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Study Nutrition at Deakin

August 31, 2019

I currently work at an acute hospital as
an allied health assistant in the Dietetics office. The biggest driver for
me to do nutrition is the fact that I really want to help people and I think
that nutrition is a fundamental part of the person’s health.
My role is largely around educating patients, educating them on what they
should be eating. That’s part of the reason why I really love my role. The
skills that I learned at Deakin gave me a lot of context and understanding
around why I do what I do. It’s so important to have an understanding of
the whole picture so you can piece things together to make your educations
have meaning to patients. It has really helped guide my practice. In terms of
nutrition, knowledge is power, if you’re aware of some of the consequences of
poor health, your diet and what you choose to consume can make a big impact
on how long you live, but also the quality of your life.

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