Quick Easy Recipe: Vegan French Toast

October 6, 2019

Hey y’all it’s J-Wro here on the J-Wro show
bringing you guys another delicious vegan recipe and vibrant living
tips today. I’m going to be showing you guys a classic old school comfort
recipe, that I vegganized way back in the day with the help of my Mom the
epic vegan chief Marow. I’m going to be doing vegan French toast on the
super food tip. Now, many of you guys may think you have to sacrifice those
old comfort foods; `a la pancakes, donuts, French toast, but ney here
in 2014 were going to show how to rock this classic delicious breakfast recipe. So lets begin by making the French toast batter.
So in a high speed blender or you could do this in a regular blender,
you got to start with a [bee] base and in this case my favorite is coconut
milk. So go ahead and add 3/4 cup of coconut milk right to your blender
jar. Now were going to bind this together with bananas. In this case were doing
3 today. Now were going to kick up the sweetness just a little bit and
give it a nice kind of smoky caramel undertone with a tablespoon of low
glycemic coconut palm sugar. Next up, were going to add a teaspoon of delicious
nutritional yeast. Then were going to add a full teaspoon of pumpkin
pie spice, a teaspoon and a half of ground cinnamon, a teaspoon of organic
vanilla extract, a healthy pinch of salt all those flavors together.
And then finally for an extra protein boost and a nice creaminess in our
batter, were going to add one full scoop of our warrior blend vanilla protein.
So at this point let’s blend for about 30 seconds until we have a
nice creamy consistency. Alright, 30 seconds later we have a cinnamon,
pumpkin pie, banana, French toast batter. So at this point, all you’ve
got to do is grab a medium to large mixing bowl here and where going to
use this to dunk those beautiful pieces of organic spoke bread. Now, you can let that swim in the deep end
for a while well we add some coconut oil to a large non-stick skillet and
now it’s time to let it loose. Keep it over a medium flame, just because
you don’t want it to get scorched but you don’t it to low as to not cook it
thoroughly through. Ok, so after about, truthfully, 3 to 5 minutes depending
on that low to medium heat. You’re going to get a little bit of charred
edges, yes. Golden brown in the middle, yes. Still soft and tender. That’s
what we want. There we go. And what I like to do is top the French toast
with a little bit of banana and some raspberries as well. And then if you
have these around put a little (gojoey) berries on top or on the side. And
now it is time for the moment of truth. We have to take it to the face.
It’s very satisfying. This is J-Wro here on the J-Wro show rocking
out with delicious vegan recipes and vibrant living tips for you and
yours. Check me out on all the social media networks and subscribe here to
catch all my weekly latest videos. I’m also a part of the great sun warrior
tribe, be sure to subscribe to their channel as well. and tune
in for more amazing plant based recipes on the comfort food tip. I’m
out of here guys. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the heck out of this
vegan French toast with somebody you love or maybe trying to get to
love you, if you know what I mean? Peaches. See you guys.

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