Tips for Staying Keto this Halloween – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

October 8, 2019

Halloween brings forward a very
interesting issue for a lot of people who do ketogenic lifestyle because we
want to enjoy seeing our children running around having fun collecting
candy and the excitement of the costumes but at the same time having all that
candy in the house is probably not a good idea
hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet I’m Violet I’m
a psychologist and the reason I make these videos is to help everyone to
understand that your mental health and physical health come together to create
an overall sense of well-being if you find these kind of videos helpful please
consider subscribing it really depends on where you are in your ketogenic
lifestyle whether or not Halloween is going to be a struggle for you or not
for those of us who have gotten well past our cravings and are able to walk
through a grocery store see the pile of candies see the aisle of
cereal see the aisles and aisles and aisles of foods that call us to eat them
if you don’t get that call chances are you’re gonna have an easier time with
Halloween it doesn’t mean it’s going to be completely easy but it’ll be easier
but what about the rest of us what about those of us who are still having
cravings what about those of us who are at the beginning of their journey I have
a I have a few tips to help you to get through Halloween I hope easier and
stick to your new healthy lifestyle by sticking to your new healthy lifestyle
that means that you have the best chance of being healthy long-term I also want
to point out that just because you don’t have physical cravings doesn’t mean that
there aren’t going to be emotional cravings that happen especially during
Halloween we’ve grown up with this season where it reminds us of all the
fun we used to have going out part of the fun was eating the candy so just
keep in mind that even if the physical cravings aren’t there the emotional
psychological cravings could come in so these tips that I’m going to give you
our aimed at helping to manage both of those things in order to address the
cravings that can come along with the upcoming candy festival that we have in
front of us I want us to think about where we are in our journey those of us
who are at the beginning of our journey so
we still have cravings every once in a while and possibly we’ve been doing this
for a while and we’re still having cravings and that’s actually what I want
to address right now if you’ve been doing keto for let’s say more than four
weeks and you’re still having physical cravings so you still feel like you’re
getting pulled towards sugary foods pulled towards carbee foods one of two
things is likely happening possibility one is even though you might not be
eating cookies cakes candy ice cream that kind of stuff you might still be
allowing yourself to eat rice and pasta and potatoes every few days I really
highly recommend that people try to like focus on eating healthy foods and try to
let themselves get past this point where they keep reintroducing hi carpets
because if every four days I eat a slice of bread and I get that huge hit of
carbs in one sitting and if I have one slice chances are I’m having to come
probably having some kind of sandwich so if I allow myself to get that huge hit
of 30 grams of carbs which is my full day’s amount in one serving what’s
actually happening is that with I might be kicking myself how to ketosis now why
this is problematic is when I’m trying to get adapted when I’m trying to get my
body used to using fats for fuels actually allowing carbs back in
especially large amounts of carbs like that will create the situation where my
body can’t get adapted because my body is actually wanting those carbs right
because again don’t forget that there’s an addictive part of this there is a
craving part of this so we’re trying to get past those physiological feelings
that you’re having that’s saying eat it eat it eat it is actually addictive
behavior so let’s not reintroduce the carbohydrates every few days causing us
to be stuck in the cycle because that’s going to make you feel like it’s not
working in actuality it isn’t working because you keep reintroducing
carbohydrates so that’s the first idea the second though part of this would be
I might be very good so I’m not eating bread I’m not eating rice or potatoes or
any of those high carb foods however I might not be weighing my food which
would mean that there’s a possibility that without realizing it I’m just over
eating carbohydrates on the Foos that I am allowed to eat I’m less worried about
the above the ground vegetables cuz those it’s really hard to overeat in 1
day 20 grams of carbs for above the ground vegetables unless you’re eating
things like I can’t even think of one like it’s really hard to overeat but you
might be having some other vegetables that are adding to your carbs so onions
are a big one here a lot of people don’t realize how much carbs are in onions as
well as bell peppers and others so again part of the reason that I ask people to
weigh their food is so that you can actually be sure that you’re eating the
right number of carbs for yourself so once you figure out how much it’s
supposed to be then making sure that you’re keeping yourself so at the
beginning we’re trying to go under 20 and then once you see that you’ve gotten
the results you want it to get then you can figure out if you need to keep it
under 20 if I’m allowing myself to overeat carbs because I’m not weighing I
need to understand that even though the source of the carbohydrates is
vegetables I’m still feeding my carb addiction because when carbohydrates
enter my body whether it’s from an apple or it’s from a candy bar in my body it
turns into glucose and it does exactly the same thing the second tip I’m going
to give you to get through the holiday the Halloween season is be careful about
artificial sweeteners a lot of the times because we want something fun to eat
will allow ourselves to buy artificially sweetened so low carbohydrate candies
they have artificial sweeteners in them we’ll allow ourselves still to drink
soda that is artificially sweetened will we even add artificial sweeteners to our
coffee and our tea and the thing that I want to remind you is that if you’re
still finding yourself craving sugar we need to keep in mind that our body
cannot tell the difference between real sugar and artificial sweeteners in the
mouth however our body reacts
– sweet in the mouth so what’s actually happening there is that I’ll eat
something with the artificial sweetener or drink something with the artificial
sweetener my body will think sugar is coming start making space for that sugar
