Plantas con más vitamina C-Plants with maximum of vitamin C

March 8, 2020

vitamin C when we say vitamin C most people imagine pills … those who do not like pills then immediately display in their mind a lemon This has lots of vitamin C but fails Bad bad bad but how? if my mother told me takes a lot of lemon, it has lots of vitamin C because there are other plants with higher vitamin C then the proper lemon for example the fruits of Rosa canina It is a wild rose normally it grows in the mountains few people know that the fruitlets small red fruits giving this rose It appears precisely in the autumn days are soaring sky-high in vitamin C to compare Rosa canina contains 25 000 parts per million of vitamin C We compared with lemon and this have only 5000 ppm those who are good at math can you tell me how many times more vitamin C has Rosa canina or wild rose compared with a lemon? purchased expensivelly in the shops? five times, amazing! another interesting plant has a lot of vitamin C four times more than common lemon is the chili those who eat chilis and sauces know that consume a lot vitamin C in addition of capsaicin and other substances important for health nuts for example contain three times more vitamin C the lemon Guava contains three times more vitamin C Watercress also so why we need vitamin C? why the vitamin C is not made by the body itself? I do not know our human body does not produce vitamin C We are completely dependents tat plant provide us this vitamin C to be healthy and if we did not have enough vitamin C? bah! I would be the same we would bleed gum we would be ill all the time our cartilage will wear quickly we would bruises on the skin with any tap a tapping I came a hematoma and I do not remember where I hit our skin also would be exfoliated and quite dry Vitamin C also helps our wounds heal faster I’m afraid I’m going overdosing of Vitamin C It is very difficult to overdose himself by vitamin C orally because our body when it detects excess of this vitamin simply excret it in the urine except pregnant you must be careful not overvitaminate himself with Vitamin C because babies can be born with vitamin C deficiency many people believe that taking a lot of vitamin C never gonna give them a flu when we high consumption of vitamin C It does not mean that we will not get sick by the flu but the course and duration of flu It will be much shorter and milder if this is the truth If you found this video helpful pick the button I like it Recommend it to those who think they could use it to improve his life Until next time, bye

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