Ronnie Coleman | His brand, supplements, protein, digestion, training, cardio | Fitness Interview
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Ronnie Coleman | His brand, supplements, protein, digestion, training, cardio | Fitness Interview

March 8, 2020

Hi guys so we are here it’s a with a big legend the best bodybuilder ever 8x Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman so, its a big pleasure and honor to meet him like personally I know that your brand ronnie coleman signature series was established in 2011 and it became very popular wordwide Everything is going really good we’re extremely happy with the way things have gone so far and we’re trying to expand and become a bigger company we started out with two products back in like 2011 like you were saying and now we are up to about almost with a new line of about 15-16 different products so, things are going great we started out in europe only and now we’ve expanded to 130 different countries worldwide and that’s including the US which we recently you know started marketing I mean selling in probably about two three years ago Do you see any differences between customers in Europe and United States? Are there some differences? Yeah, there’s a big difference but the European customers are more welcoming I guess because the market is not as flooded as the other in the United States because in the United States just about everybody and their mom has their own supplement company so it is a lot more competition a lot more variety to choose from and just so many different products out there on the market so many different company that’s been around for years and years and years and years So, maybe it’s just the brand itself Yeah it helps with me because uh you know in Europe you know I’m hardly ever here and people are very glad to see me when I come cuz i don’t get a chance to come too often or there’s still today there’s so many different countries that we sell products in that I’ve never gone to because the world is so big you know and I just hadn’t had a chance to go to all these different places hopefully, one day I will Our company GymBeam is selling your products and the most best seller is protein like Pro-Antium I personally also use it, yeah I love it too is one of my favorites but now we come out with a new one that’s called King weight so it’s almost the same as Pro-Antium with the better protein quality What do you think are the top 5 supplements? for sure for sure, well right now it’s got to be like Pro-Antium you know King Weight Yeah Buddy you know aminos and the creatine like the top five with the fat burner coming up there too Beta-Stim, you know but I think it’s going really good though Are there Some new arrivals? yeah we got a new line coming out actually that’s why we’re here we are introducing the new line of products it’s a like of a more affordable brand of products that just about any and everybody can’t afford with along the lines with new introductions like we got Omega-3 coming out, we got L-carnitine we are introducing we got you know a lot of other products spread along the line that that are more affordable than products that we have now because protein prices have jump real sky-high so just coming out with a product that people can afford that that are not as expensive as the product we have now How much protein do you recommend for liffters, bodybuilders? you know me I’ve always did like two grams for every like one pound so that if you go kilos that’s four grams for every kilo yeah yeah so I’m gonna stick with that it worked wonders for me so I’m gonna have to highly recommend it for anybody else also you get used to it takes a takes a long time to get used to it because your body is not used to all that protein over time your body will become more acceptable to it as your body adjusts to that amount of protein it just takes a long time takes some getting used to being able to eat that yeah you have to drink a ton of water so your body can process all this stuff you know it’s not easy you don’t want to you come up with kidney stones or nothing like that either How much time did you spend training? that’s this thing you know it’s kind of hard on the body because you can’t get a lot of carbs in order to stay real lean so like I said you know I had to use like a lot of enzymes like digestive enzyme to a help you know with with digestion and sometimes you get a little heartburn from time to time from all the proteins so had to use you know products for that too It’s very beneficial information to you use enzymes yeah yeah yeah it all helped out a lot though and you worked out for the best things work out a whole lot better when you have the more knowledge you have about how you could use all these products and take all these products a bit off your body is and because of that you know I never really suffered any you know like major injuries to any of my organs or nothing like that and I’m still real healthy today because of that How often did you train per week? you know what because I worked full-time for the police department I was only able to train once once a day but I did cardio like twice a day so training was like once a day like in the middle of the day and I did cardio like early in the morning when I first got up, than I did it late at night when I got off from work Why did you do so much cardio? You have never been fat that’s why I was never fat, because I did so much cardio exactly, so that’s how I was able to keep my you know body weight down and my fat stuff down so you want a lot of cardio a whole lot of cardio seven days a week two hours a day so What was your favorite training split? well I always the a back and biceps chest and triceps, I did legs together then you know the hamstring the quad now always because i had like weak shoulders I would do shoulders also by themselves you know just just a shoulder workout I did because I had weak calves would do calves like every other day you know because you know abs fix everybody part I’d do abs every other day also How many reps did you do and sets in general? oh I did calves a lot, like 30 reps 40 reps, maybe it’s 3 exercises maybe 4 sets for each one 4 sets on all three exercises high repetitions it worked out good for me Thank you for your influation and for your time I wish you all the best with your company and your products Thanks to all people in Poland because they supported me a lot and thats where I got my pro card in Poland yeah so it’s very special country to me it was the best bodybuilder ever and now I know why yeah Exactly

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  1. 4gr. per 1kg!? Ronnie you lost your freakin mind 😀 That's why you should not follow advices from the old era bodybuilders 😀 full of broscience and shit

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