The Truth About My French Diet…
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The Truth About My French Diet…

August 31, 2019

My diet is simple. Bread and wine. NOOO! That is a f***ing cliché, okay. Hey guys, salut it’s Alex. Today, I’m gonna reveal the ugly truth about my personal diet. and…uh… spoiler alert. There’s no frogs, there’s no snails. So just get a grip. It’s gonna be fine. So, in previous episodes from the tartines series uh… I just quickly mentioned my diet and I just felt like you would be slightly interested into knowing more about it. Slightly. So, all along this episode I’m gonna use pictures from my Instagram… and from my Facebook ’cause those are foods I eat everyday. And if you want to stay tune you better subscribe to one of those. You can’t be a subscriber of the Facebook page AND the Instagram account. Doesn’t work. You would break the internet. Viewers discretion is advised So, I am no nutritionist and my diet is not perfect at all. So, please keep that in mind ’cause I get really pissed off when I see sometimes chefs online talking as if they were nutritionists. Just because they are lean, and…and… also nicely photoshopped on their Instagram doesn’t mean it’s only because of THEIR diets. I mean there are SO many factors in the game. Like DNA, environment, culture so many stuff that you don’t know about. So, it’s not only about the diet. Right? Good. I do follow an omnivore diet. Which means I can eat almost anything. However, It doesn’t mean I eat everything in equal proportions. That being said. Let’s eat our way through a typical work day. eight-ish, at the studio uh…in the morning I usually don’t have anything before that. and…uh… from very often to quite occasionally this is what I get early in the morning Cereal bars, wheat, oats, rice, nuts bar. I’m trying not to eat too much of one kind. Especially wheat which is everywhere and I tend to diversify the things I eat in the morning. The second would be fruits. I mean I’m a big fan of fruits. I find them very…uh convenient and also full of energy. So, bread, butter and jam. Uh… this is very occasional for the week I mean it’s more likely to happen on the weekend with the family. Four croissant. I never get enough croissant. Let me tell you the reason why. It’s not because…uh It’s fat, or there is so much butter in it which is absolutely true. No. It’s more like the bakery next door just sucks. I CANNOT possibly have a bad croissant in the morning. It’s like betraying someone, for me. I mean this is serious stuff for us. No? Liquid-wise, in the morning is always the same. Starts with lots of water, but then it’s immediately Tea, tea, tea, tea like black tea, green tea, whatever tea Sometimes. Sometimes…uh, coffee. If the night was really rough. But, other than that, tea. and I like to have mine with…uh No sugar, and no milk. ” ‘Cause if it doesn’t go in my glass of wine.. it doesn’t go in my cup of tea”. It’s simple. I eat between midday and two pm. and it lasts about…uh thirty minutes like-so. And no. I don’t work while I eat. It’s very important. I mean, from time to time I do take a snapshot. You know from… Anyway, for me it’s sacred time. Noodles. I know it sounds stupid, but this is one of my go to. Rice noodles, wheat noodles, buckwheat noodles, egg noodles whatever noodles. I need something sturdy to keep me up all afternoon and this is the most convenient. Bread. Of course, as an alternative to noodles A big chunk. Mostly under the form of a sandwich. I love that because it’s mobile and I can have it on the go. And also bread here is cheap and high quality. Vegetables. There has to be at least one vegetable in my lunch Or, more likely two or three in fact. Go to would be celery, bell peppers, fennel, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini Of course there are many more I like, but they have to be edible raw or they have to cook super quickly. Otherwise it’s just a nightmare. Mushrooms. This one is a classic for me I love the energy and the lightness it’s providing me with. Cured meats. If I get any meat in my lunch that would probably be ham. Cured ham or chorizo All those kinds of stuff. Preseved fish. If I get fish for lunch then that would probably be sardines or mackerels. Those fish in cans are very convenient, cheap, and full of flavors. Eggs. I’m a really big fan of eggs, but I just have them more on weekends like the…the Saturday lunch omelette is a classic for me. So, liquid-wise for lunch is always the same. Water. Juices. Mmhnn, not so much. Sodas, not so much either. and beer, wine no way. I’m just gonna snore all the afternoon afterwards. Dessert Even though desserts are a very French thing to do at the end of a meal. I can’t say I’m a big fan of sweet stuff so usually when I want to have a sweet thing at the end of