Vitamin D3 Benefits | Prevent the Flu with Vitamin D3
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Vitamin D3 Benefits | Prevent the Flu with Vitamin D3

October 3, 2019

Vitamin D can prevent the flu.
Check this out! A study was published in which they did
a placebo-controlled trial with school children. And they gave half the kids vitamin D, 1200 international units per day,
and the other half placebo. The group of kids taking vitamin D every
day had almost half as many cases of the flu as the group of kids who didn’t take
vitamin D. So what does that tell you?
Take vitamin D! It’s good.
It has so many benefits to the body. And now we know it can reduce your risk
of getting the flu. I personally take about 5000
international units per day and my kids take it as well.
We give them about 1200 international units per day.
And I’ve found that the easiest way to do it is just to buy it in liquid form
and give it to them in a dropper. It has no taste.
They don’t complain. It’s super easy.
And that’s how we do it.

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  1. I was Vitamin D Deficient! Standard ranges are 40-100. Mine were 12.6!!!
    Dangerously low! I had all the symptoms. Hair loss, Bone Pain, Memory loss, worst of all..Inability to lose weight. Click & watch my video I posted & you’ll see how I gained weight quickly bc of the deficient. I’m going to post my story soon. Please like and subscribe to my channel. Take D3 with K2 for more effectiveness & proper absorption!!!

  2. My naturopath doctor has prescribed 12000 iu for my initial treatment for breast cancer, however oncologist told me to stop it as it also has vitamin k2 which would be too high a dosage to take. Is this true?

  3. The supplements I've seen seem come from fish or sheep/lanolin. Anyone know of a plant based Vit D supplements? Thx!

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