Tuna Pasta | Gennaro Contaldo | Italian Special

October 6, 2019

Let me show you how to make a
delicious and simple spaghetti with tuna. Sometimes you buy many tins of
tuna, then you put them in the cupboard and you don’t know what to do after that.
You know you mix it with mayonnaise, perhaps with boiled eggs, perhaps have it
like salad, but actually you can really cook! It’s so easy to do! It takes only a
minute. What do you need? You need 1 clove of garlic, which you slice quite
roughly sliced. Why I do that? Because if incase don’t want that much garlic,
you can always remove. Then you get a chili, you break them in a half,
you don’t use them all, and you smell it. If it smells strong
it means it’s a little bit hot, like me. No I don’t think so. Ha.
So and then again you cut it. A few slices. Yes. Olive oil straight in a pan, abundant olive oil. I think you’re gonna put about 2 to 3 tablespoons of olive
oil. Garlic and chili goes in. A few capers. You can see – just a few
capers. If you don’t like capers you don’t have to put them in. I love it! They give it a
lovely flavour of the sea. There is it look, that is hardly anything, and here you can
see, it was one of these tomato – which I cut them in half, remove the seeds and cut them in such little pieces. It’s more for the colours. Plus I got some wild rocket which
is good. Now this is ready. So the spaghetti are ready. Just put them
inside. That’s all. Nothing else you have to do.
Just like a little bit stir them around. So easy everybody can do that. Get the
tuna with a fork, and just put it inside. Break it. This is about one tin of tuna. Nice one. You make sure you buy lovely
tuna. Just break them around all inside. Stir it. Little bit of pasta water. Nothing to it. Oh my my! Look at that! The pasta water is so important. Stir it! Oh yeah!
Every stage is done, just switch it off because the tuna is already cooked. Put
in the lovely tomato, it refresh your mouth, so nice. Get some wild Rocket, just put
everything inside, stir it. Okay. A little seasoning of a salt and last minute, a
little bit of black pepper, and last but not the least, lemons. Squeeze them a
little bit inside. Stir it. Look at this! Then – look at the colours! Aren’t they
beautiful. Put it on a plate. Oh ohhh! This is going to be so good! Yes! Then put all this beauty on top. Little bit more. Drizzle of extra virgin
olive oil, a little bit of black pepper on top. Do you know what? Last but not least
I need some more wild rocket. And this one is spaghetti with tuna. You will love it. So don’t forget, try it! Have a go! I’m sure you
can do it – it’s so simple. Chili and garlic, that’s all what’s inside, few
capers, boil the pasta, just throw it inside, Stir it, the tuna goes in, a squeeze of
lemon. Hallelujah! I’ll see you later, bye! I’m back because I want you to see the way
I’m eating. Mmmm! So good! Have you tasted some? Stay there, stay there, let me feed you a little bit
because this is tasty! Soo good! Yeah stay there George, don’t move. Bless George – he can only film, but don’t eat. Open up! Open up! No.. Mmmmm! Not sure I can give it to you!

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