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  1. Do you think my macros are good? I like having just enought protein and rather low carb. I weight 165 lbs or 75 kg. Currently slow bulking with 13% surplus.
    P: 134 grams 19%
    F: 125 grams 40%
    C: 288 grams 41%

  2. a little out dated.. watch this vid. talks about the benefits of a higher protein intake

  3. What Radu said in this video is true. I have experienced it. Low sex drive, low testosterone. I tried restricting carbs, what happened to me was: Headaches, my penis was shrinking, low sex drive. You easily find out that testosterone is the main hormone to build muscle, so …. yeah, if you experience this just stop and follow this advice.

  4. i do about .8 g grams per pound of bodyweight while in a pretty big deficit, my strength has stayed the same tbh.

  5. But the liver cannot process more than 30g of protein in an hour/ 1 meal. You'll burden the liver and also the rest of the protein will be converted into carbs

  6. My problem is that I don't have access to a lot of food so I have trouble making it through that threshold of protein intake.

  7. High protein intakes (particularly high in leucine) does increase muscle growth, independent of resistance training. More so in elderly subjects. Also high protein has beneficial effects while cutting, up to 3 grams have been reported by Brad schoenfeld et al (meta analysis).

  8. You still are recommending a high protein diet in my eyes. Harvard health says that the RDA for protein is only .8 per kilogram of healthy body weight.

  9. Retarded. What you should say is 1g per LEAN pound of body weight, your fat doesn't need protein. But even then that's too much.

  10. lol, you were ripped? are you dilusional? how in the world are YOU ripped? i think you should start hitting the gym and taking some more protein dude, ur a fucking twig

  11. .8 to 1 isn’t low jackass. You need .5 g per pound of Lean body mass jerkoff as a maximum. No human needs more than 80g of protein.

  12. Testosterone goes UP in low protein diets to block muscle breakdown… Not to give you wood or sexual enhancement.

    The best ANTI-cortisol macro-nutrient is the imtake of timed glucose because it spares muscle breakdown after or during a stressful (workout) situation. As lond as insulin is in check and the individual has suffiecient rest, one need not worry about carbs… Of course, we're talking normal amounts…

  13. fun to see so many ignorant uneducated bro-science meatheads in the comment section. It's rather pathetic to see big dudes talk about self confidence etc while they continuously bash on others and post ½naked pics to get strangers validation. hahaha

  14. I tried bulking and I hated feeling bloated and fat. I eat three decent meals a day. I don't run around chasing meals all day so I'm less stressed. Stress is a testosterone killer. My as are back and I feel a larger sense of general wellbeing. Sometimes I don't hit all the calories I'm supposed to be getting in. Sometimes I don't get all the protein I need. But, I feel less stressed than I did.

  15. But there was an asterisk next to *unless you're overweight. WHAT is the protein range of you're over weight

  16. damn you look like you don't even lift man. it's like an obese person is advising not to eat less to lose bodyfat. i'm at 2g per kg. sometimes less.

  17. 100% bullshit, you are all skinny fucks because muscle is made of protein… also kinobody in the comments doesn't surprise me, fake natty with bullshit youtube videos with horrible advice, just like this fucked up video…

  18. Notice how it's always the guys who look the smallest who say that you don't need much protein?

    Look at the guys that tell you to have 1.5 to 2 grams of protein or more per pound of body weight. Notice they usually have big muscles? Hmmm. who should you listen to?

  19. But for bodybilders on gear this is not true cause their steroids increese protein syntetis by 20-30%.So they are not dumb to eate more protein than they need.For naturals 150-200gr is ideal for shure.I love to go for 180-200gr

  20. Your testosterone will tank on any diet as you get very lean. The reproductive system is not a priority when you're starving.

  21. veganii au cel mai inalt nivel de testosteron liber si total !!!!mai citeste radu!!! vegans have the highest testosterone level free and total !!!! iar necesarul de proteina este de 0.8-1.0 gr/1kg,(max) iar proteina animala nu exista este doar proteina vegetala reciclata!!!!doar plantele pod produce proteina punct.!!!! u can thank me later bruh!!!:)))

  22. I usually take around 1.5 grams per kg of bw so around 40% and that is perfect for my body. Fuck carbs, only take them in once I am fully depleted. Just try carbcycling'll feel the difference!

  23. dude not being rude but you are skinny as fuck protein or not gain some muslce and only then will i take you seriously

  24. I see you making videos for years but your body looks pretty much the same. You have some ab definition but when it comes to muscle mass you're average at best for someone who lifts for such a long time. And with a shirt on you look like you don't lift at all.

  25. Lower body fat percentage equals bad sex drive? WHAT THE FUCK? I'm lower than 10% and I don't suffer of any of those things you mentioned with your "scientific studies" from nowhere… I am not dieting, I always had a low body-fat because I only eat like 2k calories.

  26. if bodybuilders hawe low testosteron leves they would have no muscles at all this fuuny inoformation,i don't want to offend but look at you shoulders you are like ypu newer were to the gym it's probably because of your wrong diet.

