The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 7): Drugs Cigarettes Alcohol…and Sugar?
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The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 7): Drugs Cigarettes Alcohol…and Sugar?

March 9, 2020

[ Music ]>>Why should you care
if you’re not fat? Does that affect you? Damn right it does. Yes, you have to care. [ Music ] How does your sugar consumption,
how does your obesity affect me? Two hundred and seventy-four
million a year extra in jet fuel. Who cares? Discomfort on the subway,
because the fat person takes up two seats instead of one. Who cares? Sinking of boats
due to the weight. A ferry sank in Lake
George, no one cares. That ain’t it. So what is it? How about a $65 billion
reduction in productivity due to obesity? How about 50% increase in
absenteeism due to obesity? How about $147 billion
in health care costs due to the metabolic syndrome? How about three surgeons
general and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
have declared obesity a threat to national security
because people who try to join the armed forces are
turned away because of obesity? Does that affect you? Yes, your obesity affects me.>>Even if you’re not obese,
you are dramatically affected in every way by our society
having an epidemic of obesity. And it’s affecting
the economic balance. It’s almost like an energy
balance on an individual level that has gone to
a societal level that permeates both the
economic and environmental kind of medium that we all live in. And are affected by
on a daily basis.>>The one thing I do know is
that we cannot control behavior. We never have, and
we never will. There is physiology, there is
biochemistry underlying every single behavior. The question is how long do you
think you can exert a cognitive inhibition on a biochemical
drive that’s going 24/7, 365. Bottom line, we can’t
control behavior. We never could.>>When it comes down
to it, our hardwiring, our evolutionary biology
that determines our survival and our energy balance
it overrides our volition and our will in many cases. And obesity is a perfect example
of that because when people get in front of highly
palatable food environment, the brain sends the strongest
signals it has for us to quickly and impulsively eat that
highly palatable food. So, I think that part of
the solution is that we have to realize it’s not
up to the individual, it’s up to us as a society. And we absolutely need
food policy changes. The economics of food
determine how fat our cells are.>>The fact is we’ve had
numerous public health measures that have been imposed upon us,
initially to our great dismay, consternation and antagonism. And now not only do we
accept them as just part of daily life, but
we embrace them. Examples, fluoridation
of water for cavities. Childhood immunizations. These are all things
that were anathema when they were first brought up, and now they’re just
a fact of life. In fact, that’s what
public health is. Public health identifies
an exposure where mass behavioral change
is going to be required. A mass environmental alteration
is going to be needed in order to be able to accomplish it and
Institute’s it for the benefit of society, not the individual. But for society. When you have something
that’s toxic and abused at the same time; nicotine,
ethanol, cocaine, amphetamine, heroin, morphine, cannabis. That’s when regulation
has to kick in. And for sugar which does all
of these things it’s both toxic and abused, it’s unavoidable and it has negative
impact on society. For sugar, we have nothing.>>Sugar sweetened
beverages whether it’s soda or fruit juice that’s been
sweetened is absolutely the culprit and we know that
from study after study. They’re delicious and they’re
100% discretionary calories. Discretionary calories means
they’re extra calories. And right now no one
in America really has in their caloric budget
any discretionary space. None of us need the extra soda. So, working with industry
whether it’s banning soda from the schools, banning
soda from certain areas, or putting a tax on soda. Something does need to be
done to help wake up everyone to the fact that soda and
sugar sweetened beverages in general, are not useful.>>Which is more important,
the rights of the individual or the rights of society? And let me tell you people
say I am trying to scoff on the rights of the individual. Not at all, in fact I think I’m
actually trying to protect them. Here’s why because
currently in the store 80% of the food has been
laced with sugar. This limits consumer choice. In fact, you can’t go into a
poor neighborhood in America and get something
that’s not processed and that is laced with sugar. They don’t have availability. Now whose fault is that? Is that the fault
of the poor person? If you have no choice, how can
it be personal responsibility? I’m actually trying
to reverse that. People say I’m for
the nanny state. Far from it. I’m actually trying to
reverse the nanny state. Because the nanny
state is already here. We’ve already been told what
to eat by the food industry. And we’ve gone along with
it because it’s sweet.>>We just need to turn
the economics of food and agriculture upside down and completely reverse
the incentive systems so that we’re incentivizing
healthy food and sustainable farming and taxing the subsidized
food which is killing us. The corn everywhere, the
high fructose corn syrup.>>Public health officials
consider regulation when four criteria are met;
unavoidability, we’ve got that. Toxicity, I’ve explained that. Abuse, I’ve explained that. And finally, number four,
negative impact on society. What we in public health
call externalities. How does your sugar consumption
or your obesity affect me? All the criteria for
societal intervention are met. [ Music ]

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  1. But is is it really necessary to go from one extreme to the other? Why not take the middle road & eat healthy unorganic, which I think is way overpriced. If you check most of your low fat processed foods you will find they have more sugar & fillers anyway, thats not healthy. Eat simple basic foods, less processed foods & it is cheaper because it goes further & fills you up better. Whats wrong with full fat cheese?

