Spring Body Cleansing : Spring Body Cleanse: Yoga Pose to Aid Digestion
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Spring Body Cleansing : Spring Body Cleanse: Yoga Pose to Aid Digestion

March 8, 2020

In this clip we’ll look at a technique that
we can use to stimulate the intestines and the movement of digestion and stimulating
the colon. So if you’ve had a long winter with not much activity and maybe a heavy diet,
things can get stagnant, so this is a great way to keep things moving. This would be counter-indicated
if things are moving too quickly for your digestive tract, but if things are normal
to slow, then you can use this technique. Basically you just need a yoga block and you’ll
sit on any surface, any firm surface, a yoga mat helps. You’ll place the block on its tall
end in the abdomen, either just above the pubic bone or just below the ribs, and you
can do it in both places. What we’ll do is we’ll put the edge of the block on the floor
and we’ll use our body weight and lay on the block, supporting yourself with your arms.
You’ll feel some pressure. You’ll just want to breathe into the block and take your time
to relax into the weight of the body laying over the block. You can see I’ve got it on
an angle. I can control that angle by moving my weight forward, even more forward so it
angles the other direction. Ultimately, you just want to let the head relax and let the
body relax, and let the pressure feel good. This is also a great way to soften the tissues
of the abdomen. We hold a lot of tension in all the soft tissues of the organs, and so
if you have hardness or stiffness or a feeling of congestion in this part of the body, this
helps to just soften that area, whether you need help with digestion or elimination, or
you just need to relax there.

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