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  1. I eat 1-2 servings of fish every day. I wonder if my vit E to PUFA ratio is out of whack. More research is needed! Thanks again for the great video

  2. did you come across and data that said that tocopherols inhibit tocotrienols absorption as commonly suggested? is ngt good bad or neutral? how prevalent is the attp gene and does 23 and me test for it? I came across a study that said delta tocotrienol was a higher antioxidant than alpha tocopherol so you may wanna look into that. also heard it protects telomeres but I haven't verified that yet. the the synthetic alpha doses in studies showing negative effects makes a lot of sense given gamma role in onoo scavenging! great work, thanks!

  3. Why don't you mention any real foods like nuts ? I checked and Hazelnut would be at 2.9 on your chart and it's real food .

  4. I have the genotype rs1695(A;A) which some say has a negative impact if one supplements with vitamin E by raising the level of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the blood. So I don't supplement with vitamin E unless that particular day the programs says I'm extremely low. Now if I am low I will take a little palm oil. Thanks.

  5. I have noticed a couple interesting side effects with vitamin E supplementation (Life Extensions mixed tocopherols). The first was that my night vision became worse. I remember turning off the lights in my house one night and being shocked by how much darker it seemed versus normal. Years later, the exact same thing happened during a theater performance and backstage darkness; it seemed pitch black. The second effect was that I developed injuries (weight room-related?) despite nothing obviously acute. Both these occurred after about one week, and the supplementation (same brand) periods were several years apart. Perhaps the vitamin E is influencing vitamin A usage/metabolism somehow.

    I've actually noticed only negatives from "unnatural" amounts of fat soluble vitamins. Above was from vitamin E. From vitamin A (after eating lots of liver one week to test performance effects), I got extreme muscle cramps during a 100m sprinting race, which had never happened before or since. I suppose it could've been another nutrient as well from the liver, as it can be very high in a several things. From K2 (Thorne brand), I got two colds, again spaced out by a few years. I didn't notice anything from high vitamin butter oil though or a vitamin D supplement. My diet is nutritious and consistent overall, so I likely don't need those supplements anyway.

  6. Thank you Chris. I have mild-moderate fatty liver (likely due to inflammation from stress and drug use (or genetic TBD) as I've never been obese, have been paleo or keto for the majority of last 10 years, and have not had alcohol in 5 years) and the GI doc recommended I take 800mg Vit E daily. Should I choose the palm oil route with my very low-carb high fat diet? Or indeed take a Vitamin E pill? Thank you again for this vid!

  7. I've digested several thousand hours worth of educational material regarding nutrition. You are consistently at the very top when it comes to delivering interesting actionable information. Thanks for all the diligent work you put into the nuance. You're one of the reasons I got involved in nutrition and your work continues to make me better both personally and professionally. Just wanted to leave a comment of gratitude good chap!

    Brandon Trean

  8. First of all, your content is absolutely first rate. I am grateful for your work and the education I’ve been getting over recent months. I thank you for that. You have a gift and are truly making the world a better place. Vitamin E question. I have experienced an inflammatory response (showing up as eczema) for 18 months after going on antibiotics for Lyme. I have since then felt with mold and parasites and have made quite a bit of progress in the gut. An integrative doc is suggesting annatto E (300mg tocotrionol). Could that possibly help halt the inflammatory chain reaction? Or is just asking for more trouble?
    Thanks 🙏

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