  2. " we cannot control beahviour, we never have and we never will" this is simply untrue. Just because you have an urge (even a strong) urge to eat doesn't mean you have to give into it! Thats what willpower is for!

  3. actually the nanny state idea refers to when the government tells people what to do, not when the free market responds to demand by increasing the supply of unhealthy food.

  4. Nothing wrong with full-fat cheese, I love cheese. But what do you mean when referring to "simple basic foods & less processed foods"? For me that's fruit, vegetables, fish, meat & poultry. As I said, these are much more expensive than, say, cookies, french fries, crisps, pasta, cereal, chocolate, processed meat (i.e. nuggets) and of course fast food. We're used to healthy food being more expensive; we think of it as "the price one has to pay for being healthy" but It shouldn't be that way.

  5. That's the point… can you control it 24/7/365? On an individual basis some can; on a population basis, not so much so.

  6. I think you weren't paying full attention, and I also think you're resisting the idea of regulation for its own sake.

    Your cigarette example fails to take regulation in the forms of taxation and consumption restrictions. Those nasty pictures on cigarette packages in many countries as well as ad campaigns targeting smokers are regulations.

  7. I think we should just stop giving subsidies to the sugar peeps. That will impact price as well. I don't think the end user of the sugar needs a tax. Just stop giving them their subsidy!

  8. "The Nanny State is already here" so true. We are so blinded to believe that we have all these choices when in fact, when you look at the grocery store as one big picture you realize there is very little choice. I no longer shop in most of the store because I refuse to eat this processed junk anymore. I spend most of my time in the produce and natural foods section, pick up my dry goods, and breeze past everything else. Even the natural foods can be deceiving! Where is the choice? It's all crap.

  9. the government is not made up of simple people who don't know how to fix the obesity crisis because even lay people can see what the solutions are. the truth is there are forces in the government who want to practice a sort of population control by poisoning people to death with bad foods and drugs. these people make big money by creating human misery whether it is ill health or war or crimes and drugs.

  10. Regulation always hurts those targeted for help.

    Price controls makes goods scarce, minimum wage makes low-paid employees into welfare recipients, farm subsidies make unhealthy foods cheaper and more widely consumed, public health benefits cause medical care prices to rise, and causes people to take less personal responsibility for their health… etc.

    We don't need MORE regulation to fix the massive problems created by the first layer of regulation, we need to UNWIND existing regulation.

  11. The problem with the idea of government intervention to discourage consumption is that a government that regulates food will regulate it based on political reasons and not scientific reasons. The "low-fat" diet nonsense originated with the government. A government that regulates food at all will make mistakes and regulate against healthy foods at the behest of major corporations – just ask the raw milk providers!

    So far government intervention in nutrition has been BAD. And they want MORE?

  12. depends what strength you are talking. high levels of thc in cannabis changes brain neurology reducing rationality and in some cases neurosis.

  13. There is another way of affecting others – communication. A sick/addicted mind does not communicate in the same way. That's how things like co-dependence are born. A healthy person constantly surrounded by obese people will eventually start to think and behave in a different way. I can think of things like the loss/reduction of effort, will power etc. That will eventually cause people who are more stupid and also more scared to do stuff.

  14. There should be a choice of cheap and healthy food… McD is just a drug.
    One can of soda has the equivalent of 8 tsp of sugar. Most people I know have coffee with 0-2 tsp of sugar. Even 1 soda a day seems dangerous in comparison. What about those people who buy these huge bottles?

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  17. I agree that something needs to be done on the societal scale, but I don't think the best solution is to add taxes on "bad foods". As was pointed out in the video, the "nanny state" is what put us in this situation to begin with, by forcing low fat on everyone. Now do we expect to fix our problem by adding more nanny state? We've already demonstrated that won't work.

    Don't take measures to prevent "bad" choices by taxing/banning bad food. Increase choice by increasing availability of good food.

  18. This topic is very complex. For me, it's a personal choice that I have made to be healthy. Not just my body, but my mind and spirit too. I seek out to educate my self on many matters and I don't need the government's assistance in that. Health and wellness should start in the home via the parent(s). You ARE what you learn and you ARE what you think. You have a choice, if something is not serving you, change your mind, change your life! It IS that simple. Best wishes to all.

