Rytasha Rathore ‘Pills the Beans on Body Positivity | Vitamin Stree

October 13, 2019

Way before I became this moderately famous person/actor, I had put up pictures of myself in bathing suits. When I started getting more followers and then people were like… ooh… “she wears a bikini even though she’s fat.” Then I realised that okay, maybe people don’t do this. Why don’t they? They should! My name is Rytasha Rathore and I’m here to spill the beans on Body Positivity. Body positivity, I think is just about not hating your body… …not even thinking that – oh, I’m damn attractive, I’m super hot, I’m really sexy, it’s none of that it’s just being like, “okay, this is the body I’ve been blessed with. Just make your own body the best version of itself.” Whatever that is. When I was a kid, I always thought that my weight is my biggest enemy. The first time I even realised my body is different from other children, I noticed my arms in the mirror and I was like, wait a minute… other little girls don’t have arms that look like this and that’s when it started the understanding of, oh, I’m fat, bordering over-weight, bordering obese. Only recently, after I went to drama school, I became okay with being in the body I’m in. And I realised what my body is capable of doing. I actually have a lot of grace and flexibility. Love using my body and expressing through my body. So that made me understand that my body, however it is, is good enough. This trash that soceity has fed us, that, everyone should look perfect, that’s bullshit… utter bullshit. I don’t think people should put so much focus on physical appearance. It is, literally one of the least important things. Whatever exists, exists. What after that? Is there anything more to it than the body? Behind this matter what is there? When I started to work more on the other aspects of my growth and good qualities like being smart, being emotionally and spiritually sound. And a little inner peace, which often as teenagers we never have. It’s just like, “I’m not good enough,” “oh my god that boy doesn’t like me back.” The same old cribbing. I think that whole journey of self exploration, and shedding the physical beauty, and getting over the physicality, made me realise that I have this deep reserve of self love and acceptance. And there will be moments of course where you feel like shit again, where you feel damn ugly, where you feel like things are not going your way but once you’ve experienced that self acceptance, you know that this swamp of crap you’re in, is also probably very momentary and this too, shall pass. Now I won’t stop, I will keep speaking, keep expressing till the day everybody just loves themselves and some third person telling them that they’re ugly, will not make them feel even like, this much bad. Body positivity begins at home, preferably when you’re naked Take of your clothes, look at yourself and remember, that you are so much more than this body. And please like, share and subscribe to Vitamin Stree.

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