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Vegan Kale Chip Doritos Recipe | The Edgy Veg

October 8, 2019

[candice] if you’re like me, you used to like doritos but there’s 15 chemicals in doritos you can’t pronounce, [candice] so i turned to dorito flavoured kale chips instead. [candice] and i’m going to show you how you can make them at home! [candice] so the first thing you’re going to need for your dorito kale chips, [candice] is a red pepper. [candice] so just cut that into tiny little pieces, [candice] and add them to your high speed blender. [candice] so we’re adding red pepper to give it that kind of sweet flavour that cheese has. [candice] sweet and savoury. [candice] and it gives it that nice cheesy colour as wel. [candice] the next thing we’re going to add is about a third of a cup of nutritional yeast. [candice] this is what gives it that nutty, cheesy flavour. [candice] so to give it that salty flavour that doritos have without the excessive amounts of salt, [candice] we’re going to be using tamari or you can use soy sauce as well. about a tablespoon of that. [candice] what really holds the recipe together is the juice of one lemon that you’re going to add. [candice] this is what gives it that kind of fermented flavour. [candice] so add a clove of garlic because everything tastes better with garlic! [candice] except for your breath, it’ll taste worse. [candice] to make sure your cheese is nice and thick like cheese should be, [candice] we’re going to add one tablespoon of coconut oil. [candice] you need cashews! [candice] you have to drain your soaked cashews. [candice] so you want to make sure you’ve drained and washed your cashews really well [candice] and the soaking will just break it down, it’ll release any [candice] digestive inhibitors but it will also make the cashews softer and easier to process. [candice] and turn on your blender! [candice] and very shortly, you will have cheese! [candice] tastes like cheese, and it’s orange like doritos! [candice] to make kale chips, you will need kale. [candice] so tear up your kale into bite size pieces, [candice] and put them somewhere that is clean. [candice] so these kale chips are going to be healthy alternatives, obviously. [candice] but why? cos they’re high in vitamin k and iron. [candice] two things that we vegans are always low in. [candice] so add your kale to your bowl or the very large jar of your food processor. [candice] now we have to add the cheese! [candice] mix your cheese! [candice] so we’re going to add some onion powder, cumin, paprika and chili spice. [candice] to give it that cheesy but spicy flavour that doritos have. [candice] don’t forget the salt! [candice] so add your kale chips to your pan, [candice] here’s where things get complicated. [candice] we know everyone likes personal space. [candice] but pans are only so big but try to spread out your chips as far apart as is possible. [candice] this will make for even cooking. [candice] and then you won’t end up with wet pieces and little burnt pieces. [candice] so you wanna put those in your oven for about 15 to 20 minutes at 350F [candice] so go in halfway through and check on your chips because some may be done and some may not. [candice] so go ahead and pick off the ones that are done stick them back into the oven for about 5 more minutes. [candice] so once you’ve taken them off your pan, just add your spices. [candice] so add some chili powder, pink himalayan rock salt and some smoked paprika. [candice] see? they look just like doritos! [candice] if you want more snacks, that could be done in an oven or dehydrator or with your hands, [candice] make sure to visit our snack playlist, completely vegan! [candice] subscribe for more vegan recipes! [candice] and don’t forget to follow me on twitter! [candice] see my twitter pictures! [candice] one more thing: i’ve posted the recipe below, you can go to my blog. yes, i have one of those too! [candice] you can visit that and get more of me, The EdgyVeg, your friend.

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  1. Love, love, LOVE! Definitely gonna try this out – first time i've seen an idea like this with ingredients i can actually get where i live! New subscriber right here, can't wait to stalk your feed :b

  2. Just made these and they are scrumptious! My vegan toddler just asked for more, even after I gave him a huge plate of them. Vegan mommy win! I did find that I had to cook mine for quite a bit longer than you did. Elevation perhaps? Anyhoo, I just kept cooking til they were crunchy, no biggie. I am super excited to explore your other recipes. Someone referred you on a Facebook page called, What Vegan Children Eat. Yay and thanks!

  3. I love these videos! Now I know that when I'm vegan, I won't miss out on anything. Keep doing these vids they're so creative and fun.

  4. Straight up burnt these hehe, I know the troubles. I can't wait till I get a dehydrator. No one ever does the longer oven version because when you want kale chips you want them now!

