Trying The Victoria’s Secret Diet For A Week (feat. Michelle Khare)
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Trying The Victoria’s Secret Diet For A Week (feat. Michelle Khare)

September 18, 2019

This diet is absolutely terrible and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemies I’m so eff-ing hungry Wooh! Hello Everyone! Hi, you’re probably like ‘Where are you right now?’ I’m at Michelle’s actually! Hey! This is Michelle, you’ve probably seen her before. She’s super awesome. Today, We are going to be trying the… Victoria’s Secret Diet and I feel really bad for bringing Michelle into this. I’m so nervous! It’s pretty crazy… [Um] we’re going to do like a couple of days leading up to what they do to the show so We’ll do like a normal day diet with them and then the extreme things that they do like… Okay, well they do nine full days of just protein smoothies, powdered egg and a gallon of water While working out they work out two times the day [a] [day] so I figured Michelle would be perfect for this because She’s done The Victoria Secret workout before this is not going to be sustainable so no yeah but I mean if I get ripped quick by all means Okay, they asked a dietitian on Shape asked dietitian and it said I wouldn’t recommend this diet to anyone A dietician said I don’t recommend what I’m giving these woman. Yeah and he said but there are better ways to get the same results, okay? Adriana Lima This Is when it came out A couple years ago she said the nine Days before the show she cuts out all Solid Foods and Consumes Only Liquid While Simultaneously Amping her Workouts to two Times a day Then 12 Hours before the Show She doesn’t Consume Anything including Water This is Genetics [Partly] – it’s like I’m never Going to be 510 right and super [Brave] but this Diet won’t Make Us taller the first like Daily Menu is not too Bad So this was by their Dietician of Victoria’s Secret Models The Breakfast Is [Models] eat OlD-Fashioned oatmeal Egg Whites? vegetables Cottage Cheese and Fruit Pretty Nice okay right Doable Yeah and it Says They need to eat a good Breakfast With Carbs because they’re at castings all day I Won’t Be what I’m going to guess Take Lunch suggest Salads With Chicken [and] Fish And then the Dinner is Fushimi With Brown Rice How am I going to Eat I was like Where of Snack before About the in Between Breakfast lunch and Dinner? It’s Basically Giving you the Diet and then being like, oh, well you, don’t Look like them, so don’t [you] [pick] [Chocolate] We’re Going to Show [Victoria] Sauce [this] Week I’m going to grow [ten] inches and Look at the end of it [okay] so thursday Friday will Wake up have a protein Smoothie have some powdered Egg Whites Have Water Have Another Protein Smoothie have some Egg Whites [Have] some Water and then Have Another Produce to do the Egg whites and Water You Only Get One [day] We’re doing this for you Seriously Like don’t try This at Home Well yeah Video yeah I’m Gonna See what my trainer Says She’s gonna be a you are an Idiot yeah Pretty Sure That I’m Just not gonna Tell Anyone that I’m doing this all right I’ll See you on the other side Guys By Okay it is the Morning of day one of the victoria’s secret Model Diet Challenge and I am about to Make my Oatmeal and Egg Whites [I] am Really Surprised at the Breakfast and the Food Plan in general allows you to have Dairy Like the Cottage Cheese and Yogurt I wasn’t Expecting that but I’m not going to Argue With it because In General isn’t a lot of Food and I will Take everything I can get I have some egg white My Food Some Oats With a little bit of powdered Peanut Butter [I] think my new Strategy Is just to put off Eating As Long as I can and I’m Worried that I’m going to be Starving so i chose some Just Greek Yogurt That’s Totally Plain and I’m going to save that as a snack Because I don’t have Anything Else To eat until lunch I’m Just trying to like Stagger that Throughout the entire Morning So that Feels like it’s more than it actually is all right Well the award for the most boring Dinner of The night goes to me Lee, I’m going to go eat this and cry So today is going to be a Really Really Long [Day] For Me [I’m] doing two training Sessions an Hour and a half of Khonsu in A couple Hours of Parkour I Am Nervous to Say the least about Having Enough Energy to get There Today [got] my Lively vegetable Salad Honestly I’m also Thinking About how [Farty] Does not Make Cream like There’s A lot of Veggies To go in me I think I’ve Only Had 800 Calories Today I’m Just Already looking Forward to Coming Home and Having Dinner Looks like Monkeys Gonna Join Us for some Dinner okay, I’Ve got my Salmon Zucchini green Beans and right so I just Had my Dinner and I’m about to Indulge in to Some 70% Cacao Chocolate I am Tired Just Really Really Tired Because on this Victoria’s secret, Diet Can’t Really Eat the things that I want to eat After I train I want to reward Myself and I can’t reward Myself and Instead I’m Cooking vegetables Right Now first next so I Guess that’s [Just] the life of a model so i just woke up this is day [3] it’s um All the good Diet day I actually got really sick to my stomach and Threw Up last night it’s Actually um You know, Nice Timing to be on a lighter Diet Today I’m sorry Michelle you’re Probably Dying it’s Pretty Bad [I] am Tired of drinking my food I am Tired of the Taste of Chocolate Protein Powder and I don’t ever want [to] look at a powdered Egg ever Again in my life i i just Feel A lot of like Frustration and I have to like Come out of my Body and Remind Myself Self This is because you are Starving it Is not because your day is Actually Terrible Hi! Welcome Back from our Week from hell well I don’t know, was it yeah? Yeah I was? that was Hard but I Feel Like I Was at a little bit of an Advantage for one of the Days because I got sick One of the nights so I was like, oh I’m fine Having Smoothie is all Thank you all [I] could Think About Was like on that day? I was like oh god Michelle’s Probably Dying to pick a Shuttle the first two days Which are the Regular Diet Days Were very Manageable in My Opinion the Breakfast Was bigger Than Most Breakfast I Usually Have it very Front loaded [um] A lot of Variety with things I can’t Pronounce like [Weasley], oh Muesli Muesli Didn’t know, well now I sound like anita Cano and [it’s] [nothing] like that I was a little Nervous About no snack I just want to yeah I think it was Funny how They’re Like you Can Have one Square of [Chocolate] to Curb your ice Cream cravings it’s like One Square Chocolates not Going to stop me From Eating A bowl of ice Cream [I] was very much like Screaming how. Much I wanted ice Cream the entire Week but then? Days Three and Four, [oh] I love no energy They Stand for so hard it it was Really About Survival [I] guess I have Never gone like all Basically all Liquid and Egg Whites yes for a day which was incredibly Challenging Because We had to Continue Working out on Top? Of that Yeah I have trouble Sleeping – oh that One Hungry yeah I have a hard Time Falling Asleep Because I was like all I could Think about. Was what was in My Fridge and it was Just like But the whole Time all I could think About was how [Does] Somebody do this for nine Days nine Days It’s like I could Barely do Liquid for – I don’t know how they do it for nine It Just doesn’t Feel Sustainable it’s not a healthy. Way to lose weight it’s strange to me that like Not only Is that just so Unhealthy but No one in Their [right] mind is acute as, well like No one is a regular Person I think Would go Through this and These Models are Supposed to represent the People who are buying the Clothes who are regular People Yeah and I remember like Victoria secret Models are A big Influence on me as like a high Schooler Yeah and I was always like how do I look like that what Can I do? and then if I mean if I saw [that] diet as a kid like I would try it I Would not Recommend – No I think that’s the first part of the Diet the everyday diet is a great Base for Healthy Eating but the Liquid Diet is just Entirely Unrealistic and Just not Fun Just [Mardin] Lose Any of the above Once You go off of something Like this you’re Just going to get it all back and your Metabolism [Could] Potentially be Damaged or [something] Else and Your Mental State Could Be a little bit Like this will and You will be damaged it’s fun Kind of Debunking Beef [Diet] yeah for Sure I think like we’ve been Lucky to kind of Experience? Diets That Work for Us and weight loss the genes That Work for Us but it is Always fun to like try like Oh I wonder I wonder if What These Models do [We’ll] be like Even Crazier yeah? and it was Crazy [I] hope you guys Enjoyed the Video I hope you enjoyed the Struggle Honestly I’m glad We Struggled for you so you don’t have to But Please give This Video A big Thumbs up subscribe For more Videos Like This you might See More Michelle She’s going to Probably be more Videos Yeah and we did an awesome Video With Sex Dust on her Channel so I Get excited About that and Check out all of her Socials Here [Gonna] Perform in Front of your face I don’t know We’re Talking about and then you can See all [my] Photos Below in the Description Box so I Guess We’ll see you later [I’m] Gonna go eat A good meal yes A Lot for doing it All right hi!