a meal. I would just wait for about thirty minutes, one hour so I guess it goes more into the snack sections. Snacks So, it can happen in the late morning, but it’s more likely to strike me like around four pm. Fruits. My number one snack. It’s weird ’cause I have this certainty in my head somewhere that I can eat as many fruits as I want in a day, it will always be good for me I know it might be wrong, but I do believe in that. Nuts? Nuts. Walnuts, definitely my favorite. Followed closely by hazelnuts and almonds. Which are good too. Ah! Chocolate! So, I guess… oh my… so I guess I’m very lucky ’cause I don’t have a sweet tooth. However, chocolate doesn’t abide by this law. I mean, I love chocolate and it’s hardly the only dessert I would ever consider. Like… it’s just sickness! So, liquid-wise it’s always the same. The afternoon is just… tea, tea, tea, tea. I’m being obsessive with that. I guess it’s just, you know, a nice ritual. Just something to get me going throughout the afternoon. Pre-dinner or aperitif So, it doesn’t happen everyday. I mean, more likely two maybe three time a week. Uh… but it’s some kind of an institution at my place. I keep it very simple. Like olive oil and salt on a plate. Maybe a few olives, a touch of feta cheese, but definitely everything in small proportions. And keep in mind that the more there is at apéritif or pre-dinner. The less there will be at dinner afterwards. The liquid is the centerpiece of the pre-dinner or the apéritif. I can have a beer, like a good IPA or maybe a dry stout. I love those. But, I’m more likely to have a glass of wine. Like, if it’s white wine that would be you know, some flavorful sauvignon, chardonnay, some good stuff. Or, if it’s red wine. I like wine with body. And, that probably is my favorite meal of the day. I mean, it’s so chill. Like, you’re at home, everything is going to be okay. Relax. It’s just fine. Dinner is always a bit more comforting than lunch. not especially about calories, but more like about properly cooked stuff. Like simmered, sizzled, seared, et caramalized, roasted. Like, get involved! Do something! If there is someone else in the room or in your apartment. You have eat together. The table is highly communal. Like… I’m not sure if this is an English word, but the table still is highly communal. Vegetables. Stop thinking about stupid greens. I’m talking about caramelized, soy, and sesame eggplants. Steamed leaks with a tangy dressing. Charred bell peppers with crispy chickpeas Most of the time the oven is your best friend for this…uh dinner. ‘Cause you just drop everything in a roasting tray add a bit of oil, add a bit of seasoning. Like use, for example spices or dried herbs. Whack it in the oven. Thank you, see you later! I’m not a big fan of this one, but still carbs. Rice, pasta, beans, Again, don’t think about bland food. Just think about spices, fresh herbs, seasoning, colors. Meats and fish. I mean, is fish some kind of meat? In that case that would be saying the same word twice I mean, I’m sorry. This is suppose to be just a title, but What do you think? Let me know in the comments Okay. Back to it. I would say that on weekdays I have less meats or fish for dinner than for lunch. Which considering how much…uh fish or meat I have for lunch. Doesn’t make so much for dinner. You get it? However, a nicely roasted, you know, caramelized, sticky, crispy chicken from time to time is a good meal. So, guys that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this…uh video about my diet. And that you did learn something about it. That maybe can help you in some ways. I have to admit that it’s not very sexy. Or you know, not revolutionary. I mean, I don’t have like for example two pounds of roast salmons in the morning. And then I switch to juices, and then I fast for six minutes. And then I drink two liters of melted snow. No, it’s nothing like this. It’s just… everything in small proportions… and just a bit more of vegs and fruits Anyway, I hope you liked it and if you did give it a like, thumbs up. and shoutout to all your social medias, spread it like butter. You know that it maybe lean butter this time, ’cause it’s about diets. But, other than that you should definitely subscribe to my channel ’cause I make new videos on Sunday. And, Wednesday it’s mostly about getting the posh out of French food. But, also you know…uh trying to share some interesting vibes about the food, like for example I made a challenge where I took… uh ten dollars And I went to the market, and cooked a six courses menu with it. Or, maybe you can have a look at my…uh latest vlogging series I made while I was in New York. And, it’s also interesting to see that my diet is completely different whenever I travel or whenever I am on weekends. Anyway, take care guys. Buh-bye. Salut.

