Raw Spicy Garlic  Sticks_Jak udělat česnekové tyčinky RAW!
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Raw Spicy Garlic Sticks_Jak udělat česnekové tyčinky RAW!

October 11, 2019

Hello everybody! Nice to meet you in this video, which is called: Raw Spicy Garlic Sticks that you can make thanks to viewing this video. My name is Eva Peršinová, I welcome you from the server VitarianStyle.com. Today, I would like to inspire you with another amazing raw sticks that you can prepare at home and give some variety to your raw food diet. These sticks are suitable for any party, to any vegetable salad or as a snack for children to school. Well, the smell of garlic, I do not know :-). So, you might omit the garlic. You can have it as an evening threat while watching Tv and so on. I was inspired by this recipe on www. rawmania.cz from Barbora Karchová, who makes beautiful raw recipes. You can also look at her website and get some inspiration there. The sticks are easy to prepare, only the final drying to 45°C takes longer time. Get inspired, watch this video! I must say that we regularly make these sticks on our raw evening meetings, we made them on the Raw Party Time Course, which was very successful, so you should definitely try it! I can say it is the right thing to do to enjoy the true pleasure of eating. Recipe: 2 cups of soaked cashews 2 cups of sunflower seeds juice of ½ lemon 3 tablespoons of nutritional yeast 2 garlic cloves 1 cup of flax seeds 2 teaspoons of turmeric 1 teaspoon of sea salt 4 white peppers a little of water Spread on a drier tray or an oven tray and let it dry to 45°C until it gets some crispy consistency. Then using a knife, cut it into small sticks. If you had fun and liked this video, put a thumb up, share it, make a comment. Sign up for my videos on the youtube channel for getting new information regularly on how to enrich and brighten your raw food diet, what melas to make, how to get joy from food and how to treat your family, children, friends, colleagues or neighbours with your raw plant food. It is a pleasure to have you here, thak you for watching. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Ahoj, vyzerá to výborne, rada vyskúšam. Len som nepostrehla ako dlho to potom stojí…alebo sa suší? ďakujem

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