‘The Kids Menu’: Documentary Filmmaker/Director Joe Cross Interview – Kids Nutrition

December 11, 2019

If I drove across country and I took my film crew and I went and, you know, interviewed a thousand people, and I asked them one question, you know, “Are fruits and vegetables good for you?” I’m not gonna find a single person who says no, everyone’s gonna say yes. The real problem isn’t about “the knowing” that fruits and vegetables are good for you, it’s about “the doing.” If you get kids out growing stuff, if they can get their hands dirty in the soil, they can play with worms. If they can plant seeds, if they can water a garden, they can see a plant grow. And if they can pull a carrot out of the soil and they can wash that carrot and they can chop that carrot up and they can taste it, they’re connected. So that’s a big part of the education. It all comes down to getting as many people to be involved in their community and I think that filmmaking is a great way to tell that story and to show that story. We are very proud of The Kids Menu because there are very few and far between that actually focus on kids and
focus on this next generation. And you know, what’s going on out there, I think, is a story that’s well worth telling. We see a lot of kids taking it back to the parents and instead of it coming from the top down in the family, we’re seeing a lot of kids who watch the movie make it sort of bottom up within the family and the kids are demanding this. So the mission and the job for
people like me, as filmmakers, is to get the stories out there and get that message far and wide of inspiration and just to show, just some basic things that you can do that can make a difference in your life. [♪ ♪] [clapping] [♪ ♪] [♪ ♪] G’day, my name’s Joe Cross and I’m the filmmaker behind the feature film, The Kids Menu and you can watch it here on Documentary Showcase.

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