Popular sandwiches do not contain enough carbs, calories for meal

October 2, 2019

now it’s time for our life and info
segment where we focus on information we do hope will be useful for your everyday
life and today we’re going to start with sandwiches they are of course a popular
choice for many when they need something quick on the go and something to fill
them up however a study of sandwiches on the market shows in fact that they don’t
contain enough calories or carbohydrates to be a nutritionally balanced meal park
se-young has this report sandwiches are a simple and filling meal
option they’re especially popular among single person households they’re easy to
eat when busy lighter than a meal of rice and can be carried easily so I eat
them a lot according to a study of eight popular sandwiches by the Korea Consumer
Agency all of them tested safe for microorganisms preservatives and alien
subsists but in terms of nutrition the sandwiches were too low in carbohydrates
and too high in sodium to be sufficient as a meal based on the daily recommended
intake of nutrients sandwiches accounted for an average 19% of our recommended
intake of calories 12% of carbohydrates 27% of protein 33% of fats 7% of sugars
and 42% of our daily recommended intake of sodium when eating a sandwich people
need to eat vegetables fruits and dairy products to make up for the missing
nutrients due to reasons like weight loss the sandwiches are quite low in
calories and carbohydrates but you must watch out for nutritional imbalance in
the study the Korea Consumer Agency found one product with poor ingredients
and three products that were different from their nutrition labels the agency
told the manufacturers to improve those issues Axio arirang news

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