The connection between vitamin D and autism
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The connection between vitamin D and autism

November 14, 2019

The autism stats are horrific — more and
more families find their bundle of joy, turning into a bundle of terror, as they face the
heart ache of raising a little one, that doesn’t really fit into the world. The trouble, begins
with a wiring problem, which leads to imbalances in serotonin. The autistic individual ends
up with too little serotonin, in the brain and too much everywhere else. Since brain
serotonin runs the socializing networks, this shortage creates shortfalls in the ability
to interact with others. Although the problem only manifests, when children are old enough
to be attentive to others, the wiring defect is something that happens in the womb. Serotonin
is a morphogen, it helps shape the brain. Adequate levels of serotonin must be present
during the brain’s development, to ensure everything is wired correctly. Genetics definitely
contributes to the crossed wiring, but something about the environment in which baby is developing,
is underwriting the genes, ultimately interfering with the normal wiring process. In autism,
lots of SOMETHINGS have been implicated : inflammation, antibodies, too little thyroid hormone and
too little vitamin D. In this episode of Better Body Chemistry TV, we explore how “too little
vitamin D” contributes to bad serotonin wiring. Better Body Chemistry TV is brought to you
by Dr Sandy. A scientist turned gremlin buster, HELPING YOU, battle sugar gremlins, heffa-lumps
& other health horribles, through BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY. Remember, small things can make
a big difference to your health. Now to make serotonin, the body begins with a chemical
called tryptophan. Your body gets this tryptophan from the foods you eat, specifically foods
that are protein. An enzyme known as tryptophan hydroxylase enzyme (TPH) begins the process
of whipping up a batch of serotonin. TPH mixes tryptophan, iron and tetrahydrobiopterin in
the mixing bowl, to create hydroxylated tryptophan, which ultimately becomes serotonin. Both your
body and your brain need a supply of serotonin. Unfortunately, the serotonin produced by the
body, cannot be used by the brain, because it is not able to get through the brain’s
security system, the blood brain barrier. To solve this dilemma, you have two different
TPH enzymes, to make the serotonin you need. The enzyme which produces serotonin in the
body, is called TPH1 and the enzyme that is doing the cooking in the brain, is referred
to as TPH2. Although they both know how to make hydroxylated tryptophan, they run their
kitchen’s a little differently, this ends up being IMPORTANT. The brain TPH gets cooking
when vitamin D pops into the kitchen. The body TPH on the other hand, stops cooking
when vitamin D pops into the kitchen. He is fascinated by surfing, so he ends up “chatting”
to vitamin D, instead of getting on with the cooking. So……………when vitamin D is
around — lots of serotonin is produced in the brain, but very little is made in the
rest of your body. When vitamin D is not around — production of serotonin in the brain grinds
to a stop, but lots of serotonin is produced in the body, where it can get up to mischief,
causing inflammation. Serotonin problems may thus begin with vitamin D shortages. Stats
suggest, lot and lots of people, are short on vitamin D. The primary reason, getting
adequate amounts of vitamin D requires regularly spending a little time in the sun, foods are
not really designed to provide you with vitamin D. Unfortunately modern living is an indoor
activity…. we work — indoors, we play — indoors, we even travel — indoors. On the rare occasions
we do venture outdoors, we often take special precautions to COVER UP, layering on sun block
etc, to ensure that we are “protected” from the sun. Adequate levels of vitamin D are
needed to produce serotonin in the brain, so everyone should dose up on vitamin D, but
it is especially important for Moms-2-be to dose up. The vitamin D will help keep serotonin
production on track, shaping how your baby’s brain develops. Now the best way to dose up
is through sun exposure, it takes 10-20 minutes or so of sun exposure, a few times a week,
to get all you need. A few minutes in the sun will not turn you into a crispy — so
no need to worry about SKIN CANCER. And best of all – it’s free. If spending a little time
in the sun is impossible, then you should consider purchasing a vitamin D supplement,
as your plan B. Serotonin metabolism IS wonky in autism. This research confirms vitamin
D is SOMETHING that matters, during pregnancy. Make sure your baby’s brain has everything
it needs to wire up it’s socializing system — GO SUN TAN your bump. Looking for more
ways to create Better Body Chemistry for your family ? Visit,
browse our library and sign up for one of our free e-courses, the advice is SIMPLE to
follow and based on REAL science, not hype. Know someone who is expecting ? Help her decrease
the risk of bringing home a baby with wiring probleems by sharing this video and subscribe
to our channel so you can discover more strategies to optimize your health and the health of
your family. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time on Better Body
Chemistry TV. Remember small things can make a big difference to your health.

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