Peanut Butter! Nutritious and Good Business (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition in Mozambique)

October 7, 2019

Mozambique produces lots of peanuts. So why doesn’t anyone eat peanut butter? Mozambique exports peanuts but imports peanut butter. This makes no sense. Imported peanut butter is expensive. Most Mozambicans can’t afford it. Xikhaba peanut butter company is changing the situation. This family business produces local peanut butter, creating nutritious food and jobs. Over 70 women sell the product. It’s what I sell the most. Just today they delivered 10 boxes and they’ll
be gone very soon, because people just love it. And customers keep coming back. I’m very happy because when weighed my daughter,
the smallest one, she had gained weight. So much that the doctors are very happy. It’s very affordable, it only costs 300 meticias. What should a country rich in peanuts produce? Peanut butter, rich in protein and micronutrients, of course. Xikhaba’s innovation increases consumer accessibility to produce safe and nutritious foods. GAIN’s Marketplace for Nutritious Foods help businesses realize their potential to make nutritious foods available to consumers across Africa. This innovationwas supported by GAIN’s Marketplace for Nutritious Foods, with funding from the United States Agency for International development (USAID).

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