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October 5, 2019

Hey everyone, I’m Tara Stiles and welcome
to Livestrong Woman. So today, I’m going to show you one of my newly favorite recipes
that I’ve made dozen times, and I’ve only known about this recipe for a couple months.
So I got it from a great website It’s a mac n’ cheese with a cashew sauce that
you’ll make in your Vitamix. And it has broccoli and mushrooms, cashews, nutritional yeast,
some lemon, garlic, red pepper flakes, and dijon mustard. So, this is exciting. So we’re
take our broccoli, chop it up, and you’re just gonna put it on a cookie sheet or a baking
sheet, whatever you got. And we’re gonna roast this into the oven while we’re waiting for
the water to boil for our pasta. So here we go, into the oven with our broccoli. Alrighty.
So we’re still waiting for our water to boil. And when we do that, we will have the pasta
in the water. So in the meantime, we can make our cheese sauce. So, off with your top for
the Vitamix, and we’re gonna just have about a cup and half of cashews. You can also play
around with the thickness, cashews to water. So if you like it super cheesy, you know,
less water is good. Here we go with some water. And we’re gonna have — I like a lot of garlic,
so two cloves of garlic in. Mushrooms are gonna come later. We’re gonna have some red
pepper flakes for seasoning and spiciness. This is very exciting. And some dijon mustard
— I’ve got some Grey Poupon here, which is awesome. So, about a big, heaping tablespoon
is nice with this. So in with the Grey Poupon. And the next thing we have is our nutritional
yeast, which is really great too. And about a quarter cup of that. So here we go. On with
the lid, and we will blend. Time to blend. Here we go. Awesome. So this is really good.
I’ve had people come right over to the Vitamix and say “Give me some of that.” Smells amazing.
So, we’re gonna have that on the side while we wait for broccoli to roast. And we’re gonna
make our pasta shells. Alright, our water is boiling, so we’re gonna put our pasta in
the boiling water, and that should be done in about 15 minutes, and then we’ll get to
combine everything together. And it’s gonna be awesome. Alright, so our pasta is ready.
So we’re gonna just take it out of our pot and drain the water. Here we go, super exciting.
So we’re gonna need to hang onto to this pot because we’re gonna combine everything right
in this guy. So, gonna give it a nice little shaky-shake. And we can pour it bake into
the pot. There we go. And now our broccoli is magically done at the same time. And we
are going to take this and combine this in our pot. There we go. Get in there little
broccoli’s. Okay. And then the exciting thing about this is, everything that we have left
just goes into the pot. So we’re gonna start with our cheese sauce, which is really exciting.
So we pour this in there. And you can just spoon out the left overs because it’s so good.
And our mushrooms. And I’m going to add a little bit of red pepper flakes, again, because
I think it tastes good and to make it a little extra spicy-spicy. So there we go. We’ve got
everything in here. So before we put it into our glass baking dish, we’re going to stir
this all up. And it’s going to be awesome. So the great thing now about baking all of
this is, the broccoli and the mushrooms are just gonna get all flavorful and super exciting.
Smells good. Alright, so, we are going to get our glass baking dish out here, and pour
the contents of our new mixture into the dish, or you can spoon it out. That works too. So,
get it all nice and exciting to go back into the oven for about 20 minutes. Okay, so, it’s
mac n’ cheese time. It’s very exciting. Check on this guy. And here we go. Oh my goodness.
Everybody’s favorite is mac n’ cheese, and this version is so, so, so yummy. So I’m just
gonna put a little in a bowl just to make all you guys super jealous that I’m getting
to eat this right now. But you will get to eat this as soon as possible. Alright, take
a look at this, you guys. So amazing with the mushrooms and the broccoli and the cheese
and the spices. It’s so good. This is my favorite thing ever. Mac n’ cheese, the cashew version.
You’re gonna wanna make this immediately. So good.

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