Tespo Connect Dispenser Review – How Do You Take Vitamins?

November 15, 2019

[background music] Cody: Hey y’all, it’s Cody from Sleepopolis. Today, we are taking a look at the Vitamin
Dispenser, a natural sleep-aid pod from Tespo. Basically, all you have to do is throw this
baby in there and it churns out a delicious elixir designed to send you straight off to
dreamland. Does it actually work? To find out, I tested the juice myself. Let me tell you, it definitely impacted my
sleep. Did I sleep better? Worse? The same? You’ll just have to keep on watching to see. [background music] Cody: Tespo launched, in 2014, on a mission
to improve the way that folks get their daily vitamins. To do this, the brand decided to forgo the
traditional pill pack and opt for something a little more unique in the form of a dispenser
that makes a vitamin-packed drink. How does it work? Great question. First things first, you’ve got to get your
hands on one of the brand’s Connect Dispensers, which retails for $149. Then you select from its vast array of Vitamin
Pods, which range in price from $22 to $45 and includes the sleep one we’re trying today,
as well as ones for energy, vision support, and prenatal care. Once you’ve got your pod, you stick it in
the dispenser. The gizmo quite literally spins the powder
from the pod into a juice you can drink. [background music] Cody: Spinning…Pods…Vitamins. Yeah, I know. It’s a little confusing, but don’t worry. We’re going to break down what all that means
in this video. Let’s start things off by talking about setting
up your Connect Dispenser. I am not a tech-head at all. I was a little intimidated by this gizmo at
first. There are buttons on top for WiFi, there’s
the removable cup, there’s this little door back here, there’s this little guy. It seemed like a lot of moving parts. Thankfully, the brand has clear and easy to
follow instructions provided with each dispenser. It walks you through everything from plugging
in your dispenser, to connecting it to your WiFi in your home, to setting up the Tespo
smartphone app. As long as you follow the instructions from
beginning to end, you should be in the clear. It took me about 10 minutes to get everything
up and going. Once you have it all set up, every night all
you have to do to make the dispenser work is press a single button and you’re good to
go. Now that we’ve talked about the machine, let’s
go ahead and talk about this Vitamin Pod. According to the brand, each Vitamin Pod comes
with 31 servings. As you can see on the back here, basically
the machine punctures it. It releases the powder into the capsule. It spins about and that’s what makes your
drink. There are 31 servings in here. As soon as you set it, you can leave it for
an entire month. Each night all you have to do is add some
water to the back, again press the button, and you have your drink. What exactly is in the pods? These pods are packed with an array of interesting
ingredients, which I’m going to go through step-by-step, to break down what’s going on
in there. The first ingredient is taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that’s found in a
lot of foods and energy drinks. It has widespread health benefits. It has been shown to help regulate the immune
system, support the central nervous system, and promote cardiovascular health. Some research has even found that taurine
increases sleep. It makes sense that it would be in this supplement. The next ingredient is 5-HTP, or L-hydroxytryptophan. This is another amino acid that’s important
to the biosynthesis of serotonin, a hormone that’s crucial to sleep. Next up, we’ve got GABA, or gamma-aminobutyric
acid. This is an amino acid that works as a neurotransmitter
in the brain. Many experts refer to it as an inhibitory
neurotransmitter. That’s because it quite literally inhibits
brain signals and decreases electrical activity, which makes it easier for the body to fall
asleep. It’s a popular ingredient in sleep supplements. The next ingredient is L-theanine, an amino
acid found in black and green tea leaves. Though it has a myriad of health benefits,
the most commonly cited one is its ability to reduce anxiety without inducing drowsiness. You’ll probably recognize this next one, chamomile. Popular in teas, chamomile extract has been
used as an all-natural sleep aid for centuries. Recent research has found that it’s especially
good at reducing anxiety. Finally, melatonin, a naturally occurring
hormone in the body that’s produced by the pineal gland to regulate the sleep/wake cycle. Now that we’ve gone over the brand history,
talked about setup, and chatted about the ingredients in each vitamin pod, it is finally
time to get into my experience with the Tespo Vitamin Dispenser and Natural Sleep Aid Pod. According to the brand, you should make up
