¿Para qué quieres una FAT BIKE Eléctrica? 🚲 | Cyrusher XF660

March 8, 2020

They are there. They go there and have climbed up there who is going to give my husband a heart attack I lend you a hand? oh, if you do the favor yes ok we are living a revolution
Electricity in the cities. Every time is more common to see different devices
They work with electric batteries. Scooters, skateboards, and of course,
bikes Electric vehicles do much more
pleasant and comfortable life in the cities, apart from that they give solution to
one of the great problems of the century XXI, which is pollution. Avoid the
traffic and with it the bad mood that we Enter when it takes us an hour to arrive
to work, and another, in finding parking. further
we can enjoy a morning walk without having to sweat like chickens
to work. Among all electric vehicles
that we could choose in this video let’s talk specifically about
electric bicycles, first because you know that this channel has a strong
link to the topic of bikes, of world of bikes, and second because the
Cyrusher company has sent us this electric fatbike to review, and
that’s what we are going to do in this video, an honest and honest review about
the opinion we have of the Cyrusher X 660 Well let’s leave so many images and
Let’s get to the point. We will describe a little bit the bike and its
features, although we are not going to focus on technical details because
for that we will leave a link in the description of the video, where it will take you to the
page where it puts all the developments, types of brake and all this kind of thing.
What we do want to do in this video is to talk a little about
implications of those technical characteristics in our day
a day. The bike when it reaches you is 90% mounted, has about
quick releases on the front wheel which is simply to place it, and apart
You have to ride the pedals. By last we have to mount what is the handlebar
and it comes with a somewhat peculiar system I didn’t know, it’s just closing it. For mounting come the tools necessary but the instructions are
in Chinese. A part of the charger include a
standing bowler and an anti-theft chain that It attaches to the seat post. It is about
of a bike with aluminum frame that It weighs about 26 kilos, a lot or a little. Having
in mind that it has electronics, the piece of wheels it carries, and that
Eva’s bike to go to North Cape I only thought about bicycle 17
kilos, it seems a fair weight. It has a very basic development of 7
speeds, the concrete relationship the you can see in the description of
video. This as we will see then it will limit us a lot
for the places we can rise.
And if you’re thinking of helping you with the engine to climb those slopes, which doesn’t
you can with your legs forget. It is a fairly powerful engine of
500 watts but on the rise … It has accessories that make your life
much easier in cities: pito, pata Goat, anti-theft chain, lights,
rear and front fenders, Lockable fork and ignition key.
This, no doubt, you will not see on bicycles that serve to jump down the mountain and
they are giving us a clear idea of ​​what it is the environment in which it moves very well
Fatbike Well this bike is tremendously
striking, as my friends would say is a neckbreaker, and it is certainly so much for
the colors you have as per the piece of wheels it carries. It is about
of 26-inch wheels diameter and 4 wide.
If you don’t like to get noticed by the I don’t recommend it. Yes because
since we left home they haven’t stopped looking at us, if the cameras,
that if the bike, that if the mouse micro That seems … well, a mouse. But … and how does this work? It is an electric bicycle that works by pedaling assistance, but also has a system in which you give gas,
el pito, three positions for assistance in pedaling and lights. And that’s it. Be careful that the brakes are turned upside down; he
rear left. After a first contact, we will take a walk with her to see the autonomy and how does it behave on a route
simple. We leave work, we take the Cyrusher and we went for the Murta in
Alcira If you have wondered who the woman is
of the start of the video … Is there Here is the answer: the poor woman and her husband had lost their dogs, and walked desperate behind them. Fortunately,
when the man arrived there were already found and was trying to get on
to the car to take them back home, so with the problem solved,
let’s keep going. Well, I left work and said, I’m going to take a walk with the bike and I try it a very good day ago and I say, well let’s see how long the battery of this bike lasts Electric fat wheels. It is amazing to go fast enough without having to sweat because you see, look how I go. And it is
very addictive, I really thought that it was going to be “well, let’s go cycling
electric and such “but it’s very cool because you go pedaling whatever you want,
but when you don’t want to pedal you give force. I have chosen a route with few slopes
not very hard for the first day because I wanted to see how much the battery held
