Ruminant Nutrition: Dr. Paul Cusacks’ Expert Opinion
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Ruminant Nutrition: Dr. Paul Cusacks’ Expert Opinion

October 5, 2019

I’m Dr Paul Cusack. I’ve been a production
animal veterinarian for longer than I’d like. I have post-graduate training at Masters and PhD level in ruminant nutrition and I work with a consultancy business based in Cowra NSW throughout the eastern states of Australia
the key to achieving high levels of production in ruminants is to maintain a stable rumen
fermentation and we need to bear in mind whenever
we’re feeding ruminants and in our nutritional management of ruminants that what we’re actually
managing is a microbial ecosystem and it will supply the vast majority of
the animals requirements as long as we supply sufficient nitrogen and energy to
that fermentation vat. The microbial
ecosystem does have other requirements apart from simple nitrogen and energy there is a
small but significant requirement for some troop right thing
that some species of microbes in the Roman require to reproduce
themselves and produced a fermentation in product and we also aim to provide sufficient
five-hour to buy it I driven health the wife I’m exert its effect is by
stimulating celebration which delivers buffers to the Roman in the former boss
fights in by cob and I buffett’s and it also has a mechanical
physical function in keeping the adsorptive surface at the Roman
claim and capable of absorbing the
fermentation product the mining time hi guys right on lush
pastures organizing cereals we need to back to the Roman against the
drop in pay hikes that will occur if we die Mike any intervention previous
work looking at the provision of course Rafi diz has provided mixed results probably be
coercive the dilation a patriot in Chi when we provide traffic is such a store
to address the lack of August and to stimulate the delivery about it there is work a viable now that’s being
done over about the last five years in the crying guys project with blames on
rising cereals and flash listen wheat in the cuts that if
we provide buffers in the form all magnesium oxide limestone is unhelpful and Ising I don’t
we can actually achieve high growth writes them the on
supplemented lands without having the problem dilution in a
training type of providing for traffic there are few K fact is that we need to
consider in time to the nutritional management all rate is in the lead up to my ding it’s important that we do our planning
several months in advance to ensure that we’re not trying to correct problems within the last few weeks in that later
so we have Tiger conditions cool wasn’t for half is all power might and use we have critical joining lives that we have to
HA but it also extremely important that there on a
rising pie to meet rations so in other words that the level of nutrition is improving in the lead-up to my ting to illustrate the importance of that
concept we have saying cows that were in the appropriate
conditions course Ryan in the lead-up to mining Whaley such a
very poor conception rights on pregnancy test and we discovered when we examine what
had occurred in the lead-up to mining the boss they were three they were
rapidly descending from thing very fact caster on their way to
become very think abt I lost over the Tigers conditions cool
because they were losing wife mobilizing tissue their conception
rights were quite the press arising pilot nutrition with that period
leading up to joining means that we’re either
supplying nyse: cattle and I shape with high-quality postions so good quality temperate cost is or forage
crops that have naught produced any sate heads
and also I we’re availability is is not limited by
insufficient her beat umass or life we don’t have nice things about
all we need to provide some supplementary fading points to provide
extra in Indy anti-tank a nice guy like stock if produces 12 clarify any of those
issues in the best to speak to they live a
veterinarian can do when they’re gonna miss to where realize to animal health brake
production or pasta management respectively

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