The Dairy Industry in 60 seconds (NON-GRAPHIC)
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The Dairy Industry in 60 seconds (NON-GRAPHIC)

October 10, 2019

Dairy cows are artificially inseminated often with a device known as a Rape Rack so that they have babies and produce milk. Because humans desire the milk that was intended for these babies the young calves are taken away from their mothers at birth which is one of the most emotionally devastating devastating things anyone can ever do. If the babies are males they are killed for veal immediately because they are of no use to the industry Female babies will suffer the same fate as their mothers. Cows are then hooked up to machines 3 times a day to be sucked dry which always leads to painful infections such as mastitis. As a result of this dairy contains large amounts of pus or “somatic cells” After repeating the cycle of impregnation and milking, dairy cows become worn out and unable to produce profitable quantities of milk. Cows can normally live to be over 20 years old but spent dairy cows are often killed at around 4-5 years old. Fortunately there are many non-dairy alternatives so there is no need to contribute to the dairy industry. Subtitles by the community

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  1. So sad
    Why can't everyone see what the most people are doing to other lifes?
    It's harder to kill a animal slowly and to be cruel to them , than pay a little bit more money , time and effort into these cruel free things

  2. As an ethical vegan i am reminded time and time again of the discusting world we live in and how much i hate humankind.

  3. Really appreciate your channel, Michael! Just got hit with thousands of VG subs and am thankful for a quality channel to direct them to. Going to do a few shout outs on my next vid.

  4. right. do you actually know ANYTHING about dairy farming? The cows produce milk all their lives anyway, and when this milk builds up they experience extreme pain. So the machine sucks the milk out and the cow is relieved of its pain. also 'raped?!' No. it's called hierarchy. It happens in wild animal herds as well. the dominant male will pick females to breed with. come down to reality man.

  5. i would be surprised if someone watched this and didn't stop having dairy, as well as the facts its unfair to cows it also causes digestive issues, its full of pus, and its full of sat fat, i've never really ate meat as since a child i've always felt it was wrong and disgusting to eat an animals dead body, but i'll admit i was stubborn when it came to dairy, i was blind, and ignorant, and that lead to an intolerance towards it and it helped contribute towards my acid reflux, but after finally opening my eyes i have gone a whole day without dairy and this video has helped to make me stay away from it

  6. how many of you have actually spent time on a dairy farm I'm sorry but i have grown up on a dairy farm and the way you portray the industry is so over the top and misinformed for a start most farmers only milk twice a day and the procedure is one of high standards you make out that all cows have health issues with there udders which is so far from the truth a good farmer looks after his or her herd very well these rapes racks i have never heard of and i like it that you make it out that all cows are unnaturally inseminated and no mention of bulls being put into the herd at all i think before you jump on farmers you should really know the truth of how a farm works and how much communities are helped by our farmers

  7. I want to play this video in a grocery store, near the dairy products but I'm afraid to show my face. is it bad to wear a mask? I'm afraid I might make people mad. I want dairy out of every store! I am only one person ๐Ÿ™

  8. Most of this is not true to most dairy farms. Yes a small minority do do what you've just said. But most farms look after their animals. Bull calves are not killed straight away at most farms. they are looked after in sheds with others. they are fed milk twice a day. and then are sold onto a buyer who then decides what happens. most farms don't even kill the cows. and milking doesn't always lead to infection. infections like mastitis are looked for and are easily treated with time. many precautions are put in place to prevent mastitis. I'm a dairy farmer in the UK and I can assure you this doesn't apply to the majority of farms

  9. I work on the farm in NY village, some Cows have a skin disease and have 1 missing eye, but the calves stay with their mothers for a 4 weeks. the cows like being milked because they get to eat straw and empty their huge bags of milk the milk sacks hurt the cows, they Like being milked.

  10. Veal calves are NOT killed immediately–certainly not in all cases. My brother-in-law used to raise them. They spend the rest of their short lives (a few months) in a puny enclosure on a leash a few feet long so that they can't exercise their muscles (so the meat stays tender). THEN they are slaughtered for veal. So the truth is even worse than what is represented here.

  11. I'd really like to share this on Instagram. It's factual and gets the message across in a non confrontational way. I think it will make people think, without feeling judged.

  12. Hey dip shit
    Cows aren't given hormones
    Milking parlours are cleaned to prevent shit getting into the. I'll and plus it is treated anyway so there's no shit in the milk
    And if cows are sick and given antibiotics there milk is not used

  13. Why don't you make your video "dairy in 10 minutes" so you can actually give true fact and not this propaganda shit

  14. Everyone please stop eating dairy and eat plants
    It's simple plant enough plants for seven billion people, use poisonous cancer causing pesticides, fungicides etc to get a good crop growth
    Cut down forests to make room to grow all these plants
    Kill wildlife (including cows) to prevent them eating the crops

    And then finally when the GMO plants die due to disease we will all starve

  15. Hey man do you mind if I use your video in a longer video I'm making about a vegan actress? Full credit to you of course, I really want to get this great message out to my subscribers in a non graphic way and your video is the perfect one for just that! BTW I believe we are friends on FB, it is Leo Sabry, a fellow vegan of course ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Who cares? I love the dairy it tastes good I eat Cheetos cheese sticks and yogurt yum and besides cows are mean I be sad if the dairy and egg industry was illegal I don't eat meat so I wouldn't care if that's was illegal

  17. I use this video exclusively in my activism against dairy. I've had much more of an impact using this video rather then the Dairy Is Scary video, I think due to the calming and simplistic, but also unapologetic way that the information is delivered.

  18. U know that not all dairy is produced the same way do u? All the milk I see at my local supermarket is from grass fed free range happy cows

  19. You know what. I'm a daughter of a dairy farmer and all of this scares me… the fact that people see dairy farms like this. Bull calves aren't always used for veal. They can live as long as the heifers and go out to pasture with them. Cows dont get milked 3 times a day. On my farm cows get milked on their own free will. My family is already in debt and the fact that so many people won't even have dairy products anymore scares me. My family could be bankrupt and homeless. There are people's lives put into these animals as well. So next time you decide that milk isn't for you, don't advertise it. This is how we make our living. But not how these videos represent it.

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