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The Egg Diet: Does It Work? | UCLA Center for Clinical Nutrition

August 31, 2019

Hi there! This is Dr. Dave Heber, founding
director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition. I’m talking to you today about diets that don’t work, and here’s another one called the egg diet. Now, the idea
about eggs is pretty good in terms of the fact that egg white has a very
high-quality protein in it and doesn’t have much fat at all. Egg yolks have a number of vitamins–B, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin A. What is in
the egg yolk depends on what the chicken ate, so there are actually
chickens that they feed fish oils, or omega-3, to get an omega-3 rich egg. The
problem with the egg diet is a single egg only has about 6 grams of protein, so
for a breakfast you have to eat four egg whites to get 24 grams of protein, and
maybe you add in one egg yolk for taste. That would be fine if you’re going
to cook your eggs using a minimal amount of fat, usually a healthy fat like olive
oil. But eggs by themselves are not going to cause weight loss, so always eat a
balanced diet if you’re watching your weight. Have eggs for taste. Have eggs for protein. They are healthy food, but don’t rely on them for weight loss. This is Dr.
Dave Heber. We’ll see you next time!

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  1. I started the egg diet. Added some greens and 3 weeks later I'm down 10 pounds. Don't trust doctors. If you are healthy then they don't make money

  2. Hold on, so there is egg diet now?. Is that you stuff your face with nothing , but eggs?. This fitnesses industry is going to shit.

  3. There's a guy on youtube that served in Iraq. He was very overweight when he went and for three months ate only eggs. One every hour plus a slice of bread at breakfast. He ate nothing else, drank only water and fresh orange juice and lost 75 pounds in 3 months.

  4. You really know how to keep an audiences attention Dr. Eric! I'm serious, very clear, energetic and understandable. Very refreshing for an informative health video

  5. Yes the egg diet works I eat 2 eggs a day nothing else is that a good idea are not for 3 weeks because it's hard for me to stop now I love 4 pounds in a week is 3 weeks to much I want to go for a month really

  6. the guy said eat low fat but good fats.. MF'r Keto is high fat and people feel the best on that method of eating.

  7. he just gave some recommendation and explained that doing balanced diet like eating an egg with other low-calories healthy menu is better than eating an egg by itself.
    weight loss is because calorie deficit, as long as you eat something under your calorie needs, or the calorie-in is less than the calorie-out, you will lose weight

  8. Cholesterol kills! You do not gain any Hormonal precurser benifits from external cholesterol! Heart disease is the number 1 killer of man and don't listen to the egg industry who uses the same "Science" Establishments the Tobacco Industry used to support tobacco. Go check review of establish peer reviewed science at or the NutritionFacts youtube channel

  9. I am on the egg and cheese and diet soda only I feel like I got a hole in my stomach and feel like puking my guts out

  10. would you like evidence that this doctor and UCLA is lying? Want to raise your risk of dying early? Eat eggs. If you want the truth, Pubmed which is what doctors use, will show you: ​@t and @t I could list many more showing you that this video on Youtube is a lie, but if you like lies, than you will believe that eating eggs often is healthy. The egg industry will love you, and they produce many publications, and funded studies in order to deceive the public. Or see the many videos on eggs by Dr. Michael Greger M.D.

  11. Proof that UCLA gives unhealthy advice: Or go to Dr. Michael Greger's many videos, each one using actual double blind studies and from Medical Journals exposing the lie that eggs are good for you. However we do that hundreds of studies funded by the egg industry using methods of study that are purposely done to mislead will show other wise. Or go to Google, go to Pubmed and type in colorectal cancer and eggs, and see how dangerous eggs really are. UCLA, you should be ashamed of your leaving out the real evidence.

  12. Eggs are healthy .if you eat eggs your hair will not fall.You don't know anything and years later your gonna say about rice,fish, and all the healthy foods.

  13. It's been hard for me to lose even just a little for years , but I did the egg diet and lost 14 to 16 pounds 1 week and drunk plenty of water

  14. This doctor is highly inaccurate. Fortunately through the experience of others it is known that eating eggs is fine for diets like keto or carno. Please do not get discouraged from this video.

  15. Let me tell you something from my side.

    Consuming egg don’t seem to increase the risk of heart disease.

    Dietary cholesterol in an egg seems to increase LDL more when the diet is high in carbohydrate and low in fat.

    The yolk is mostly made of fatty acids, cholesterol, and fat-soluble nutrients.

    Egg yolks have many important nutrients like Vitamin A, D, K, E, Vitamin B5,6,9,12, thiamine,

    calcium, copper, manganese, iron, phosphorus, zinc, omega 3, Choline and leucine.

    Yolks also contain a high amount of carotenoids, mostly zeaxanthin and lutein, and these

    Dietary carotenoids are believed to provide health benefits in decreasing the risk of eye disease

    and certain cancers.

    Egg yolk may have less protein than the albumen but it has high a level of the essential

    amino acid known as leucine.

  16. This doctor is out of his mind, they want you to keep eating crap or else they get no business. They prefer you sick, half dead with diabetes and shit. Bye doc!

