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Shaker Bottle – Bo-Fit

October 6, 2019

alright guys I’m super pumped and
excited to show you this product right here
the Bo-Fit shaker bottle I’ve put a lot of thought into this and I’m super proud
with the end result let me demonstrate what we did here so… the Bo-Fit shaker bottle if you undo the lid the first thing you see
is the shaker spring that can mix up your protein, amino acids and everything
else the reason why I went with this instead of the ball inside that jumps
around… if you shake it up enough times it’s going to start beating up the
inside of the walls and then you’re gonna have small color or small plastic
particles in your water and you don’t want to drink those chemicals so this
will never beat up the wall so you can take it out – rinse it out – put it back in.
I like this idea. Then when you look inside you have a little piece of paper
with instructions about your new products how to wash it and stuff like
that, but the very first sentence says bpa-free and if you know me – it’s all about
health! BPA-FREE let’s continue… on the back here you have
ounces and milliliters. You can fit up to 17 ounces of liquid in here, way enough
to mix up some usable shakes. Down below you have two compartments a big
compartment just unscrewed main compartment you can put your protein
powder right here right this stuff that you can obviously get here at Bo-Fit
“duh” put it in here after the workout just unscrew it, dump it into your
water, drink it and start recovering the smaller compartment – the red compartment
you can have for example for pills. There’s three smaller
compartments to it, where you can store your pills – in the morning, throughout the
work, before your workout, after the workout. Maybe some fish oils or some, I
don’t know, multivitamin whatever you take maybe some “Toned” product which will
help you with your fat loss goals… anyway if you don’t use pills no big deal just
take this out and you have an empty compartment you can put in some amino
acids for recovery, you can put in some pre-workout to have with you or
some wellness and beauty products we got right here. You know what, I think I
should do infomercials. I’m doing pretty good so far, don’t you think?
Anyway… so wait, but there’s more if you don’t need this smaller compartment
just have the protein with you and don’t worry about having this, so you can mix
and match this one or you need the smaller compartment just this one you
don’t have to have the whole thing with you you can just mix and match. So all in one
I’m super pumped and I’m kind of proud of how this turned out, it’s a really good multifunction, very usable smart product –
the Bo-Fit shaker bottle. Either get one here or message me and I’ll ship you one.

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