that
net they’re gonna find yes the nutrition guide post as a
calculator that you can plug in your stats based on you and let you know a plan to nutrition
guidance we follow most likely often than not you find that
is actually more calories than you would expect there’s a reason for that and I think so
many people get jacked up on thinking or in order to lose weight and is like
barely eat paella drought-like alors way too low and just
focus on that P90X3 nutrition guide and what actually ends up happening and
I’ve had it happened to a lot of my ratty members of my fitness is your own at first my last start dropping weight
is not enough but then UK a hit a plateau and be potentially separate more fat back on
especially as I you progress through the week so I don’t
want that happening to you so this video is dedicated to get you
the results you deserve with your impression got very first step for the P90X3 nutrition guide when you find out how many calories are
supposed to be taking and each day last day as an example just for the
purpose for this video arce 2400 calories is what your plan so as
planned the believe on their on the guide 2400 and then there’s three macro nutrients they need to be
concerned with protein carbohydrates in fact all the facts now what this means is you take 2400
calories and 30 percent of those calories come from perky forty percent of those calories come
from over-hyped 30 percent their scholars come from
Outback aka now what I really recommend that you
do because you know the one thing I don’t like them a little bit queasy
about the actually nutrition guide is it doesn’t really like us back into revealing but somebody
this new awareness program intuitively man has Chris over in the
past you go to a restaurant you think hey this is about to help you dude I’m
good to go and what you don’t know exactly in too many calories in too many carbs
and humane fashion is going to die so I do recommend going over to my
fitness how getting the out of three and then
plugging this stuff and go check out my video my personal how to
do it custom so that way custom is our whatever
custom I so that we can plug in the 2400
calories in a plugin that 34 30 right in there and it works and each and every day your goal is to hit
those calories and hit your macronutrients to about a couple
grams away from what it tells you need to have each
day and trust me as you continue to use this day after
day its first come over a bit easier to understand okay I know I can
have this the eternal St E based on what I know has on a protein as
a la carte I’ll and that is mainly for what you need to be concerned where with
P 90 S three the normal everyday workout ask for the
transition week and your final week which is called a
victory week that’s a little bit different and of slain that in just a sec but for
the whole thing just keeps taking a 30-14 30 and
whatever you were calories need to be a lot of people
think that you know they need to cut the calories when too low and I’ve actually had a a scenario to
different people and shout you guys for doing this day
I’ll said hey I’m not lose any more weight on
a platter I said how many calories intake and it was incredibly low number so it’s
okay enough on the nutrition guide of it up to this at first they were
scared could never have always been told you know going to need a lot of his way similar
man on a diff at an animal that word but did it anyway and surprisingly
enough to start losing weight why does that happen well the bottom
goes through and natural you know 10 I’m not enough calories only
to hold on to what i can. for survival your body is there to keep
you alive so it’s holding on to the fact is stored
in a way and anytime given anything to top on its
gonna to its natural thing and going to die
what’s going on market in the week awesome first to get my time working out
just as hard it’s because you’re not playing a game
with the calories okay so be okay with eating right about it
hours to go always are taking that you taking what they gave manufactured
in this whole thing and using it as the energy so you can
push hard and replaced back with muscle you keep doing that you can hand out
lame sexy toned body you want in your ninety your even a 180 day
window it you know whatever it takes to get you
results push for 207 get there so that’s the key messing as the lower
cargo explain the low carb thanks a lot of people think of 34 T 34 percent car a record deal ok are and iPads he got up
to you 02 low carb on the whole simple carbs and you need to have the right amount of
carbs for energy carbohydrates for energy producing macronutrients so what I mean
by that is there’s a thing called GI geissinger
index the higher that is the worse it is the Lord is the better it is and a simple carbs like to know white
prayer right posterior things like that spike your insulin and
the bad carbs so yeah you should look Arbabsiar with
that stuff and died well you need is the healthy
carbohydrates with the low glycemic index things like your brown rice things like are you wish a colony has a
low GI go over my purse I have opposed to a
slightly from his cock controversy bad carbs so you know what according to fit in
that forty percent I just talk about sound good so that’s important don’t
low-carbon just because you heard that the Fatima car get the way energies from the white
carbs and will be fine to let’s get to the transition region victory and what it’s going to sound
like is that I’m being a you know hypocritical when I just a car
but 1 I’ll remind you is low you’re having a
30-40 30 do. with the higher calories because your
goal of four speed ahead with your training during your normal p90x2 workouts Illini
that energy because we’re going to go to muscle or a place in fact I now with the victory we you’re certain
to slow down same thing with the transition readers
on dial I kinda get ready for the next move or
sort of us the program so as shown on a train you don’t use
much energy not need as much coal in the fires cell what I recommend you do it’s gonna
cost is low it a skill that alors just a little bit as
well maybe you are you take off about a hundred alors so in our example 2400 calories drop it down to about 23
hunger I and then you got myisha do it this way fifty percent purging because while
before purchase because you’re you can download it on the calories in roasted
awesome slower and moves even know things like
isometrics Azhar by Antonio good thing that got very
calling moves to the last week the workers are mostly talking about to
start reducing muscle again so 50 per cent per team and then I will do
our 30 percent and the carbohydrate see drop
the carbs to 30 percent now and then 20 percent
facts so way five six seven eight nine ten yes
hugs yet fifty I wanna show still going on
yeah 5030 antoine on healthy fats so that a video and it’s
important because that way you can now make sure that your use slow now you’re leaving now a
revealing our hard work okay so that isn’t so important so doing
her own life really like I said focus on the thirty
forty 30 so you have the energy to kick butt and take names and then as a
slowdown as you transition did you buy some guesswork dropped off
the collars about a hundred 250 for you after 5013 talk simple as that I and out that’s why
so many people give up and because I get off track for not
following its stated consistent that’s why so I recommend given program get excited about it and
dialing in Treasure tractor with my fitness how every day
and trust the process you know things may not look of
shredding Lena sixty-day user even thirty days from tonya as you
continue to progressed through and I’ll pushed through the program against the
results you deserve it secrets is consistency mean push play
every day intensity give it all you got focus on
your weak spot and religious die on penetration at 110
percent hoping this was helpful to you
understand this whole confusion world nutrition I if you have any questions law let me
know unusual coach to help you get a result usurping x3 so comment below find you on facebook
by muscular fitness time that and most importantly you guys keep doing
it haven’t awesome awesome day

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  1. For the transition week, about how many grams of carbs do you recommend? The plan that I got for p90x3 says to eat 180 grams everyday

  2. do i still use the shakology and the protein shake with the P90x3 nutrition meal? 

    because to be honest I'm struggling with the nutrition guide and I don't know what I should eat and how can I use the supplements as well

  3. Can I use the p90x Nutrition Guide with p90x3, since the p90x can I use the p90x Nutrition Guide with p90x3? It has recipes and and a meal planner there for you. I really don't know what to make, so would it be fine if I use those recipes and guide?

  4. hello, thanks for that informative video! i have a question. sticking to the plan i must eat only 1500 calories, isnt it too low?

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