a cup of juice about 15 to 30 minutes before bedtime. That’s exactly what I did. When I talk about my experience, I’m going
to break it down into three categories — falling asleep, staying asleep, and the morning after. Before we get into any of that, I need to
let you know something. I’m not a doctor and I’m not a medical professional. Everything I’m about to share with you is
based solely on my personal experience. If you’re trying vitamins for the first time,
or looking to seriously change your sleep regime, I highly recommend that you talk to
a doctor before doing so. Now that’s done, let’s get into my experience
with the Tespo Vitamin Dispenser. [background music] Cody: Before we get into my experience, let’s
go ahead and make up a drink. [pause] Cody: It has a pretty good taste to it. There’s some citrus flavor in there to overshadow
the other ingredients. It’s got a nice, pleasant taste. I definitely didn’t mind drinking it every
night before bed. What I will say is that because you’re starting
off with the powder up here in the pod that gets deposited into the cup before the water
hits it and then the water mixes it all together, it is a little granular. There are little grains of the vitamins in
the bottom of the cup. It’s not like you’re chugging dust or anything
like that, but it does make for a [laughs] chunky experience. If that’s something that you think would bother
you, it could be a con. For me, it doesn’t really bother me that much. Now let’s talk about how it affected my sleep. As a sleeper, falling asleep is my biggest
problem at night. Even if I’m super exhausted, as soon as my
head hits the pillow my mind is spinning like this little cup down here, with so many thoughts,
worries and stresses. When I’m taking a sleep supplement, I need
to know that it’s going to be able to quiet my mind and relax my body so that I can fall
asleep. I’m going to say that I think that the Natural
Sleep Aid Pod did a pretty good job. I took a cup about 15 minutes before bed and
10 minutes after that, I definitely started to feel the effects. It felt like a heavy face mask on my face. I could feel this nice, tingling sensation
right in this area. It was quieting my thoughts and made it easy
to fall asleep. After falling asleep, another huge problem
I have is staying asleep. Even if I can get to bed, it’s impossible
for me to sustain that slumber over the course of an entire evening. Most nights I wake up in the middle of the
night. Here, I had an interesting experience. I fell asleep really easily. Most nights I still woke up in the middle
of the night, but I didn’t feel like I was totally awake. I felt super groggy and I don’t know if “tipsy”
is the right word, but I felt a little discombobulated. Most nights I got up to use the restroom and
as I was walking to the restroom I felt like I was in “The Walking Dead.” I would hold onto the walls. I don’t know, it was this weird in-between
state. I will say that when I got back into bed,
it was pretty easy for me to fall back to sleep. Finally, the morning after. Now, with most supplements you’ll experience
a grogginess, or a hangover effect the next day. I was curious to see how the Vitamin Pod would
affect me after waking up. I’ve got to say that I felt super groggy. I woke up in the morning, and I was just like,
“Ugh.” It was pressing down on my arms. I found it difficult to get out of bed. The affects lasted into the morning. If you’re someone who needs to get up and
go, I’m not sure if I would totally recommend this product for you as you are going to feel
a little bit of a hangover the next day. Well, folks. We’ve arrived at the ends of this review,
which means it’s time to wrap things up with a few final pros and cons. I’m going to start off with the pros. First and foremost, I thought the sleep aid
was fantastic at getting me to fall asleep. Within 10 minutes of taking it, I could feel
this nice, relaxing tingle across my body. My mind was quieted. I found it easy to fall asleep. Number two, I thought that it tasted pretty
good. A lot of supplements have a weird taste, or
no taste at all, but I found the citrus flavoring to be very soothing. Unfortunately, there were a few cons. First and foremost, the morning after was
really difficult for me. I felt super groggy. My limbs felt heavy. It was difficult for me to get my day going. Number two, it’s an extensive setup process. If you’re looking for a quick fix to your
sleep problems, I’m not sure if I would recommend investing in this whole shebang. If you’re a techno-head who likes having another
gadget in the home, this could be a cool alternative for you. [background music] Cody: That’s it for my review into the Tespo
Vitamin Pod and Dispenser. For more sleep related content, make sure
to go to and to follow us on YouTube. Until next time, happy dreaming.

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