Purdue-designed fiber may improve digestive health
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Purdue-designed fiber may improve digestive health

February 29, 2020

Purdue’s Office of Technology Commercialization
works to move Purdue’s innovations to the public. In the laboratory of Purdue University Food
Science professor Bruce Hamaker, researchers are developing a new type of fiber to improve
digestive health. Millions of people suffer from digestive health
problems that could be relieved by taking the right kind of fiber. People who do consume good sources of fiber
may have better digestive health, but there can be drawbacks, such as excessive gas and
stomach pain. This fiber developed at Purdue’s department
of food science, ferments at a slower rate. And the benefit of that is that it reduce
the problem of gas, so it’s easier to tolerate. Our fiber reaches all areas of the large intestine
bringing nutrition of bacteria in the beginning region as well as the far region where a disease
tends to occur. The fiber has been the subject of two clinical
trials conducted by medical professionals at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. One trial was funded by the National Institutes
of Health. Dr. Ali Keshavarzian leads the Rush team. My group has been working to find the best
means of promoting good health for the last two and half decades and we very excited to
conduct this study. The fiber is much better tolerated with significantly
less side effects compared to available fiber in the market. That should lead to better gut health and
eventually general health. The Purdue designed fiber is being commercialized
by Nutrabiotics LLC, a Purdue research park based company. Mark Cisneros, Nutrabiotics President and
CEO says the clinical trial suggest the fiber may have the potential to be sold in several
health markets, including medical foods, which are regulated by the FDA and consumed under
supervision. Medical foods are intended for the dietary
management of specific diseases with nutritional needs. The Purdue based fiber, which has been test
at Rush University Medical Center has shown promise in this particular area, it’s quite
good. And we believe that this particular fiber
is useful in this medical food area. We believe that these products will improve
the quality of life of these patients. Currently Nutrabiotix has two products in
development, granular fiber and soluble fiber. The granular fiber is now ready for a distributor. Other technologies discovered by Purdue researchers
are available for licensing through Purdue’s Office of Technology Commercialization. To learn more, visit otc-prf.org/otc

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