  27. 2 gr/kg is total brobullshit. Maybe an extreme lifter needs that much (which doesn't mean it's healthy) but an average person, even an athlete, needs waaaay less than that.

  28. what I usual eat threw out the day some meals change. 3 boiled eggs 1 banana 1 blueberry greek yogurt then gym after gym whey isolate drink then honey mustard chicken and rice then peanuts then steak brown rice then chicken pesto chicken and then right before bed whey isolate in milk and 3L of water threw out the day

  29. Man this guy is tiny, honestly I didn’t watch the video. He could be right with what he’s saying idk, but whatever he’s preaching clearly isn’t working for him. People that go to the gym for 6 months can look just like him or better depending on the person and that’s without even knowing much about nutrition lol.

  30. You are so skinny and yet you talk about benefits of lower protein intake. No wonder you have no muscle.

  31. Supplements are BS. Seriously, just eat a balanced diet of quality real food. Quality fat satiates and is needed for hormone production. Protein and roughage is filling, not the same thing as satiating.

  32. Honestly it's down to the type of sport or training that you do. Personally I find 1.5g per lbs to be most effective for adequate recovery and super-compensation. The difference between 1g and 1.5g is very noticeable for me and can be very very borderline with over-training at 1g. Alternatively though my brother is a runner and easily gets away with sub 1 gram.

  33. Wow, you would think that you should actually have muscles to talk so confident about how to best grow them. But maybe he is like that because he took to much soy when he was a boy, you know, one of those soyboys.

  34. I have chronic kidney disease that is why I watched this. I think bigger muscles is mainly due to exercise causing micro damage to muscle fibers so I am wondering how you decide the amount of protein needed when the amount of micro tears/damage to muscles will differ according to workout and muscle. It seems to me that things are over-simplified as nobody really has all the answers.

  35. So for optimal testosterone levels I'd need to eat 60% carbs and 40% fat?
    Where do I include the protein?

  36. Isn't it a good thing a guys sex drive decreases? Because most guys think about sex way too often and have no self control… lol.

  37. Dont listen to this man low protein diets lead to a lot of muscle issues and stunted growth you need protein if you want to grow lean mass and pro bodybuilders having limp dicks and low test is cuz of heavy use of roids not protein i think this man is confused cuz he says 1 or .8 gram per pound right but thats actully the recommended amount by doctors and average people probably only get .5 gram per lb a day and thats a very small amount and people who lift hard you got to be taking 1.5 or 2 grams per pound so this man is confused he means you should take the recommened amount by doctors

  38. 0.8-1g of protein per pound bodyweight is considered lower? about 160g of protein a day? lower? hmmm….

  39. Why the hell do you want boners in the morning? sounds like low testosterone seems like a good option if you dont want to be a walking penis.

  40. i eat around 60-100 grams of protein per day and i have not died yet or lost muscle (even when cutting) :d lol

  41. I notice I am leaner and stronger when I eat extra protein. I eat about 20 grams over my bodyweight. no offense but I had this guys physique after my first few months of training. Fast forward years later And I am 4 times his size an just as lean.. but he looks the same..

  42. Guy with each facet of his sternum showing through his skin and non-existent pecs wants to tell you that eating protein isn't super important.

    Okay. Great advice. I know what I'm taking away from this video.

  43. don´t do per pound of bodyweight. do per pound of lean bodyweight. if you are 200 chances are that you are maybe 170 in lean body weight so 170 grams for 1 pound of bodyweight. if you train and eat protein every day you can lower the amount because your body will use protein more efficiently. if you are trying to gain muscle without too much fat gain .7 – .8 is optimal. if you are trying to get big and worry about getting lean later go balls to the wall with protein, carbs and good fats and a big cheat day every 10 days.

  44. Well, after I started to track my macros for the first time, I roughly doubled my protein intake – since then I'm a lot fitter during training, less tired after it, and feel better overall.
    Also at times I would really appreciate a lower sex drive, but it's not happening.

    When talking about "high" or "low" protein intakes, it's always important to get the referenced "normal" value… For me, my normal intake was about 1g per kg of bodyweight – try to build muscle on that! Also I'm not a fan of protein shakes. It's not even about the taste, just that I prefer not to use supplements at all.

  45. I eat 60-80g of protein a day and weigh 190lbs at 6 feet tall and 10% body fat. I can run 5000m in 19 minutes, destroy most cyclists up hills and in sprints, do 20 pull ups, 50 press ups and 35 dips, plank for over 5 minutes, do 48 inch box jumps, bench 225lbs for 5 sets of 5, squat 300lbs for 5 sets of 5, pause press 135lbs over my head for 10 reps and row 2000m in under 7 minutes.

    Anything over 100g a day is just massive overkill for the vast majority of people.

