Protein Shake With Water Or Milk?
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Protein Shake With Water Or Milk?

March 8, 2020

what you need to be using in your
protein shakes? word up guys it’s ya boy Matty, Matt from Macro Lean and
in this video I’m going to touch on the topic of what you should or what you
need to be using in your protein shakes? I’ve had a few questions over the past
few weeks and roughly they’re the same thing. Asking me.. “should I use milk
or should I use water?” And the bottom line is it’s irrelevant what you use, you
just need to know what to track. If you’re using water in your protein shakes, in
your oats you don’t need to track it. No calories, no macros in that so you are fine
getting loose. If you want to add milk into your protein shakes, into your oats
you need to track it! why? because milk contains calories, milk contains
macronutrients! Don’t fall into that trap where some foods are healthy and don’t need
to be tracked. Everything needs to be tracked, apart from leafy green
vegetables. For example some iceberg lettuce, some kale, some spinach you’re ok.
with that a little bit of that is fine. But everything needs to be tracked…
Don’t fall into that trap “Oh it’s clean food! I don’t need to track it!” Yes you do!
everything needs to be input into Myfitnesspal. Everything needs to be
accounted for. Now chill and don’t get OCD here ok, a few taps of a button input what you
had & therefore be in line with your calorie deficit, with your macros and
keep losing weight, keep losing body fat consistently. So if you want water in
your protein shakes don’t worry, get loose. If you want milk… I don’t
care if it’s skimmed or skimmed milk. It still needs to be
inputted into myfitness pal so you log it in your daily totals. Guys if you
liked that video please hit, like, share subscribe. until next time:)

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  1. Is protein powders bad for your kidneys? – a doctor told me this years ago so I have kept away , but I'm finding it real hard to hit my protein 🙈

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