We Quit Sugar For A Month, Here’s What Happened
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We Quit Sugar For A Month, Here’s What Happened

October 6, 2019

[Craig] It’s day 12, we only have 18 days to go. So — wait thir– i– 31 days in July, right? So 19 days to go. Only 19 days to go! So, why’d we do this, why did we decide to quit sugar for a month? Well, nowadays you can’t hurl a cronut without hitting a thought-provoking expose on how sugar is destroying humanity one disease at a time and I keep coming across videos and articles of people who lost 80 percent of their body fat, unlock the eighth window to the soul, grew a third eye that only sees truth and became an all-seeing all-knowing space baby at the center of the universe. At this point we pretty much all know that too much sugar isn’t good for you. Too much of anything isn’t good for you. Except for WheezyWaiter videos. Haha! Subscribe, like, comment! But I don’t want to listen to what some other schlubs said I want to find out for myself and be my own schlub. But why did I want to find out? Well for one simple reasons. First, I want to live a long time and everyone says sugar causes all sorts of health problems, uh, heart disease, liver disease, the plague, and I enjoy life and the people in it. I want to see my baby grow up I want to live long enough so that there’s the technology to download my consciousness into a computer, and in that way be immortal I want to have more energy, which is apparently what happens to people, ’cause if I have more energy I’m in a better mood. If I’m in a better mood, I can be more productive and earn that dolla dolla bill y’all and help my baby grow up and purchase the best VR system money can buy. [Ada cries in background]
Whatever she was crying about I could pay for it. Money is everything. [Sung] Bad advice! Another reason: I don’t like that sugar is hidden in everything. I want to be in control of what I eat. I want to know what I’m eating. Hey, Tony the Tiger. You don’t know me. Hey Keebler Elves. You don’t know me Hey Frito Bandito. You have a really kick-ass mustache, but you were discontinued in 1971. So you’re not relevant here. And finally, I want to know if what everyone’s griping about is correct It’s fun to tell people when they’re wrong And if they’re right, it’s fun to tell people that think they’re wrong that they’re wrong The point is it’s fun lording knowledge over people. Isn’t that what it’s all about? [sung] Bad advi– Why did my wife want to quit sugar? Let’s ask her [Chyna] Um, I don’t know I guess I wanted to develop some better habits and set a good example for Ada I just resent being addicted to a substance. So what did we do? What are the rules? What does it mean to quit added sugar? Well natural sugar is sugar that’s found naturally in food without us doing anything to it. Like apples, milk, vegetables Bruce Campbell one-liners — [Bruce Campbell] Give me some sugar, baby. — and added sugar is sugar added to food when we process it This is found in things like basically [beep]-ing everything–bread. Ketchup. Yogurt. Dressing. System of a Down songs. [SooD] Sugar! That’s right, sugar is naturally in Bruce Campbell, it was added to System of a Down, everybody knows that Well, so I’d like to reiterate yogurt It is shocking how much sugar is in popular yogurt brands and it’s supposed to be healthy Now here’s where it gets tricky apparently natural sugar and added sugar are more or less chemically the same thing but when you have natural sugar in things like Apples it comes with vitamins and fiber and other good stuff that makes the body process it more slowly In a more healthy way and it satiates you and it fills you up more than added sugar But when you take that fruit and you make it into juice even without messing with it in any other way adding other sugar It’s still technically natural sugar and will be labeled that way but it loses all the benefits of having it in the fruit and so it’s essentially like having added sugar and then there are things like honey and nectar which technically have natural sugar They probably have a little bit more beneficial stuff in them than straight-up sugar But it’s still a lot of sugar at once. So with all of that in mind our rules are no added sugar No fruit juice. No sugar alternatives, like stevia [st-eh-via] and aspartame. Stevia? [st-ee-via] No honey, agave, etc. Etcetera known to be 80% sugar. Yes fruit So this means I had to give up my protein bar. I had pretty much everyday no sweet breakfast like pancakes or waffles No donuts ice cream salad dressing ketchup chips and salsa! Barely any sugar added which why I cheated a few times But don’t tell anyone and one more thing nearly every fricking packaged thing in a grocery store So we checked in video style on day nine. Let’s see how we were doing [Craig] So, what are we on, day nine?
[Chyna] Yeah [Craig] Okay Give me a LaCroix. [Chyna] Give me a brownie [Craig] Mmm, oh, I don’t have one [Chyna, sad] Mmmm. The first three days weren’t that bad. Yeah, this is true It was pretty easy maybe because we weren’t that heavy users of sugar in the first place We have quit drinking soda, and I’ve reduced my ice cream and chocolate regimen over the years Super good! And I’m only eating it to demonstrate to you how to eat it. I’m not eating it because I need to. I don’t like that shot, we should probably do it again. This super good! Yeah, I’m only eating it to demonstrate how to eat So I guess this was gonna be a breeze! [Chyna] You know what wasn’t easy?