in a normal routine, A walk through town. 90% have gone to fist, right now we have about 25 km or so, let’s
verify it Lie, 22.7 but it is I have stopped it a moment before. I don’t know if it looks … At an average speed of 20 kilometers
per hour, and the battery is almost dry, of done just mark me the last driver
Red, so we are back. When let’s get there let’s check how many
kilometers we have been able to do with a full battery fist for a
Road up and down. The last kilometers I had to
pedaling a lot because otherwise we weren’t going to get. We have done specifically 27
kilometers, and I would say that riding a motorcycle, that is, simply giving it gas, it
they can do between 15 and 20 kilometers in a route that goes up and down. There would be
than see it in something that has more climbs, more downs, but well on average you get an idea. Full battery charge lasts between five and seven hours, depending on
dry it let us. To load it we can disconnect the bike with the
key and place it is just as simple. We have already tried the Cyrusher by
environments for which it is intended, City and quiet walks. Now let’s
make him sweat a little and me too, that I’m getting plump. Leaving the
asphalt and getting into an area of ​​mountain biking well known in my city, we have come to Picassent, a
well-known area among the mountains Valencia bikers and also for me,
here I have come countless times since little to make the goat, to
throw me through trialeras, do kilometers, ups, downs. Here I have it
had a good time I have come with this bike to try how is it go with
a fatbike in the bush, and a fatbike electric with these developments, let’s see
how’s it going, let’s see how’s that engine going and these untrained legs. Without a doubt, the size of the wheels
help and much to feel safe for any kind of terrain, and they give us
confidence to go down sites for that maybe we would think about it with others
wheels. However, the work of the brakes
mechanics leaves enough to be desired, no holding back everything they should and subtract
That security in the descents. The engine is very helpful in climbs and
invites you to simply gas with it Fist and let yourself go.
Too bad the pine nuts have so few teeth and are focused to
go by plane because this way we are very limited to wear this fatbike
At the top, and as much as we forget the engine,
We will be sold in some climb. I already tell you that this climb with the mountain bike goes up well. With the developments of this … and even if you hit the engine fully, no
we climb Well we have reached an area of ​​a
recreational area here in Picassent to come to do torras, though
I think it is now prohibited by the issue of fire, and since we’re here we’re going to
make a bit of a summary of what it is this fatbike, this Cyrusher XF 660 and
well to start let’s talk a little about
components in general of the bicycle. They are rather basic components,
from the fork, that would be say Suntour, of the
basic but they work quite well. He they miss the hydraulic brakes,
these are mechanical and yes that is true we should make him a little
fit once it reaches us so that slow down a little more, and being an electric bike I think it’s quite important for the security issue. The
buttons for the dick, the positions of engine power or lights are a
little in plan for toy bike, but they fulfill their function and there they are. As
I have already said several times it is not a bike that is very suitable for going out
ride and make the goat, again the Developments limit you to it. Me
I wish they had at least a more varied range of pinions
that might allow you to do more top speed on the road, although for
true it takes 35 km / hour, but above all that will help you more at the time
to upload everything. If you run out of battery On a day like today making a route how are you, you would sweat from the beautiful. Never I had had an electric one before and neither
a fatbike, and certainly the best of this bike that has left me, have been the
sensations, not just for the subject electric which is simply giving gas and
Enjoy, but also by the wheels. The dimensions of the wheels allow you, they give you a lot of security when it comes to make a little more technical descents,
although again for this bike is not your half more more agile let’s say. Of course, you have to keep in mind that this model in concrete is worth € 1600 and is
something to value because not everyone We can reach the pockets. We couldn’t make a video of a fatbike and
Don’t come to the beach to try it. In this case it was my turn to
guinea pig and the only thing that you have to be careful, because where
there are dunes and such make turns can Be dangerous. That killed me! But come on, if you approach the coast and continue a little bit the beach line, you can
give gas because it grabs super well. Me I also want one to go to work Well this is mine. Who do you think deserves the bike the most? Now yes, see you later! If you liked this video, surely
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