Some 40% of population in North Korea suffer from malnutrition, more funding required

March 9, 2020

the malnutrition problem in North Korea
is still precarious with around four and ten people in the North not getting
enough food to see them through the day and a bit to combat the issue the UN’s
humanitarian agencies are providing food aid for children and women but gathering
the required funding is proving difficult
our young gyeongmin has more the World Food Program says some 40 percent of
North Korea’s population around 10 million people are suffering from
malnutrition the United Nations Food agency provides fortify cereals and
enriched biscuits to 650,000 women and children each month but says it may have
to cut its charity program due to a lack of funding the agency says some donors
and companies have been reluctant to fund aid programs for North Korea
even though humanitarian support is excluded from sanctions imposed by the
UN Security Council for the regime’s nuclear and ballistic missile tests a
number of countries including France Switzerland and Sweden are participating
in the program the u.s. the WFP s biggest donor does not support food aid
for North Korea at the present time the WFP says 52 million u.s. dollars as
needed this year alone to tackle malnutrition in North Korea meanwhile
Radio Free Asia reported Tuesday that the UN Children’s Fund provided
nutrition aid and vaccinations for 1.3 million children in North Korea in the
first half of the year and a report released by the agency is said it
conducted checkups on more than 1 million children in the north and has
been taking care of undernourished children providing them with vitamin A
supplements and other nourishment UNICEF also appealed for more financial aid to
help support children in need in the north in gyeongmin arirang news

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