  19. True… however most druggies I know are either at healthy weight or underweight. :/ There is something in the drug that causes the body to burn off or rid the excess amount of calories and such. How else would they be underweight or normal weight while taking the drug? O-o

  20. By your logic we ought to take off the policies that prevents tobacco & alcohol companies from putting up ads during children cartoon shows/programs & let them have a free for all. I despise government butting into my home too. However, signing up a policy which makes fruits & vegetables cheaper, signing policies which limits the production of over-processed foods that are basically poisoning the people & eliminating junk food ads aiming directly to kids … I'm all for that & support.

  21. Seriously… read that Obama signed up policies protecting that shit head corporation. It's like giving asylum and protection to a serial killer sociopath and allowing him to continue on killing innocent lives. :/

  22. That is why I believe there ought to be policies which lowers the cost of fruits and vegetables. However that won't happen till people buy more fruits and vegetables… thus causing the farmers to stop over producing corn and other produces which are used in making the processed foods that make people fat. All in all, money speaks louder than any word or protest. Vote with the wallet… buy only healthy foods.

  23. Ahh… very well stated. I wasn't too sure what people meant by being against government intervention but you cleared it out very well. Thank you. I was hoping people will vote with their wallets and buy more healthy foods, which will get corporation & government attention. They will see that they will not be making enough profit by selling junk & poison to people. The corporation will be forced to work with the government to make a plan that will increase production on fruits & vegetables. 🙂

  24. Policy is an opinion at the barrel of a gun. Comply or be shot or thrown in jail. Force is evil. Whether it's for healthy and wellness, or for the kids, it's still wrong.

  25. Unlink healthcare from employment so that people incur a monetary cost proportional to their unhealthy life habits. Then people will live healthier because they don't want to pay the cost. That is a small government libertarian solution to the obesity problem.

  26. Force is evil? Including the law that forces other drivers to stop at red lights at the intersection when you come driving along on a green light? Force regulates society for the benefit of all.

  27. The initiation of force is evil. To respond to the initiation of force, with force, is the only time it is acceptable.

  28. For me it is about education. Not willpower. If I am fat and I know what causes obesity I will avoid that cause and do what it takes to avoid obesity. I can't afford to be fat. The doctor bills are too high.

  29. And yet despite this law, people run red lights! The law doesn't control people, reality does. People avoid running red lights because of the risks, not because of the law. The only thing the law does it provide a pathway to punishing those who do not obey.

  30. Telling people to cut back on sugar is like telling a cocain addict to snort less. People indeed aren't getting smarter. You must SEE sugar as a poison. Because that is what it is. Fruit is GREAT for you. Eat as much as you want. Sugar messes with your mind just like cocaine or meth. Unless we stop eating for pleasure, and start repsecting our bodies, the curse will continue. Those who respect their body will stop cold turkey. I finally did. You can too. I love natural food.

  31. Marijuana has been proven to be extremely NON TOXIC! Many healthy people take hemp seeds and hemp oil supplements for their health. Even smoking it has been proven to be NON TOXIC. and Drug prohibition doesnt work. No legislation works. I would expect more from someone as smart and daring as Dr. Lustig.

  32. Growing up we only had soda on holidays and in very limited quantities. My mother uses soda as a laxative because all the sugar in a can of coke causes diarrhea! I grew up thinking soda was used when sick as a purgative. If we were puking we got flat seven up. LOL. Now people drink so much soda my guts would explode if I drank soda every day..

  33. You're spot on the science here, but should stay out of prescribing a political solution. Politics is mainly a matter of opinion and you weaken your central message.

  34. Excellent series. I'm grateful, and am glad to have it all explained. More and more (thankfully) I'm hearing that sugar's bad for you (in excess). Again, it's nice to have it all explained so simpletons like myself can get it 😀

  35. I used to be overweight. It took a drastic change in lifestyle especially the way I eat.  Begun running 3 to 5 kilometers and now I run Marathon.  I no longer eat fastfood, drink sodas or beer, no pork, no or minimal sugar when my body only requires it especially after a long run.

  36. I think everything is ass backwards. Food that's good for you is expensive and not readily available in some areas, especially low income areas, but yet the food that is killing us is available everywhere, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. I try not to get caught up in conspiracy theories, but damn! I really think they are trying to kill us.

  37. I was kind of impressed with the series until the last couple of episodes.    I should have known it would end with "It's not your fault you make crappy choices, let us make those choices for you."

  38. Do we really embrace fluoridation of water and childhood immunization? Really?? I guess that doctor is no reliable source at all..

  39. I come back to watch the videos sometimes to remind myself why I need to stay away from sugar and processed food.

    After watching Dr. Lustig's "Sugar: the Bitter Truth" video in January, I have quit sugar for 6 months. It feels great. I've lost 10 pounds of the unnecessary fat. I feel more alert.

