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Vitamin Supplements Worth Taking

October 7, 2019

“Vitamin Supplements Worth Taking” In terms of longevity, there’s one last supplement
to consider: Vitamin D. Who votes shorter life? Who votes the same life expectancy? Longer life? Vitamin D seems to be the only supplement
that can actually make us live longer. Before we start the next round,
I want to note the two vitamins that we can’t get enough of
from a healthy diet, and vitamin D is one of them. Vitamin D is made mostly
by animals, such as yourself— when you’re exposed to sunlight. The tiny amounts added
to cow’s milk or soy milk isn’t enough for optimal health. There are only two ways
to truly get enough— sun or supplements, and it
depends where you live. Basically, no matter how long you
sunbathe nude in December and January— in our nation’s capitol, for example— the sun’s rays are at such an angle
that we don’t make any vitamin D. So, the latest science supports
supplemental D during the winter if you’re above LA/Dallas/Atlanta— or, for anyone, anywhere,
any time not getting enough sun. All right, it’s time for a
lightning round question. Before I give you the question,
I’ll give you the answer. Anyone? Okay, the question is: what is the
only other vitamin not made by plants? Vitamin B12. It’s not made
by animals either, though. It’s made by little microbes,
bacteria that blanket the earth. These bacteria grow in the guts
of some of the animals people eat, and so their bodies can be sources
of B12 for those eating animals. We likely used to get all the
B12 we needed drinking out of mountain streams or well water, but now we chlorinate our water
supply to kill off any bacteria. So, we don’t get a lot of B12
in our water anymore; we don’t get a lot of cholera either! So, that’s a good thing. But in our sanitized modern world,
studies continue to show that those eating plant-based diets are simply
not getting enough vitamin B12. Is this really a problem? Let me review the medical literature on B12 deficiency just
over the last year. Keep in mind that it’s so easy to get B12, from either B12-fortified
foods or supplements. But like everything else,
you actually have to do it. This young vegetarian
woman’s toes turned purple. You can develop a polymorphic
maculopapular lesion. Her vitamin B12 deficiency
cause her nails to turn black, and her hair to turn white. She was given some B12 and you can see where her hair started
to grow back normally. B12 also evidently makes
you put on lipstick? But you can suffer cognitive decline,
or become suicidally depressed because of B12 deficiency, as this
23-year-old lifelong vegetarian did. This 38-year-old vegan was misdiagnosed
as a paranoid schizophrenic, and institutionalized because of the
hallucinations and psychotic delusions triggered by his B12 deficiency. As bad as all these examples are, though,
these folks were just hurting themselves. But not taking vitamin B12
during pregnancy is inexcusable. It can cause infantile
seizures, for example. Vegan babies should be a lot of things,
but floppy is not one of them. It is these negligent vegans that led
this year to an official pronouncement from the European Society
for Pediatric Nutrition: “Infants and young children should
not be fed a vegan diet,” they wrote. Now, what they should have said is,
make sure vegan kids get their B12. I mean Dr. Spock even told us to
raise our kids with no meat, no dairy. And the B12 recommendation
probably goes for everyone, not just those eating plant-based diets. New studies on the bioavailability of B12
suggest that animal products are not great sources after all. Less than 4% of the B12 in scrambled eggs,
for example, is actually absorbed, according to these new studies. In fact, in modern society,
only those eating fortified foods, like breakfast cereal or supplements,
seem to getting enough for optimum health. So, there’s been a renewed call
for all grain products in the U.S. to be fortified with B12,
like they already do in Israel— which could mean that by law, all bread, all pasta, would have
to be enriched with B12, and then, hopefully, we’d never have to
hear cases like this again.

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  1. I question the bodies ability to absorb B-12 and D through supplements. So much information out their claiming that vitamins could be too old, or ineffective, or completely un absorbable. Which supplements do you recommend?

  2. Are not all vitamin D3 supplements derived from sheeps wool (Lanolin), and also cholacalciferol is used widely as a rodenticide (like sodium fluoride) do we want to be ingesting something like this ?

  3. As there are no apparent real B12 sources for vegans, i am curious as to how vegan B12 supplements are made ???

  4. There is a vegan D3 by Vitashine. I know one person whom it worked for with raised levels, and one person (Victor Van Epps) for whom it didn't seem to.

  5. Dr. Michael Greger (2:29): "We likely used to get all the vitamin B12 we needed drinking out of mountain streams, or well water, but now we chlorinate our water supply to kill off any bacteria, so we don't get a lot of B12 in our water anymore."