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  1. I say stuff like omg im soooo fat all my friends are so skinny and they be like hoe r u fat im like really i way so much more than u and they say so and im like ok and on my mind saying OMFG I LOVE U SO MUCH and then im fine😛😘 #Curves4lifee😘😘🍕👌

  2. A friend of mine was in beauty pageants when she was in elementary and middle school. Her mom wouldn't let her snack between her strict meals, so when she ever got hungry her mom had her suck on cotton balls soaked in certain condiments (mostly hot sauce). Her mom was the worse…

  3. Ummm is this correct? Far as i know there diet is filled with 2000-3000 cal a day (bare in mind only healthy food) so they need to eat lots and at the same time excercise roughly 2-3 hours a day for 6 months before the show…

  4. I'm actually looking at this and my grandma bringing a bowl jello and condense milk for me …. I just said no lol

  5. OMG I was on this diet accidentally for years! I could only consume liquids/soft foods for a long time and I was always so mean and cranky and it destroyed my body. DO NOT DO ALL LIQUIDS UNLESS YOU HAVE TO! Thanks for debunking this!!!!!!!

  6. I usually don't eat breakfast and eat a snack for lunch and then eat a normal dinner meal and I drink a gallon a of water.

  7. If you’re a high in fashion model making millions of dollars just to play dress up then of course there are sacrifices that has to be made plain and simple..for some of these women their bodies is all they have so use what you got to get what you want…smiles

  8. I definitely worried that the diet videos would trigger my disordered eating/body issues, but to my surprise – I feel validated. Hey, y'all – take it from my doctor; be active (150 minutes a week) and eat what you want (maybe not too much sugar and salt, though) and you'll be fine.