  40. Dr. Lustig, You are right about all of this! I see it too. The nanny state IS here and these food companies are puppet mastering the people! The real individual right here is the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.We need to ask ourselves is all this stress ,fast food ,sugar and obesity any of those things? The food companies,banks, and corporations have grown so big around us and have taken almost all if it away! THEY are the ones who are infringing people's rights and worse! NOT you ! You are giving people the mental "tools" that they need to protect not only their rights but their lives!You are doing a great job in teaching the truth about sugar! I LOVE YA!

  41. I wonder if anyone has considered that maybe the modern American diet has been purposely engineered to insure that fewer people live to the age of retirement and thus will not be around to draw social security? Why else would the government be bending over backwards to service the food industry instead of doing what's best for the consumer? It's just been in the last 30 years or so that almost all the food in the grocery store has sugar or HFCS in it. It is just like using rat poison to solve your pest problem but at least the rats get the benefit of a relatively short death compared to the hideous slow walk to death brought on by metabolic syndrome.

  42. Could not believe he actually used fluoride and immunizations to try and justify imposing the government's will on the people. Completely torpedoed his argument as far as I'm concerned.

  43. Lustig is a bad, bad man. He's the dual threat QB for the food industries. And he delivers. He's a hall of famer. Period.

  44. Wake up folks, it all boils down to what choices you make.  When you make the wrong choices, you are responsible for the consequence and outcome.  Think for yourself, educate yourself with the truth.  If you don't like what is offered in the store, grow your own and cook your own.  It's all about $$ for the big corporations that control the food supply in stores.

  45. And you blaming fat people, because of your fearful arrogance, affects me. Just another distraction to divide us all . Who do you work for; the Divide States of America? "Fat people are terrorists"? Right, if you say so. But, as you admit, the real rant here is to make people fearful that someone, anyone, is costing them money…fat, Mexican, black, Brown, Jewish, Iraqi, Iranian, poor, musicians, car poolers, Uber, Canadians, elderly, crippled, blind, union workers, scientists, musicians, teachers, Etcetera.

  46. It is not the people that are obese is fault rather a failing on American education, like the medical board or in America FDA and ADA they do not teach doctors health nutrition nor do they teach it in schools. That leaves a big question mark. Why?

  47. Still blaming the victims. Most people have no idea what sugar is doing to them. None. And their addiction causes them to cling to it even more. Also, no mention of gluten and genetically altered grains in our diet and how they are pushed beyond reason. Also, no mention of the harm that doctors do with their heads in the sand, refusing to look at the research and cow towing to agencies like the American Diabetic Ass. Which is killing people as we speak with their recommendations and their recipies in their magazines. Anything over thirty carbs a day can trigger my addiction, yet they recommend over 110 a day.

  48. The only thing that has ever significantly impacted the number of smokers in this county has been price. All those do-gooder health campaigns did not do a lick of good as long as there were cheap cigarettes. As long as there are cheap sugary foods in this country we will have an obesity problem. Bottom line.

  49. Goverments ban drugs because are "Bad for you", meanwhile alcohol, tabacco, junk food, sugar kills more people than any drug will ever kill.

  50. Teachers, doctors need education on nutrition. Corporations politicians, judges need life terms in prison with their poison foods they promoted by law, media and lies. They poisoned us😱‼️

  51. In South Africa, a sugar tax on soda has been instituted were for every gram of sugar you will pay 2.3 cent more. This is making sugar laden soda more expensive than its diet/sugar free counterpart. I think this is a step in the right direction to making people aware of the amount of sugar we’re putting into our bodies.

  52. So the recent drug problem in USA is properly prohibited by the criminalization of drugs? Meanwhile portugal is celebrating huge successes in their populations drug abuse, by decriminalizing drug use and possession and instead suggesting help and therapy and informing about risks and problemsbof the drug use. Prohibition has never worked, education is the solution.

  53. I think there should be laws about how much sugar is allowed to be in food, the companies would have to put less sugar in our food. Easy

  54. nice to know that it's perfectly normal for a slice of greasy, cheesy thick crust pizza to make my mouth water. Thought there was somethin' wrong with me, for a minute.

  55. Lo mismo ocurre en Chile varias décadas atrás no existía Obesidad en nuestro país.La comida Chatarra es barata y esta al alcance de toso acompañado de una educación precaria falta de practicas de deporte se ha convertido en un circulo vicioso que mata miles d personas en todo el mundo Lamentable

  56. i told my brother, an alcoholic that i had the same problem he had but with food that was 10 years ago, he said it was NOT the same….I feel vindicated

  57. Maybe the least we should do is label all the sugary products especially the Sodas, like you labeled cigarettes for example

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