The Shadow on How Obesity Became a Global Problem
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The Shadow on How Obesity Became a Global Problem

March 8, 2020

Obesity is a global problem
When I was young in UK there was not really any kind of problem with childhood obesity
Now there’s obesity everywhere, even with children
20% or 30% I think in the UK and probably even more in the US
This is a result of lifestyle – lifestyle changes which happened during the last 20
or 30 years People are exercising less, they’re more sedentary
The kids are not going outside, they’re playing video games and are on the phones all the
time So they’re not as physically active
When I was a kid, I was riding my bike everywhere or walking or something, so always active
So it’s a matter of correct nutrition that people need to be educated on and exercise
The human body is made to move, it’s made to exercise
It’s not supposed to be sitting still all the time
And it’s just a matter of health and keeping in shape
It doesn’t have to be extreme like Mr. Olympia competitive bodybuilding
But I think the human body needs some exercise and also there’s a lot of things we don’t
need Like huge amounts of sugar
We don’t need any sugar, it’s very destructive So it’s a lot to do with the diet that people
are eating Basically, I call it the American diet
When the American diet goes to a country around the world – even Japan now is getting obese
people Because of the food they”re eating
Before they didn’t eat at McDonald’s or Pepsi Cola full of sugar or something like that
So it’s really just a little bit of common sense that
You have to eat properly and do some exercise

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  1. You are true sir you are best sir your life story is like me sir no background only bodybuilding no support

  2. Waiting for your upcoming videos on training and nutrition Dorian… Notification Bell turned on 👍 love from India

  3. Sir but I want my body to Mr Olympia bodybuilding that one because iam in depression I have lost everything now only anger is there in my life to prove everyone they have to pay for these same situation like your when you was in childhood

  4. Sir if I come to Spain Marbella will you train me ThAT High intensity training certification I have to book slot of if come to Spain I can meet Dorian Yates directly

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