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  1. I´ll have to disagree on the no sweetner rule in tea. While true in almost every case, when your throath is alittle sratchy or you generally feel strain on your vocal chords a nice herbal tea with good Bio Honey is hard to contest.

  2. The secret I believe is not to rush your eating. You have pizza and go YAY I am eating pizza! Then while you are eating pizza think to yourself …. This is good pizza!

  3. There is a truth into your thought about eating as much fruit will be good for you because they are full of nutrition and though they may be full of calories they will give you energy so more likely to burn it and also keep you fuller for longer because of the fiber thus causing you to eat less other food over all.

  4. Really enjoying all your videos-you're really funny! I've watched all your sourdough videos and have made some really great bread! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Tea is a major drink for you, in the summertime you should think about making a batch of sun-tea.
    I recommend a blend of: oolong for the base, with a little bit of darjeeling.
    the morning cups I like are: from the producer "bigelow" try the orange "constant comment", with a "raspberry royal". (i am not endorsed or paid by bigelow tea company)

  6. If It Doesn't Go In His Glass Of Wine, It Doesn't Go In His Cup Of Tea.
    So You Mean To Tell Us We Are Drinking Wine Wrong, And In Fact, Should Be Pouring Water And Tea In Our Wine? This Is Wrong! #AnythingCanGoInWine

  7. Hi, Jorge from Costa Rica here, in liquids you should include cucumber water, half cucumber sliced 1l of water cool 30 min and go and it is almost like a super liquid for your body

  8. "cannot have a bad crossaint (in the morning) … it's like betraying someone" i SOO feel you m8. Nothing beats a good fluffy crossaint 😉

  9. Weekdays:
    – Skip breakfast.
    – Lunch at 11:00 consists of mainly vegetables, good fats like olive oil and avocado and some protein source like salmon, chicken, beef.
    – Small meal at 15:00, nuts, fruit, seeds, cottage cheese, oats etc. Usually a homemade bar or thrown together in a bowl.
    – Walk home from work (1h 15 min) or work out for an hour at the gym and take the bus, another piece of homemade nut/fruit/oat bar.
    – Dinner consisting of similar things as lunch, only more.
    3-4 cups of coffee through out the day, lots of water with each meal and through out the day.

    – Do whatever, on Saturday morning I have moderation in mind, on Sunday evening I feel bad because I ate and drank my weight in pure sugar and alcohol.

    …It kind of sucks, I know I could probably have a decent body and look better than I do but currently my weekday discipline and diet offsets the weekend and I just maintain. I havn't progressed in my training or body composition for years. I weigh the same, look the same and lift the same weights. But whatever, giving up my weekend freedom would suck too 😛

  10. So, basically, you eat like an average American twenty-something, and just to clarify, noodles are carbs, no? Love your channel!

  11. Theres a bit of weirdness surrounding the word "meat."

    Animal flesh is frequently broken up into three categories, which you'll usually see in cookbooks:

    Meat – usually beef and pork, but other mammals would fall into this categories too.
    Poultry – chicken, duck, and other birds
    Fish or seafood

    My guess is that they are grouped this way due to similar preparations, and you could probably substitute more easily within each category.

    BUT all edible animal flesh is considered meat, and the word can also be used to describe fleshy plant matter, like shelled nuts.

