The Importance of Good Nutrition
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The Importance of Good Nutrition

December 26, 2019

[Warms up] Count me in! – 3, 2, 1, action! – Hi everybody, it’s Herbie! Welcome to a very special edition of IT, Inspirational
Therapy. Because today, we’re here with a world-renowned nutritionist, he has written a lot of articles, and won international awards, hello Françoise! – François. – Francewa? – François. – Franswaze. – François. – Francewozzz. – François. – François. – Hello Herbie. Thank you for having me on your show! – Alright. So I know we usually talk about the mind and
emotions, but today we’re going to be talking about… uh…how to treat the body. – Well, uh, actually Herbie, the mind and
the body are inseparable entities. For example, your beliefs, your thoughts,
your emotions, can effect your physical well-being. And the opposite is also true, of course. – How? – Well, the…the things which you put into
your body, can also impact your emotions and feelings. So, I like to think of food as fuel for the
body. For example if we take a diesel engine, and
we put petrol into it, then of course that would completely destroy the engine. And it’s exactly the same that’s why some good
nutrition is so important. [Coughs powder] [Motions to continue] …it’s
important those nutrients will provide vitamins and protein, and amino acids. – What kind of amino acids? – Well, there are essential and non-essential
amino acids. Ironically of course, the essential… [ choking] …the essential amino acids can’t… Are you alright? – Yeap. – Do you think he may need a glass of water? – No no! – OK, we’re still rolling so if you
guys want to take it again from the top that’s fine. Just keep… – Top! From the top – You’ve got a bit of um… [brushes himself
off] [warms up] – 3, 2, 1, action! – Hi everybody, it’s Herbie! Welcome to another edition of IT, Inspirational
Therapy. – OK, cut! – My ears are ringing and I can’t feel my
face! – Just hold on for a second, I’ll be right
back. Sorry.

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