    — The hypothesis that humans could have got in the past all the vitamin B12 they needed from non-sanitized water is inconsistent with empirical knowledge about it.
    For this to be accurate, you would need a lot of vitamin B12-producing bateria to get enough vitamin B12. There just isn't enough fecal matter even in the most polluted waters to supply daily requirements. Take into account that some animals like rabbits need to eat several grams a day of their own feces (largely composed of vitamin B12-producing bacteria) to get enough vitamin B12, and rabbits are much smaller than humans.

  6. What about our ability to produce b12 from cobalt. Which plants do make, just not in large quantities likely due to bad soil 

  7. Cultures long ago unintentionally ate quite a bit of their food contaminated by small insects and droppings from birds, rodents, spiders, and insects and also insect and spider eggs. An unsanitized world without refrigeration, so unlike what we have today in the developed world, would have supplied people with a good deal of B12, and if they supplemented their diet with any animal products or other insects, they would have had plenty. In addition, unfiltered drinking water from streams would have contained tiny organisms that would have been ingested.

  8. I read an article once about some vegans from India who moved to the UK and became deficient in B12. Apparently in India people get their B12 from bathing in less than pristine water sources like the Ganges river. So when they moved to the UK and had clean water; they weren't being exposed to the B12 bacteria.

  9. Dr Gregor. Thanks for all you do. Can you please expand on D3 vs. D2. There are conflicting conclusions and I would appreciate your take. Best.

  10. Thank you, Dr. Greger!
    It's also fun reading some of the totally wacky comments some folks leave….they apparently need to take their B12 supplements to help their psychosis. LOL!!!

  11. My theory is that we received our B12 from grooming each other. Simians of all types spend many hours each day picking dead skin, lice, fleas and ticks off each other and eating what they find. All that material is filled with bacteria and most importantly bacteria that has a mutualistic relationship with the host. Even today, we all have bacteria within our guts and on the surface of our bodies. The majority of those bacteria are benign and provide us with most of our vitamin K and compete with the other alien bacteria that would invade our bodies and do us harm.

  12. The company called NOW which has a lot of products in health food stores sells a B12 spray bottle that allows you to spray the liquid under your tongue and thereby readily absorb B12 sublingually. Absorption is not as efficient if you take a B12 tablet by mouth into the digestive tract. Sub lingual is supposedly the best route.

  13. German sauerkraut contains the vitamin B12 but it is not available all year around. It should be consumed fresh by taking it from the little wooden barrel where it is fermented in. I don't agree with people saying that it contains too much salt. Every sauerkraut seller has their own recipe and add more or less salt as they like.
    One important thing is that it shouldn't be pasteurized.

  14. Do you approve or deny
    the efficacy and/or safety of daily supplements such as: Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM (vegan version of course). I have been taking these but am skeptical if I should continue.

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  16. In your other video you say that multivitamins are ineffective. If supplements for vitamin d or b3 are effective then why wouldn't multivitamins have the same effect since they generally contain both.

  17. Yeah right. I live in the miserable uk with rubbish grey rainy weather so vitamin b12 sublingual tablets it is! 😲

  18. you can totally tell this is an old video. I don't think he knew what he was doing back then

  19. Dr. Greger deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for all his work more than anyone right now. You sir are a paradigm shifter! Thank you for the thousands of videos you have organized and presented so well. You've inspired me to take advocacy to a whole new level!

  20. i'd like to hear Dr. Greger on a lot of other supplements besides these–after reading some supplement research, of course.

  21. You forgot one….vitamin K2. K2 is made by bacteria like B12 and many vegans are deficient. And what's with showing vitamin D2 while talking about vitamin D deficiency? Isn't vitamin D3 the preferred form?

  22. You have come a long way, Dr. Greger! This presentation has some of your best information but very worst voice presentation. It demonstrates your skills that you upgraded your presentations so rapidly. Your narration of "how not to die" was simply excellent!!

  23. It's very discouraging when vegan doctors on YouTube and other vegan doctors referred to by said doctors have completely different opinions on taking vitamin d supplements. Who is correct?

  24. Legislation to force fortify food sounds like a perfect dystopian idea. What about just having b12 supplementation in common knowledge and in common sense. Ohh right people can't be trusted, and so the government must to do everything and force people into things that they don't want to do because they don't know why they're doing it. And I don't want my bread with anything other than flour water salt and yeast. Can I get an amen!

  25. I wonder if we could isolate the specific bacteria responsible for the B12 in murky stagnant water, let it fester in a vat, and then sell it as super water to vegans everywhere

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