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Rule 1 Protein Lowdown

March 10, 2020

– [Director] Okay Paul, just
a little bit more to the left. Little bit more, perfect. (upbeat music) – Hi Burners, I’m Paul
from Fat Burners Only and I have with me a product that probably needs no introduction, Rule 1 Whey Protein Isolate. So, this is Australia’s number one selling whey protein isolate and arguably the best tasting
protein on the market. So, for those of you that wanna know what a whey protein isolate is, it’s a form of milk protein
that’s been filtered to be ultra pure and is very,
very effectively absorbed by the body to help with muscle recovery. It’s the perfect protein
to have throughout the day and especially after training to help with that recovery and muscle building process for men, and muscle toning process for females. Now, with a whey protein or
any milk protein product, you typically might say,
“Hey, I’m allergic to dairy.” Now, that more than likely is because of the lactose content. With this specific whey protein isolate, this one has zero lactose, ’cause lactose is a milk sugar, this guy lands zero sugars per serve. It has 25 grammes of quality whey protein and only one gramme of
carbohydrates and zero fat. Now, it has a whole lot of flavours. Too many to remember, so
I’m gonna call in Fiona here who’s gonna list ’em off to you. Please can you tell us what they are, Fi? What do we have? – We have chocolate fudge,
chocolate peanut butter, cookies & cream, frozen banana, lightly salted caramel, red velvet, naturally unflavoured, strawberries & cream, vanilla buttercake, vanilla cream, cafe mocha. – That’s it. – And mint chocolate chip. – So that’s 12 flavours. Amazing, great job Fi. Thank you very much. So, an amazing quality
whey protein isolate with 12 amazing flavours. If you do have any
questions on this product, just whack a comment
in the comments section in this video and myself or one
of the Fat Burners Only team will be happy to get in contact with you and answer any of those questions. Thanks for watching Burners, we’ll catch you next time. Cheers. (upbeat music)

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