Roasted tomato and sweet pepper soup

October 3, 2019

hey lovelies today I’m making a
delicious roasted tomato and sweet pepper soup whenever I make this soup
everyone is asking for the recipe so that’s why I decided to make a video on
it. It’s not really hard it just takes a little bit more time to make than a
regular tomato soup because we’re going to roast tomatoes in the oven and that
is the secret that will give it that extra flavor and make it especially delicious
so here are my ingredients let’s have a quick look. Here I have a mix of
cherry tomatoes and regular tomatoes on the vine and two sweet peppers. You can
use bell peppers as well and two large carrots in total it makes about two
kilos of veggies then we will need some extra virgin olive oil delicious fresh
basil some vegetable stock I’m going to use Italian seasoning, some
nutritional yeast a whole garlic bulb and then some salt and pepper my oven is
already preheating at 180 Celsius. I’m going to rinse all of my veggies and cut
them up. start with the carrots give them a rough chop carrots are meant in this
recipe for texture and also for sweetness so they will counterbalance
the acidity of the tomatoes I am adding quite a bit of olive oil. Way
over a tablespoon maybe two and a tablespoon of dry Italian spices and
then I add a little bit of salt not too much I’m going to add some salt later.
it’s time to get your hands in here and mix this up gently
don’t break the tomatoes alright, a large baking tray we’re
going to need some parchment paper and then all of the tomatoes and peppers and
carrots are going on here in this corner I’m going to put the
entire bulb of garlic it’s going to roast inside and get nice and
caramelized. Just a few quick tips to make this work I’m roasting my tomatoes
skin size down and the pepper skin size up. It just works better that way somehow
and just make sure that all your veggies have enough space don’t stack them, it
makes them mushy and soft and not deliciously roasted and if you have a
hot air setting on your oven, the fan setting, use it. It makes all the
difference these babies are going in now I am scooping everything into my
blender and I’m using a large spoon because I want to grab all the liquids
and oils that are on the bottom because that’s where the flavors are. I’m
adding some stock. About a cup and now for the garlic I’m cutting off the top you can see the gooey soft sweet roasted
garlic in there we’re going to squeeze this into the blender a few fresh basil leaves about two tablespoons of nutritional
yeast this will give it a nice cheesy touch. Alright alright let’s blend
this up look at this beautiful orange color and creamy texture I’m going to taste this perfect so this is the point where you
can add some salt maybe some honey if you think it’s too acidic I think
this is perfect these carrots are quite sweet so this is a nice balance between sweet and sour. I’m going to run this through a sieve. This is what we
want to leave behind all these little seeds and bits of skin that are totally
ruining the experience final taste test yeah this is the
perfect soup guys it’s sweet-and-sour and I added some chili flakes on top so it
makes it a little bit spicy as well it’s really nice and the roasting of the
veggies makes all the difference it’s really worth it. You can totally make
this in advance and reheat it the next day if you maybe have a party or want to
bring it to a putlock … it’s a really great recipe to have
up your sleeve. I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you will subscribe to my channel
let me know in the comments what you think of this video or maybe a recipe
that you would like to see in the future and I really really really hope to see
you in my next video bye

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