Video Digestive System Anatomy Model Liver Gallbladder Common bile duct Pancreas Adrenal Glands
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Video Digestive System Anatomy Model Liver Gallbladder Common bile duct Pancreas Adrenal Glands

March 8, 2020

This is the PANCREAS and LIVER model. Going
over some of the structures of the GI tract and also structures of the Urinary Tract.
These two glands here are called the ADRENAL GLANDS. They are located above or superior
to the KIDNEYS. This is the right kidney. This is the left kidney. This here is the
SPLEEN. All of this here is the PANCREAS. The ducts to the Pancreas are the following:
this is the PANCREATIC DUCT, the pancreatic duct empties into an area here called the
MAJOR DUODENAL PAPILLA. There’s a smaller one. This is called the ACCESSORY PANCREATIC
DUCT that empties out into the MINOR DUODENAL PAPILLA. This is part of the SMALL INTESTINE.
This section of the small intestine is called the DUODENUM. These folds here are called
CIRCULAR FOLDS. This is the LIVER. The liver is responsible for producing BILE. Bile is
then passed along several ducts to get into the GALL BLADDER. Gall bladder is responsible
for storing the bile. And now we are going to go over different ducts that leads bile
from the liver into the gall bladder. So bile is going to be produced by the liver. It’s
going to enter either into the LEFT HEPATIC DUCT or the RIGHT HEPATIC DUCT. The left and
the right hepatic duct then join together to form the COMMON HEPATIC DUCT. From the
common hepatic duct it will travel up the cystic duct into the gall bladder to be stored.
To be released the bile will come from the gall bladder out through the CYSTIC DUCT and
the part where the cystic duct joins with the common hepatic duct it will become the
COMMON BILE DUCT. The common bile duct dumps here. You can see the other part back here.
This is also part of the common bile duct and the common bile duct also empties out
into the MAJOR DUODENAL PAPILLA. So posteriorly we’re going to look at some blood vessels.
Just two right now and you know them later and in more detail when we talk about the
circulatory system. This little stump that is sticking out right there is called the
CELIAC TRUNK. There are three main arteries that branch out from there. Don’t worry about
it. Just know that this the celiac trunk for now. This right here is the SUPERIOR MESENTERIC
ARTERY. This again is the superior mesenteric artery. RIght here is the celiac trunk.

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