December 7, 2019

What’s up, everyone? I’m Meech from Rackboyz Fitness and I want
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So if you are not already subscribed I encourage you to do so now this way you can receive
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and often overlooked. There are vitamins that many of us are lacking in our body and one
of those vitamins is Vitamin D. Many of us don’t understand how important
Vitamin D is to our overall health and wellness. Did you know that low vitamin D levels can
lead to symptoms such as insomnia, poor energy, a compromised immune system, bad moods and
even depression? Do you feel overly sluggish or sleep a lot?
You may be vitamin D deficient and don’t even know it…The best source of vitamin D believe
it or not, is from the sun. Your body absorbs vitamin D from sunlight. Some of the benefits
are: Bone health, heart and brain function, increased immune system, and it is said to
help protect against some forms of cancer and even help with asthma. It’s recommended
that we get 15 to 30 minutes of sunlight per day without sunblock. You don’t have to be
out when the sun is at its peak or when it’s blazing hot in the summer time. The object
is not to sun tan or cook yourselves but to soak up enough rays to give you the proper
amount of vitamin D. Consider using this to your advantage, by going for a walk or just
standing outside and enjoying some fresh air. You could kill two birds with one stone..well
let’s not be violent and kill any birds (lol) it’s just a figure of speech (lol) By simply
going for a walk you get the benefits of both exercise and boosting your vitamin D levels
which will help increase your overall health, appearance, and mood. Doesn’t that sound super
easy? You can, of course, get your vitamin D in the form of a pill if getting outside
regularly is not always an option. However, it is suggested that you make efforts to get
daily doses of sunlight. For the pill form recommended daily doses are between 600 – 4000iu
IU which means international units, which are measurements to calculate recommended
intakes, deficiencies, and toxicities for healthy people. Recommendations vary based
on age and gender so I would do some research and also consult with a doctor before taking
vitamin D pills. Vitamin D deficiency is said to be linked
to autism in kids and it is believed to support verbal communication in developing babies
so pregnant mothers may want to research the importance of adding it to their daily regimen.
its also said to lower the risk of dementia as we get older so it is super important to
keep those levels up. Another thing to take note of is people who
have darker skin pigment may need up to ten times more exposure to the sun than people
with pale skin being that darker skin acts as a natural sunblock. You know some of us
black people be like I’m black enough already I don’t need to be in the sun getting any
blacker. (lol ) Well, the blacker you are the more sun you’ll need.
If you get very deficient you may even need a blood transfusion due to severe anemia.
I’ve included a link to several different vitamin D supplements on amazon in the description.
I have to stress to you that I do not endorse any brand or company that I am providing the
links to. I am simply providing you with some options that I personally trust so please
feel free to purchase any brand you choose. Again, I encourage you to consult with a doctor
and do your own research to thoroughly educate yourself on anything you’re considering to
put in your body. Thanks for tuning into the Fitness Radar,
until next time stay focused stay fit, please hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe.
I’m Meech I’m outa here, salute.

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