Torso model lab 13: digestive system
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Torso model lab 13: digestive system

February 29, 2020

here is the mannequin model the torso
model will be using for most of the digestive system I’m going to start with
the head over here is the head of the torso model sizeable section over here
is the oral cavity this is the tongue the hard palate the soft palate uvula
this is the submandibular gland the sublingual gland and on the side of the
head here is the parotid gland also able to see here is the oropharynx and the
laryngopharynx leading to the esophagus the esophagus then continues through the
thoracic cavity behind the heart then we get down to the abdominal cavity and in
the abdominal cavity of a ton of structures here is the liver with the
right lobe and left lobe on the bottom of the liver is the gallbladder there in
green so there’s the gallbladder in green here is the stomach so the
esophagus connects to the stomach this upper hump here’s the fundus this
is the body all of this area and then the bottom portion of the stomach here
is the pylorus we open it up all these ridges in here are the Rugae we have the
lower esophageal sphincter here and the pyloric sphincter here stomach then
leads to the curvature here the small intestine called the duodenum we’re now
able to see the pancreas with the pancreatic duct
now the duodenum of the small intestine leads to this region of the small
intestine called the jejunum and then the jejunum leads to this region of the
small intestine called the ilium the ilium the
ilium then leads to the large intestine here’s the end of the ilium here’s the
part of the large intestine this here is the ileocecal sphincter
which leads to the cecum of the large intestine that’s the appendix there’s
the transverse colon I’m sorry I lied here is the ascending colon this here is
the transverse colon which then leads to the descending colon this is the
descending colon then leads to the sigmoid colon and then you pull it up
and you can see way down here the sigmoid colon is going to lead to the
rectum the anal canal and the anus is also worth pointing out that this tissue
here is part of the peritoneum the peritoneum all right that is almost it
also this white stripe stripe running along the large intestine that is the
teniae coli and each one of these little compartments each one of these pouches
are individually known as a haustrum so one haustrum many haustra and that is it
for the digestive system

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