  5. Hmmm… Interesting… I love kale and I prefer it fresh out of my garden. But people are crazy to think that your vegetables are free of chemicals… Especially, with all the ingredients you added from a jar, a can, and a bag.. full of preservative chemicals to keep it "fresh"…

  6. I can't believe someone else on YT has a video for "raw" kale Kale chips, LoL!  Didn't even watch that one. I'm sure those taste just like Doritos. hahah!

  7. : : So glad I found your channel. You are so creative. You could seriously have your own show on the food network. You are a natural. Thanks for taking the time to make these videos with recipes for us. : :

  8. Thank you Edgy Veg these turned out really well, I do like these better than Doritos, they taste more cheesy and savory. I made them in my new food dehydrator I got for my 17th birthday and they're so delicious!

  9. People need to stop fear mongering about chemicals… I looked up all the "chemicals" in doritos and there is literally nothing to be concerned about. Most of food additives people are calling "chemicals" aren't even synthetic chemicals, they are natural compounds.

    No offense, but people who use catchall terms like "chemicals" to describe "bad" food additives just sound pretty ignorant. If you actually know what you're talking about, you would be naming the compounds that are bad, because 99.9% of what you consider "chemicals" have minimal to no detrimental effect to health.

  10. Just discovered your channel. So loving it. I was vegetarian for most of my 20s and an awful one at that. I think if I had your recipes and ambition I would have fared way better.

    Many years later I am giving it another go, better informed and hunting down amazing recipes. Cooking your kale recipe right now, and have your Popeyes Chicken in the fridge for later.

    Probably not the healthiest, but so curious about both.

  11. I think that if you used the food processor to mix the ingredients together and put it in a dehydrator the chips would retain their nutrition and would be more like chips which are uniform… Just a thought. Thanks for the great recipe.

  12. Hey, it may be true that Doritos are not detrimental to health (as other commenters have stated… I hope that's true, but I still don't quite buy it), but there's NO WAY ON EARTH (or any other planet) that even completely harmless Doritos could be even remotely close to as healthful and nutritious as a chip made from kale instead. So I'll stick with this, but we've got to leave the cashews out because we don't do nuts in our house because of allergies. I'm looking forward to experimenting and coming up with my own method of making the sauce. Thanks so much for the recipe! <3

  13. When you put cashews in things, does the cashew flavor come through very strong? I'm not that fond of nuts so I want to know if the flavor is really strong

  14. Just purchased a bag of Cheeseburger 'Bag B' flavour Doritos. I'm vegetarian so I carefully scanned the ingredients list to look for any animal ingredients – no sign of any meat but no 'suitable for vegetarians' sign either (sometimes they forget to add that information).

    The Doritos phone line was closed so I looked online and saw a site that said, 'yes!, 'they were suitable for vegetarians… So with a clear conscience I started eating them…

    I saw some other sites that also said they were ok,… Then I stumbled upon the site linked below. It turns out they are NOT suitable for vegetarians after all.

    These Doritos contain 'pork enzymes', although it's not specified in the ingredients list but instead sneakily hidden behind the banner of 'flavourings' (how do food manufacturers get away with this?).

    I feel angry. WHY can't ingredients lists be transparent? WHY should I, the customer, have to become an investigative journalist just to find out what I'm eating?

    I will never buy another bag of Doritos again.

    Food manufacturers are concealing a multitude of sins behind 'flavoring'. I had to read this blog to get the information I needed:

  15. i love your channel. i just think this recipe has a lot of redundant steps, like putting spices before cooking and after cooking. can you just do that once?

  16. Vegans are not low in iron, the ENTIRE populations is anemic, so it has nothing to do with not eating meat, it has to do with getting Iron Phosphate from natural electric foods, let us spread truth not propaganda.

  17. This is the absolute strangest recipe I have ever seen in my life. First of all why are you using your food processor bowl to mix it in? Do you not own a bowl.? Secondly, why not put all of your spices and salt in the blender with the cheese? This is a very strange video but lucky for you 70,000 people have watched it and I hope they know better than to make such a strange recipe

  18. Guess what? I didn't have the soaked cashews and I did it anyways and…it was delicious!! My "cheese" was still thick and creamy. All I did was add extra nutritional yeast and almond milk little by little until I got the right consistency. 😄

  19. I made these for the first time about a year ago and they’re AMAZING! I completely forgot about this recipe so I’m glad I came across this video again.

  20. I just made this today and it was oh so good! The only difference was that I used coco aminos instead of soy sauce and he dehydrator. My family love it too.

  21. I'm not vegan and have no plans to go vegan .I do luv kale chips and I also like dorotoes.but there's no way ure gonna convince yourself t hats lime dorotoied no way

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