The Science of Hyalogic’s Vitamin C+ Beauty Boost
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The Science of Hyalogic’s Vitamin C+ Beauty Boost

October 14, 2019

Hey guys, this is Darren from Hyalogic
located here in Kansas City Missouri. Another training video on one of our new
products that were excited to tell you about. Today we’re going to talk a little
bit more about our Vitamin C + Beauty Boost formula. It’s a powdered
Vitamin C formula that we’ve created. As you guys know that Vitamin C when you
put it into a liquid form or you add it to a skin serum or moisturizer,
it can oftentimes oxidize. It’ll turn brown. It’ll get kind of brown, just like
this bottle right here you can see that it turns out yellowish color and when
you smell it it has a really funny odoriferous smell. So Vitamin C is not real stable in a solution form. So we start thinking about it. We said we wonder if we
took Vitamin C in a powder form and allow people to mix it in the palm of
their own hand. Could we do that and provide the kind of benefits that people
are looking for? So we took a Vitamin C in a powder form mixed it into a little
bottle. We added Glutathione. You all know about Glutathione. It has
excellent antioxidant benefits. And then we added some Pro Vitamin B5 the
panthenol. It’s excellent for helping keep your skin healthy. So we took the
Vitamin C, the Pro Vitamin B5 to the Glutathione in a powder form. This is
what’s really interesting. We provide you with the little scoop. You reach in you
grab the scoop. Now sometimes people with Vitamin C might only want to use a half
of a scoop. Maybe they say my skin is a little bit more sensitive. And Vitamin C can provide a little bit of a sting to the skin or a little
irritation to the skin. So somebody might want to just use a half of a scoop.
Somebody might want to put two or three scoops maybe they love drenching their
skin with a lot of Vitamin C. So we got this nice little scoop. We take and we
put it in the palm of our hand, just like this and we’ve got the powder form which I’ll
bring it up close to you guys can see. We have the powder form right there in the
palm of the hand. A couple pumps of any of your favorite skin serums, I’m using
our pure HA Skin Serum at this point in time, and you mix it into the palm of your hand. See how I just blend it right in the white goes away. Now that you’ve
got a solution you can apply to your skin. So that’s the Vitamin C that we put together it’s a powdered form that allows you to be able
to mix in your own Vitamin C in the palm of your own hand daily. And people
are really loving this because it’s a unique concept. Now again you can use our skin serums with this Vitamin C. But if you’re in a store and you use your other
favorite skin serum, you’re more than welcome to do that because it’s very
compatible with all serums, lotions, and moisturizers. But we tend to think that it works really good with our Pure HA skin serum. Thanks for visiting today.
Have a great one.

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