  17. He doesn't know what hes talking about. He said 4 egg whites = 24 grams of protein. Half the protein in an egg is in the yolk so 4 egg whites would only give you 12 grams.
    Also the yolks are the healthiest part and it's been proven you can eat a massive 36 eggs a day without it affecting your cholesterol so why throw the best bit away.

  18. If I eat eggs as a main source of protein and work out too, can I gain weight from it, I’m looking to gain weight

  19. Take off your shirt doctor and then try and convince me you know what you are talking about when it comes to diets.

  20. Anyone want the truth about eggs? Here it is, with multiple, double blind studies:

  21. I disagree. I have lost weight many times eating boiled eggs. 3 or 4 boiled eggs per meal and if I feel that I need a few carbs I’ll eat 1 tablespoon of oatmeal or a few bites of vegetables with the meal. As soon as I start doing that the fat just falls off.

  22. I really wish I had discover the “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) a long time ago. I lose 12 pounds in 3 weeks up to now. Needless to say I exercise more than once a week, and eat well. It showed amazing results for me. I absolutely endorse the item, hope it works as excellent for you simply because it really does for me. .

  23. I seriously could not wait to take the weight loss program “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). I actually was extremely energized. My pal lost 10 pounds just after this fat loss plan, I actually suggest you check out Google to uncover how. .

  24. Guys calm down he’s right yh u heard me right eggs are for muscle gain not weight loss if your looking for weight loss foods try avacado, salads , basically any type of greens and a ton of cardio!!

  25. If you're doing the egg diet, make sure you're still working out because most likely youre just losing muscle not actual fat.

  26. It worked for me I lost 8 lb doing 3 day egg fastand if we are healthy doctors will go out of business they don't want us to know everything

  27. This is the same guy that said the Paleo diet is unhealthy then went on to basically say you should eat a Paleo style diet. not eating processed carbs, grains, or dairy and focusing on whole foods smh.

  28. Apparently for years the amount of recommended protein was set at around 10%. The recommended goal posts have gone up now!…..But should we be eating more protein than 10%?? Well, according to the largest nutrition study ever undertaken by the scientist Colin T Campbell PHD, who wrote The China Study, the answer is caterogorically NO. Dr Campbell found that those who eat more than 10% animal protein are more likely to get cancer. Add milk to the equation then you definately increased your risk of getting cancer. Dr Campbell was quite astounded when he found this out, so much so, that he double checked his work, and also got other doctors to check it for him. In the end he had to accept the facts. Hence the China Study was published. I dont think the meat and dairy industry where very happy Dr Campbells findings. But he was right, the higher the protein levels, along with milk, cause cancer to grow in the body. It's worth buying a copy of The China Study… wont regret it and it could very well save your life! Eggs are high in saturated fat and this isn't good for you either. As John McDougall says (a very brilliant Doctor)….'the fat you consume is the fat you wear!'.

  29. When ever I eat egg my stomach started getting pain ok tell me the reason ok doctor and tell me about the medicine ok doctor

  30. I just tried the egg fast a couple of weeks ago… eating nothing but eggs, butter and a couple of pieces of cheddar cheese.. I did it for 4 days and I ended up losing 5 lbs… and it wasn't just water weight.. because I had been on keto 3 weeks prior to that and had already lost all the water weight I had to lose…. How healthy it is? No idea… but do you lose weight on it? Absolutely… and fast!!!!!

  31. A well balanced diet makes you fat.
    Doctors keep giving bad advice so that they can keep seeing/ operating on and prescribing medics to/ their unhealthy patients who are eating balanced diets loaded with carbs and sugars.

  32. wtf, this was the most basic analysis from a doctor. READ OR EXPLAIN SOME STUDIES DUMBFUCK, ALL THAT SHIT IS EASILY FOUND BY A GOOGLE SEARCH.

  33. Lol!!!Dr. I've lost 6 kg following 900cal egg diet of versatile vicky in 6days with 30 min walk of leslie sanson…egg does work guys

  34. You lose some protein not eating the yolk. 4 egg whites isn't giving you 24grams of protein if the whole egg has 6 grams of protein as you said.

  35. कोंबड्याला जे रोग आहे तेच रोग मनुष्याला अंडी सेवन केल्याने उद्भवतात.

  36. quakery. if you ate enough eggs so that you didn't eat more calories than you put out in a day, then you would lose weight. period.

  37. love how the people on here don't realize that losing a significant amount of pounds in a small bracket of time is not healthy and can have very negative affects on ur body.

  38. I did the egg fast for three days and lost 9 pounds.. two weeks later and haven’t gained then back.. currently on day two of the egg fast already down 3 pounds

  39. This egg diet he said about is true it will make you lose weight but after this egg diet it will be way MORE EASIER TO GAIN WEIGHT! You will gain the weight instantly so it is better to eat in moderation than stay unhealthy for a diet and then gain all the weight you lost back

  40. I have been eating eggs for breakfast and for dinner… I lost weight and I gained a little bit of muscle and my skin is amazing…

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