  12. I've been to France three times in Paris three times the place where they genuinely hate Americans they will pretend that they don't speak English if you're American. I had people running up to me on the street who heard me speaking English and grab my arms do you speak English are you from America because we were treated horribly yet our money spent fine. The point of this is I spent plenty of time in France and saw plenty of obese people so I don't get where all French people are thin. Elizabeth MD Ph.D food and nutrition science

  13. I love love love fruit! I will by too much and make the rest into homemade jam with raw unfiltered honey and I roast it in the oven. When I went to a cafe for breakfast even in Morocco because France had their ass there until 1959. I always had the traditional breakfast on the menu the number one just give me the breakfast which was the coffee orange juice or Petit pain and that was it. If you were in Morocco and wanted a Moroccan breakfast you asked for a Moroccan breakfast and people in Morocco can't afford all of oil to use at home there olive oil is very dark green and tastes like the most beautiful black olives in the world I could afford to have it at home nobody else I knew could but this is what you get in Morocco for a Moroccan breakfast. Two pieces of toasted baguette with a little bit of butter in a little glass pot a little bit of marmalade or Jam and a little bit of cheese you chose what you wanted you also got a little part of divine olive oil and a handful of black olives along with coffee or tea and orange juice. I used to dunk my toasted bread into the olive oil I couldn't have given a shit about the cheese or anything else. That's a traditional Moroccan breakfast or you get the number one's cafes breakfast that most people order which is the croissant coffee orange juice or Petit pain. Now mr. French guy you will know what I mean when I say Petit pain and I am not saying little bread. That's not what it is. In Morocco everything is communal and I don't know how or why the US gave that up but we lost a great deal when we gave that up for the suburbs.

  14. Yes with fish you would eating the Flesh of the animal just as he was eating the Flesh of a steer. Flesh is flesh meat is meat what you eat from a fish is the fish meat.

  15. Meat is a part of an animal that we eat. So, fish is a type of meat. However, pescetarians consider them to be different, since they eat fish and no other animal. Also, when I was in Mexico with a vegetarian friend, the restaurant brought her tuna fish and couldn't understand why she couldn't eat it. We had a hard time with translation/cultural definitions. We ended up saying in Spanish, "anything that has eyes, she cannot eat." Ha! They understood and this gave us an interesting dinner topic!

  16. Michael Pollan says everything he's learned about food and health can be summed up in seven words: "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants." … "Eat food" means to eat real food — vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and, yes, fish and meat — and to avoid what Pollan calls "edible food-like substances."

  17. Hey, you're incredible, but you have to stop leaving space before exclamation marks, it's really hurting me as an editor :))

  18. What family? Because if you're married, I'm in at least two food groups on FB where a lot of women (and some men) will be very disappointed. 😛 Seriously… I share a video… half the comments are about you, not the food. 😛 (Although, words like 'yum' and 'dish' still get used.)

  19. yes food should be sacred time! We should be in the moment when we enjoy food and be cognisant of what we are eating. That brings more awareness to your body, reduces over eating because your in the moment and actually aware of the chewing and the feeling of filling up. I like to close my eyes (at least for a moment, not the entire meal) and just let that feeling of wellness wash over and roll the taste around!

  20. Proteins are what I call all meats, including fish. Proteins, carbs, vegetables, fruits, nuts. You can catagorize roughly just about any foods with that.

  21. I have been eating this way for a little while (minus the meats), and my body feels so better than the typical American diet.

  22. Hi Alex! May I ask you how you manage to stay lean while eating those beautiful things? Do you practise sports or workout in general or just eat in very controlled proportions? It has to do a lot with genetics, maybe you have a very fast metabolism just because of that, but I'm always interested!

  23. i think fish is meat but its still different from pork or kow. but its all meat ;P live your videos! i have learned so much!

  24. 4:40 yeah mushrooms are providing you with energy xDDDD. Mushrooms do literally give you nothing. Its really like eating nothing.

  25. Consider cutting the grains, veggie oils & most fruits if you think you're fat. (you're not presently)

  26. viande et poisson – les mêmes choses en anglais – meat and fish. Two different things, thankfully! je deteste le poisson.

  27. Why not call the channel "Alex FrenchGuyCooking"? I was surprised when I searched "french guy cooking" on youtube, and I saw the a channel called "Alex", even though I knew that's your name. After seeing your face in the thumbnail of the video below the channel listing, in the search results page, I realized the channel was renamed.

  28. Key point : cooking from scratch, using quality ingredients. Barely saw any processed food except the breakfast bars.

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