Treating Bacterial Vaginosis with Vaginal Vitamin C
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Treating Bacterial Vaginosis with Vaginal Vitamin C

October 3, 2019

a study published in 1999 raised the exciting possibility that cheap simple innocuous and ubiquitous vitamin C supplements could prevent a condition known as preeclampsia but a decade of research later we realized that was merely a false hope and that vitamin C supplements appear to play little role in women’s health but they’re talking about oral vitamin C not vaginal vitamin C which has been found to be an effective treatment for bacterial vaginosis an all too common gynecological disorder characterized by a fishy smelling watery grade discharge bacterial vaginosis can best be described as an ecological disaster of the vaginal microflora the normal lactobacillus type good bacteria get displaced by an army of bad bacteria probiotics may help repopulating with good bacteria but the reason the bad bacteria took over in the first place was that the pH was off I’ve talked about the world diet may play in the development of this condition for example saturated fat intake may increase vaginal pH allowing for the growth of undesirables so why not try to rias iddah phi the vagina with ascorbic acid otherwise known as vitamin c now this isn’t just plain vitamin C tablets but specially formulated silicone coated supplements that released vitamin C slowly so as not to be irritating how well do they work a hundred women suffering from the condition split into two groups and the vaginal vitamin C beat out placebo but how does vitamin C compare to the conventional therapy in antibiotic gel this is an important question although perceived as a mild medical problem bacterial vaginosis may increase the risk of several gynecological complications including problems during pregnancy where you want to avoid taking drugs whenever possible the vitamin C appeared to work as effectively as the antibiotic and so especially like in the first trimester when you really don’t want to be putting draw up there vitamin C can really help and from women with recurrent episodes using the vitamin C for six days after each cycle appears to cut the risk of recurrence in half [Music]

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  2. Dr Greger is a source of information but so are: Dr. Abram Hoffer, Dr. Ian Brighthope, Dr. Thomas Levy, Dr. Robert Cathcart, Dr. Hugh Riordan and Dr. Klenner, all of these great names wouldn't agree with him on his vitamin C views (at least the oral way). Anyway Dr. Greger still two Nobel prizes less than "the father of vitamin C" Linus Pauling

  3. Leaving no stone unturned! lol. Thank you for another great video, it's always good to know what to do if you or someone you know suffers.

  4. Great information! Thank you for making a video on this for anyone who may suffer from this.

  5. Great information! But despite i really like the animations, i don't like to see the papers from the side. It makes more difficult to concentate, or is just me? Well, Good video anyway 🙂

  6. If I am ever going to have a girlfriend and she smells fishy down there… I'll just show her this video! 😀

  7. In my book I suugest that a high fiber diet, including lots of Vitamin K-rich vegetables may be an optimal strategy to combat infection:

  8. did you notice some crazy vitamin c cult people in the comment section? – they are my people….
    c ya

  9. I like dr.Berg content and dr.Greger too. The thing is dr.Berg talks about eating meat and dr.Greger puts out research content about plant foods. I am lost😹

  10. Whoa I was just reading about this yesterday. Nice to see some science backing it up.Vitamin c sounds a lot less toxic than boric acid.

  11. future nightclub conversations will go something like this: the guy " do you have any bacterial infection?", the girl " no I'm using a vitamin C treatment as a preventative measure", the guy " I could do with a bit of vitamin C right now", the girl " well what are you waiting for, let's go!"

  12. Once again I regret reading the comments.

    I feel bad for the girl's that watch these videos…..

  13. "One study found that women who regularly inserted vitamin c rich foods vaginally experienced a drastic reduction in the symptoms of vaginosis, though the validity of the study was brought into question when the women were told they could earn $100 every time they filmed themselves doing it and uploaded it to the internet."

  14. If fecal implants improve the gut flora, why not a plain yogurt douche? Acidophilus bacilli would acidify the vaginal membranes, an continue to colonize indefinitely.

  15. don't know if this can help with vaginosis but it helped me so soso much with (chronic, very painful, reoccuring) uti's – when sensing a uti could be coming take a tampon, dip it in (plant) yoghurt and insert (and leave there for quite some time, until the yoghurt seems to have vanished). Repeat until feeling save…. x)
    I guess it helped because of the bacteria found in yoghurt.

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