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  1. Food seeking missile – You have won the Internet sir!
    Seriously, A wonderful presentation, this is great information. And brings up some interesting questions about how society views adiposity. By the way, thank you for that term, I'd never heard it before.

    I was wondering if leptin could be used as a short term appetite suppressant, for use during, say the traditional holiday seasons when overeating is more prevalent? Or as a short term suppressant to reduce the distraction of appetite during stressful periods?

  2. I have rarely heard so much nonsense about obesity except maybe from vegans. Yes, a few people are geneticslly obese. And it is not calories in versus out. It is purely what macros we eat when. It is about what drives up insulin for how long. Insulin stores fat and stops lypolisis. Control insulin through diet and you control hunger and obesity. Looking at the body of the speaker he clearly does not understand obesity.

  3. I can speak for Americans, hydrating with soda (liquid candy), eating copious quantities of vacuous calories, and having your face plastered in front of a screen does not end well. We CHOOSE to live well, or die poorly.

  4. The singularly most effective way to improve your adipose tissue percentage is so simple and well known…
    It's how to get individuals to do this consistently which is the issue.

  5. it's been with us since we moved into cities. hunter gatherers are on average not even close to as fat as us. Not sure this guy has been reading up on the latest nutrition info. just fast, quit eating so much, and get a tiny bit of exercise. quit eating inflamatory foods. that'll reset your set point and control your hunger.

  6. So many factors – it is important to KNOW THYSELF. With me, it's carbs. for others, it's fat. These genetic factors can give a TENDENCY one way or the other, but there is no cookie-cutter solution that works the same for everyone. (That's why I don't want a government bureaucrat managing my health.)

  7. The law of conservation of mass states that mass in an isolated system is neither created nor destroyed by chemical reactions or physical transformations.
    In a body mass storage scenario it means that ultimately this stored fat has to be transformed into something.
    There are a few ways to "burn" calories. Although "burn" is the term used, what's really happening is that this energy is being transformed. That's the very definition of metabolism.
    It could be used to repair the body and keep it alive, or develop the body.
    In a diet scenario, the intake of calories is severely lowered to create a deficit of calorie use in the body. Although the quickest route, that could lead to muscle dystrophy, osteoporosis, impairment of the mind and attention disorders.

    Motion however makes you think of it as a vehicle or machine. If you use your car to get from point A to point B it's going to have to use a certain amount of gas. The gas in this metaphor is the fat cells or remaining fuel the body has to use.
    It happens differently in humans than in cars because the amount of exercise you put in can make the muscles more efficient and do more with less.
    The gift and the curse.
    If you drive a tesla cybertruck you'll get much further than if you drive a hummer with the same amount of gas. The technology is different. We are all different. To some people running around the block a few times a week is enough to keep them slim eating a regular amount. Others would run hundreds of miles and have another few thousand miles to go.

    If the energy expenditure isn't making it yet then you don't have to starve or diet, maybe all it takes is realizing that for your body's energy processing technology the amount you're eating means you could move so much more.

    I used to weigh 400 Lbs, it's not due to my biological background because my father wasn't fat, neither is my mother, or grandfather and grandmother on both sides of the family. I exercised the "regular" amount recommended by trainers since I was 12 and always had the weight problem. It was only after I was 21 that I decided that I had to reduce the amount I was eating by a lot (went down from a 5000 calorie diet to a 3000, then after a few years 2500 then 2000 and nowadays I eat 1200-1500 a day)
    And increase the amount of exercise by too much. Daily running, pushups and other forms of exercise. I do a 5k every other day. Nowadays I'm weighing 245Lbs and by the time I'm done burning it all off I'll be weighing about 190Lbs .

    Some of what the brain does is passive, but there are a lot of things that the body does that even though ordered by the brain are active things that stem from understanding.

  8. FACT:


    Then you will NOT become OBESE!

    I never seen ANYONE who didn't eat for a month (like hunger strike), being FAT…

    Means, it's freaking COMMON SENSE!!!

  9. I mean, not to be a dick, but really? @ 7:06 the man very clearly displayed the only cause of obesity. No amount of study will change that. Despite what so many people want to believe, it's true. You can blame the man, saying "it's all the processed junk food on every store shelf" but nobody's got a gun to anyone's head forcing purchase or even the subsequent overconsumption of said junk food. Nobody is forced not to do required amount of exercise to metabolize junk food in a better way. People seem to always want to lay fault or blame elsewhere. "I did the prescribed exercises but still stayed obese" or "that diet doesn't work" is both projecting blame and denying the basic truth of gaining/losing weight. It doesn't matter if you only eat healthy food if you're consuming 5000 calories of it a day while playing Candy crush and watching TV all day. It doesn't matter if you only eat three Brussels sprouts and three beets and one boiled egg every day if, once again, you're basically sedentary all the time. It doesn't matter if you run ten miles a day, lift 4000 pounds every fourth hour, and do 300 pushups, situps, and pullups daily if you're eating 30000 calories every day. Look at sumo wrestlers. They're pretty active considering their heft. Anyway my point is that by seven and a half minutes into this video, this man has fully answered and explained his own titular question. The chemistry aspect of it is fairly interesting though.

  10. Intresting but i do not agree with your statements of hypocaloricdiet and exercise. everybody NEEDS to exercise, and that's the end of the story. And that's that's something that is needed to be programmed in, through out good training practise. It's a matter of developing your brain structure, and that is difficult with older ppl ofc. and the hypocaloricdiet is temporary that more or less in the name….. you can't be hypocaloric forever…… i till be dead honest…. stupid reasoning around diet and exercise otherwise good recap of previously known empiri.

  11. Only got to the 1 minute before KNOWING it is a waste of time listening ,,, Obesity is not a new problem ,, well MASSIVE PERCENTAGES of people being OBESE IS.

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