  9. my boy wife told my lady about a detox..we didnt believe it would work….man was we wrong….

  10. Honestly this diet just looks very healthy and if anything the meals look pretty big to me… I eat about 800-1000 calories a day of fully vegan foods, and I’m constantly full and I never eat snacks either. But I never exercise other than walking around school between classes.

  11. The dietician recommended a good breakfast with carbs so they have enough energy to go from casting to casting all day like models do because it's absolutely exhausting and energy draining. They don't wanna flake out or be low on energy by not eating a good breakfast. Cool video! Haha Candace, you flipped off the salad! I wish you guys showed the smoothie drinking days as well.

  12. For me the diet is not bad cause I'm eating less then them but it just my opinion. Cause everyone is different, maybe I eat not much that why

  13. It's pretty sad that this is normal. Modelling can sometimes be such a materialistic career and must be horrible for those who didn't hit the genetic jackpot. Then again I thought Adriana Lima did and is still pressured to eat so unhealthy

  14. Stop complaining. They do the liquid diet for only like week out of the entire year. For a huge fashion show. There normal diet is total fine and healthy. If you think it's so damn hard go to a buffet and stuff your face till you puke.

  15. They all look like there dying its not that bad. Ive tried this diet a billion times before and ive eaten much less it was hard but not that hard

  16. I feel so much respect for these girls who walk the runway, because we dont see the hard work and dedication they put in their career. Good genes are nothing without hard work.

  17. Looks pretty great actually. Lots of veggies and protein. They feel rubbish because they are probably detoxing from junk in their diets and are used to eating on demand. Erm… since when do models represent regular people. And yes a pay check of millions of dollars is probs a good incentive.

  18. I’m doing great with the morning dels diet becoz before I use to eat once in a day but now I have three healthy meals so I’m good 🤗

  19. I heard a model say a couple of years ago during the VS pre show where the show their prep before, that they don't even drink water up to 24 hrs before the show to prevent absolutely no bloating. So this girl ain't lying about that scary fact.

    I don't understand their problems(ps I could live eating broccoli and quinoa😂💜💖).

  21. what were the weight results tho lmao? or like a pic at least? u didn't show me how it affected ur body and that was the whole point

  22. Damn this diet is more than I eat, I should start this diet
    Ps I’m not joking I get full easily so I eat very little

  23. This isn’t true. Adriana did that ONE year trying to lose her pregnancy weight. That is not how they eat before the show. Adriana only did that once. I haven’t seen any of the other models eat or do that.

  24. At this point I think I'm the only person on the earth who genuinely enjoys a full bowl of plain salad dressed with vinaigrette lol

  25. There was almost no content regarding your experience! The liquid days would have been interesting to watch. It just cut to you guys talking about it after 🤔

  26. What's the use of doing a diet and not disclosing how much weight you lost? It's because they didn't stick to the diet and cheated way too many times to know what the end results would be. A complete waste of video.

  27. The all day smoothie did seem unhealthy :/ apart from that all of it seems really healthy. I cant even eat a whole chocolate bar :/ i only eat dark chocolate too but just a few cubes of it 😐

  28. The diet with solid foods are actually good healthy and these models are used to eating small portions so if y’all are hungry you should snack on veggies or fruits. Big portion of low cal foods are good for a slim figure and smaller for more heavy calories. Don’t under-eat but eat lots of protein and carbs so you can feel full. People think eating a bowl of ice cream every night is “fine for your health, and that it’s okay to indulge” that is not healthy indulgence. we’ve created this idea that eating ridiculouce large portions until our stomach will explode or we get really tired is healthy. You can eat lots of food especially if you train a lot but the food should be healthy and you want to get in all those nutrients. Give your body some love and fill it with healthy protein, good carbs, veggies and fruits 💕 your body will thank you later and you’ll feel a lot more comfortable in your glowing skin and energized body.

  29. You girls found it hard , because the time you make a change in your habits and diet you’ll feel nit good because your brain is not used to this , but if this was your lifestyle you’ll feel even excited after eating to go and hit the gym and even do cardio and HIIT .It all depends on what “you” feel . I eat like VS models and even less and i do cardio everyday and workout for 4 hrs and i have good night sleep and special energy and i feel comfortable.

  30. I want to know what they eat on a regular day, bc tbh this didn’t seem that bad. Maybe I’m bias because I’m not crazy about sweets.

  31. Even the models don’t do that crazy diet unless they e got a huge show/shoot 😂😂 The paycheck also helps 😎

  32. Whaaat ?? Well my breakfast is just bread and butter and i don't eat until lunch that is all about cucumber 😐 and why the heck i m still fat ???!!!!!

  33. It's just a week, I have had to fast in the hospital for a week, I find these so dramatic, think you 2 are great but try the snake diet or something ha ha ha

  34. I don't think Michelle did the diet at all except the first eat well day… I can't put my finger on it but she's fake af

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