  46. fuck all that bulky dumb looking shit<imo> what looks best for a healthy lifestyle is a lean ripped and good health …when all u swole dudes get old u all looks like a bag of deflated skin…but hey to each there own…..hard workouts mixed with a lil fasting combined when eating clean 4 to 7% body fat…the body is designed to be lean of optimal efficiency

  47. the title of this video is kind of misguiding lol, balance your macros homies, get your high vitamin and mineral fruits and deep green veggies, eat a caloric deficit , maintenance or surplus depending on your body % and lean body mass and look good and enjoy life👌

  48. Also good piece of advice for everyone, when adjusting macros to your specific caloric needs, surplus or deficit, know that its much better to lower and raise all 3 than per say, ( as i finally understand the point of this video with a title that could be worded and saying something completely different to give more information off the get go) , common fad being a super high protein low fat and carb diet when cutting or even a moderate protein and fats with an unnecessary amount of carbs , stop as I dont care what your doing , use the simple formula for compsing 45% of your calories from carbs, 25% from fat and 30% from protein all revolving around your specific goals, trying to lose weight? formulate those ratioes to a diet that is 300-400 calories below your TDEE, if you dont know what that means, educate yourself, and if your bulking, oh god formulate the ratioes to be 300-400 calories above your TDEE, and just want to maintain, recomp a little bit? formulate those ratioes to what your TDEE is, sounds hard, my name is bob i weigh 200 ibs with 12% bodyfat with a lean body mass of 180 (This is just an estimate/irrelevant anyways lol) and I burn 3000 calories per day from being alive and going to work, fucking my wife and walking my dog and taking mean shits. I want to lose fat while keeping as much muscle as possible, Cool! this will require a caloric deficit or a maintenance to recomp, but my focus is primarily losing weight, double cool, to do this Ill consume about 2600 calories a day consisting of 195 grams of protein (780 Calories) , 72 grams of fat (650 Calories) and 293 grams of carbs (1,170 Calories) which equal up to a grand total of 2600 calories. Law of thermodynamics people. Educate yourselves. Dont do shit just cause you think itll work, do shit that you know works because science.

  49. I am 95 kg. Sometimes barely take 50 grams of Protein. I can bench 315, squat 420 pounds. my vertical is 40 inch. bf:15. I drink twice a week minumum. Fuck that protein cliche, I am sicked tired of hearing this shit. There are people in my country eat shit for each meal. They are ripped and big.
    They dont wear that stupid crossfit socks and so on. But they train very aggresively in the street.

  50. Nu prea am inteles multe.. eu nu prea fac atentie ce mananc, doar mananc in jur de 3000 calorii pe zi sa pun pe mine, odata ce ajung la 70kg pentru 1m70 (actual cantaresc 67kg) o sa stagnez, doar ca nu prea am bani sa imi permit mancare diferita tot timpul, ce mamanc sunt doar legume, niste carne, proteine, orez, paste, pireu… lucruri simple ^^' mananc pe zi in jur de 120g de proteine si restul carbs & fats.

  51. There's a study that suggest 0.70 to 0.80 gm per pound. It's just supplement companies which hyped the intake of protein to sell their shit.

  52. Dude, you're awesome! I do IF everyday, and feel great. Reciently Startet to take Gold Standard 100% Whey isolate from ON after every super hard core work out… and was thinking about my protein intake all the way… and if that may affect the fasting. Thanks so much for this!

  53. wtf, 1.8 to 2.2 grams per KG? That's already super high protein intake. The low is more classified as 0.8 gram per KG. This video's title and content are misleading.

  54. The truth is you don't need protein… Eating 3 eggs in the morning is same like taking protein shit, but much healthier.
    Think about your liver and don't take supplements and protein you don't need. It'll literally clog your liver.

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  56. This is still a challenging amount of protein. The average chunk of meat in a meal is about 30g protein, which for most people means you'd need to eat at least 5 high quality meals per day. Back to the protein powder, I guess.

  57. i eat between 80-100g of protein a day, and ive never felt better. this means that i can eat more "junk" and processed food and still stay within my daily kcal range.
    hitting insane amounts of protein requires you to eat very clean so you dont step over your daily kcals.
    im stronger than ever, feeling better than ever, and i can finally enjoy life again.

  58. I’m 51kg I built muscle only on 25-40g of protein. I increased protein by 20g by adding soy and pea protein yesterday and today I gained 800grams. My waist is 1 cm wider. I think protein is not for me. Before I ate high fruit diet carbs around 80%, fats around 8% and protein around 12%. I felt great. Now I miss carbs. Hungry.

  59. I am a woman and I ate very low carb, high fat high protein for about 4 years and it totally killed my hormones. My husband had the same testosterone effects. That was 3 years ago. I gained 30 lbs after stopping. I tell everyone never to eat low carb. Now if I could get just half of this 30 lbs off. Grrrr. I agree that low carb makes cortisol increase. I always felt stressed then and often still do. I am still trying to find a food combination that makes my stomach feel relaxed. I will try lowering my protein. Beans and whole grains tear my stomach up so I am left with refined white carbs and fruit for carbohydrates.

  60. I dunno dude, im on Keto, i get about 30g carbs a day, 130g protein a day and 125 gram fat a day and im still a walking boner lol you might have other problems not linked to diet… all that in a 1500 calories daily diet with IF…

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