UCR Today: Soybean Oil causes more obesity than Fructose

February 28, 2020

Most people think that one of the major
contributors to the obesity epidemic is fructose. Surprisingly, what our research showed is that soybean oil will cause almost 25 percent more obesity, whereas the fructose does will cause 12 percent
more obesity That means that it could actually be a major
contributing factor to the obesity epidemic in the United States. Soybean oil is
found in almost all the processed foods. It is part of restaurant cooking, fast-food places You go to the grocery stores, buy vegetable oil, most likely it’s going to be soybean oil. So it is very difficult to avoid soybean oil completely but people should be more aware of what is going into their foods and try to cut down on its consumption. It is good for the heart, but follow your
mind while your eating

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