Paul Hrkal, ND – Diet & Nutrition After a Concussion
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Paul Hrkal, ND – Diet & Nutrition After a Concussion

October 5, 2019

Hi! My name is Dr. Paul Hrkal, naturopathic doctor and member of CCMI’s Scientific Advisory Board. Today what I want to
briefly mention is what should you be doing from a dietary perspective right
after you bump your head and sustain a concussion. The research is actually quite clear. Probably the most powerful thing
you can do is actually limit your calories. A 30% caloric restriction is
going to have a protective effect on the brain and this data we know from animal
studies and some human studies that have been done on cognitive function. So the
first thing you do is cut out all refined foods – pop, sugars, refined,
processed fats – and that’s gonna be the first thing that you can do to reduce
the inflammatory effect after a concussion.

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  1. Any new research on keto for concussion or post concussion syndrome recovery after all refined sugar is removed from diet?

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