by putting some some carbohydrates away as fat and then eventually what happens
is that no sugar comes so what happens my body pushes me to replace the
carbohydrates that it just put away it’s much easier for me to eat some carbs
than it is for my body to convert those carbs that I just put away back into
carbohydrates right so going from fat to carbs takes more energy than just
allowing it right so it’s gonna push me to eat some sugar
let’s not trick ourselves into wanting to eat more sugar by eating artificial
sweeteners so that’s the second tip I’m giving you let’s put down the artificial
sweeteners try to get ourselves really well fat adapted I would really love to
know how many of you continue to have cravings and if any of you had thoughts
that it could possibly be the artificial sweeteners put it in the comments below
if you might still be struggling with carb addiction and you’re still allowing
artificial sweeteners in your life let me know if that might possibly be the
issue and the answer to this just for those of you who might be having this as
an issue actually the answer for this and for number one give yourself a solid
two weeks where you’re not eating any artificial sweeteners and where you’re
weighing your food appropriately and making sure they’re keeping your grams
of carbs under 20 grams of carbs per day if you do that for two weeks solid your
carb cravings should be gone if you have trouble go three weeks but most people
two weeks them they’re fine it doesn’t mean that you stopped weighing though
let’s be clear on that it’s gonna take a little while for you to really know what
a serving looks like it’s gonna take a little while for you to really know how
much of each kind of vegetables you can put on your plate because every
vegetable is gonna have a different amount associated with it because he’s
gonna have a different amount of carbs in it it is important to weigh your food
okay so the third one if you are close to Halloween so if we are you know a few
less than two weeks away from Halloween and you don’t have time to give yourself
two weeks straight with no carbs that it might be important for you to
skip Halloween this year now if you have older children that’s easier to do right
they can go off on their own and you don’t have to worry about it if you have
young children I might suggest either if they’re very young just not mentioning
Halloween and like they might not even notice if they’re old enough to notice
having them go with another family member or another relative
honestly it’s much better for you to skip Halloween this year
then for your children not to have mom or dad around in two or three years or
four years or however long like you know like let’s let’s be practical better for
you to get your physical health under control and then we celebrate Halloween
next year I also want to point that out this moment in time
I’m not tackling that should children be eating carbs yes or no piece of the
puzzle I’m really strictly focusing on the adult here once your health is in
order then you can help your children to get their health in order the fourth
thing is if you do have children who are age to go trick-or-treating and they do
actually go you’re gonna have to deal with the candidate comes back into the
house my suggestion is that you take that candy and you put it somewhere
where you’re not gonna see it every day right out of sight out of mind and I
know for myself that worked well for me I would take my daughter’s Halloween
candy and I would put it away and honestly by the next following year we
would throw three-quarters of the candy she collected in the garbage anyways the
big triggers for me were the little mini chocolate bars so that’s why I would
hide it away from myself truthfully my daughter couldn’t have cared less about
actually eating the candy which is the weird things like she wanted to go out
with friends she wanted to be involved in the process of collecting the candy
she over the course of the year eat about a quarter of it and actually I
would even say not even the course of the year probably in the first month or
two after Halloween she’d probably eat about a quarter of it and then forget it
was there and we would end up throwing it away when we were looking for the bag
really honestly the following year most kids don’t care about the candy they
want to go out they want to have fun with friends especially you’re talking
about young kids like again it takes a little while for kids to become enamored
of sweet so keep that in mind fifth tip I’m going to give you is that
any candies that you collect that you like but your
do not give those away right away don’t even allow them like do your sorting
give those away they’re not in the house you’re not gonna eat them excuse for
sure your kids we’re not going to them they don’t like them and I’m gonna give
you guys a bonus sixth tip that just kind of came to my head Naz I’m talking
to you if you have children who are not so into candy and we’re really just
doing this because of the fun of being out and whatever rather than collect
candy have your kids collect money for UNICEF or for some kind of charity and
that way they still get to go out they still get to walk around and collect
something but they’re not bringing something back into the house it’s gonna
drive you crazy and they don’t even care about it so my finals my final bonus is
I would say go out there and allow your children to collect money to help others
I want all my live honest warriors to put solutions in place that helps your
health put your health first you are the most important person to your children
not these people that are giving them candy they want you around for as long
as they possibly can keep you around I’m sure most kids would say forever right
and if you’re gonna be around forever for them put your health first I really
hope this video helps you guys to maybe put some kind of plan in place because
that’s the other part of this right planning put a plan in place for
yourself so you kind of know what you’re gonna do how are you gonna manage your
cravings around Halloween candy I would love to hear from you guys if you have a
strategy that I haven’t mentioned about how to keep yourself on track during the
holiday season that Halloween candy season if you please put in the comments
let’s share with each other let’s give each other ideas so that we can make
sure that we’re doing the best we can be the healthiest that we can for our
families I want to thank you for watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet if you are new here please subscribe I make these videos every week
and I want to thank you for watching I can’t wait to talk to you guys again
next time

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