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Toshada Uma ‘Pills The Beans on Self Love | Vitamin Stree

October 1, 2019

I am strong. I am gorgeous. I am out here
to dominate this world. I think I first discovered I had alopecia about a decade ago. It took me a while to understand that I am not my hair. I shaved my head around the time I was
15 but I just really want people to understand that it’s not an act of bravery it’s just…it was to accept myself truly and completely. I am Toshada Uma and I’m here to spill the beans on self-love. So when I was about 15-16, I started getting spotted by photographers. Given that we see 6 ft tall models all our lives, when photographers actually started approaching me I didn’t take it seriously. I am 4’8”, it was pretty much just plain shocking to me that people wanted to work with me as a model. I feel like fashion industry has sort of opened their arms to all body types but petite women are the one body type that has somehow been excluded from the whole body positivity movement I don’t think other petite people who want to be models get that sort of opportunities at all. But yeah, I definitely think there’s hope. If I were to describe my personal style I’d call it experimental. I love loud dramatic looks just as much as I love soft minimal ones. I started my blog because people would constantly ask me ‘where you got your outfits from’ or
‘how did you dye your hair?’. It’s an extensive creative space for me at this point. Nowadays I have people messaging me how looking at my pictures helped them accept themselves. I’m really glad I am able to empower them in some way because they are like an online family. I really want to push the idea that everyone is beautiful and no one needs to
feel left out. Don’t be afraid to share your uniqueness with the world. Or this video. Like, Share and Subscribe to Vitamin Stree.

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