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  1. these proteins are complex in the way they operate and interact with others. sure it all came about by an accident or evolution as atheists want to believe.

  2. Dynein motility kinesin-myosin nucleotide-driven structure ATP hydrolysis dynactin motor protein
    Spellbinding insight into the function of a cell in transporting/motility of dynactin/dynein over micro-tubular channels during nucleotide-driven structural changes in the dynein motor domain, opening the door to a possible insight into the role played by quantum computing.
    The whole universe is quantum mechanical phenomenon, guided by a SINGLE probability wave function, explaining how planets revolve around their stars, how photosynthesis produce food for all plants, how entanglement helps the robin to navigate during migration, how tunneling helps the tadpole to grow limbs etc. Physicist Maldecena thinks the whole universe is a quantum computer.
    QC also is essential modus operandi for our five senses, our pineal gland, our brain and all our cells equipped with QC capabilities for us to survive and evolve.
    The following story will illustrate how our metabolism employs QC and protein production is facilitated by a coordination of our senses, our brain and our cells act like a computer with the environment acting like both as input signal, and our brain and our cells act both like the software and hardware of the computer, while the environment acts like the output: Once a patch of a forest was cleared and the trees felled, resulting into the lightly coated rats living there being exposed to predators. But the very next generation of rats were born with dark coat, enabling them to survive the predators, the subsequent generations, due to natural selection also survived.
    This is what happened: The clearing of the forest was the input that triggered caution in the mind of the original mother rats, to crave for dark coating, this signal was transmitted to the cells in the ovary of the mothers, who produced the necessary proteins needed to produce offsprings with dark coats, impacting the environment (which acts both as input and output to the computer).

    This example, probably will help us devise a QC, that might work in room temperature. The 3 part video amply shows that the QC, mentioned above works in two stages, our brain (pineal gland) sending signal to the cells, where kinesin-myosin and dynein motility, with the purpose of protein production, was simulated by the QC in the cell (producing the dark coated rats).

    I am not a biologist, but an electrical engineer, who had to study semiconductors, computers, QM etc. I learned how QC works , with superposition of quantum states of 0 and 1 (QUBITS) and I hope my observations may help make QC more viable and help create one, besides explaining the cells function in a new light, that may answer some of the unexplained questions in this video, treating the cell as a QC.

  3. In vivo studies should be exactly as those of in vitro, but the matter is unnecessarily complicated further for end purpetually be funded and inviegled. The truth is just free and rather unmysterious….

  4. This is all so incredibly thrilling and amazing. I’m blown away by the mechanism of of muscle movement on the one hand, and on the huge amount of molecular material that must some how arrive inside the cell wall to feed the protein builders and then the pace at which all of this must happen. One of the missing pieces is the delivery system to the protein machine. Other animations suggest that the molecular segments just float around in the cellular fluid, whereas this new work here seems to indicate that this is all done by a delivery system on a kind of microtubule scaffold system. Then the next question is how is the order of segment delivery regulated?

    Then one day I hope to learn how the shape of bones and skeletons is determined by the information in the DNA, bones being one of the most stable constructions in nature, consistent over millions of years of regeneration.

    Thank you for your fabulous work.

  5. so theese green dots are molecules. and they move through some dots of different color. are they molecules too? why don't they move too? through some other molecules that move through… wait a minute…
    how do you prove that this model is what actually is?

  6. Brilliant, many thanks, I learned a lot. I see many "bindings" between "structures" in these video's and am interested in the way the bindings are made on a molecular level.

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