[Craig] What? [Chyna and Craig] Day 4! [Craig] On day 4 I was planning on actually shooting some stuff [Chyna] Mm-hmm [Craig] But I felt so terrible. I didn’t want to do anything [Chyna] And I was really grumpy. Hmm. That’s why we started on day 9 I felt too terrible on day 4 excuses excuses Came down with a case of the want-to-dies. Chyna, want to react to how you felt on day 4? [Chyna] No! That was perfect! So yeah, it wasn’t easy. I guess we were gonna feel terrible from that point on [Craig] Then, like day 7 felt amazing Oh yeah, I guess we got over the grumps and everything was gonna be fine. [Craig] Today, I felt a little worse [sighs] Ok, so I guess we were gonna have some ups and downs So what was going on here? Apparently on day 4 we were going through withdrawal, sugar is addictive like drugs [Joe Hanson] … and another one Another one! And another– So maybe what happened was on day 4 we were going through withdrawal, day 7 we were like Woo hoo! Yes, you finally stopped eating like a [beep] and then finally day 9 was like whoa, whoa, whoa, everyone calm down, life is still hard But so far there was really only one horrible day but that wasn’t the worst thing how we felt physically the worst thing was society! Or to put it less dramatically [Craig] Just the lack of options. If I want something quick, but I don’t want the same kind of stuff we’re having I can’t just go to a fast food place and get food [Chyna] When I was on the road like during lunch today, and I wanted to just like swing through a drive-thru and grab something to eat [Craig] Most fast food is just gonna be all–so much sugar [Chyna] I think you could probably have french fries [Craig] I bet there’s sugar in fast-food fries
[Chyna] Really? It’s just potatoes, and… Ok, Google is there sugar in McDonald’s fries? [Google Assistant] The dextrose, a natural form of sugar, is to help achieve a uniform golden color in the sodium acid pyrophosphate [Chyna] Holy — ! Okay, Google is there sugar in Wendy’s fries? Dang it! Ok, well I’m glad I know that. They put sugar in everything, why? Even stuff that doesn’t need sugar in it But there were other good things that happened on day nine [Craig] So I’ve lost three pounds exactly.
[Chyna] So I’ve lost almost five pounds. It’s really indicative of how–the sheer volume of sugar calories I was consuming before and I really want to not lose any more. That–my goal is to like just get more healthy calories in Yes, quitting sugar tends to make people lose weight There could be many reasons but one reason might be this [Chyna] Well today I went grocery shopping with Ada, passed the ice creams and I stopped and looked at like the really fancy ones like the [Craig] Mm-hmm [Chyna] artisanal ice creams and I didn’t want it that bad. Like a month ago, we went to that same grocery store and I looked at those same ice creams and then impulse bought one [Craig] Yeah
[Chyna] and then ate like half of the pint when we got home Cravings for sweets started to go away! Apparently one of the biggest causes of a sweet tooth is a sweet tooth and those cravings never came back not even once! [Chyna] I really want like ice cream or something. Like a Twix! [Craig] Last night, I was looking at Twitter and now this post: butterbeer ice cream I think I was drooling. On top of the fridge, I saw those [Craig] pretzels with —
[Chyna] Peanut butter pretzels? I looked and they have sugar in them!
[Craig] Yeah Okay, so the cravings came back a little there were ups and downs, but that’s okay as long as we generally just felt better [Chyna] I don’t really notice myself feeling better Hmm [Craig] I don’t really notice that I have more energy, but I do feel fuller most of the time This was probably the biggest change for me almost all the time I was just kind of full and it was nice But when we were hungry What did we eat? Transition transition [Barnyard sounds in background] Eggs, meat, pasta with homemade sauce with no added sugar, fruit and veggables for snacks Things like apples with natural peanut butter, which I love and I’m completely addicted to [Joe Hanson] and another one– –in moderation. The best peanut butter is, if you can find it at a grocery store, a machine with peanuts in it that you just grind and you get butter! Peanut butter And quitting added sugar allowed Chyna to get creative. [Craig] You’ve discovered things to cook because of this [Chyna] Cauliflower caprese something casserole Like lasagna, but the base of it is cauliflower I made a ratatouille and that was pretty good [Craig] Took me back to my youth in–or parts of France and my mom would make me ratatouille But now I’m a jaded old food critic [Chyna] I just got that you were referencing the movie, Ratatouille I saw on like a Facebook video to slice sweet potatoes like long ways spread goat cheese on it and then topped it with blueberries and raspberries and it was so freaking good [Craig] It was delicious And finally [Craig] It’s over [Chyna] Yep We planned a glorious celebration. I wanted to celebrate with a [Craig] A wonderful dessert: dark chocolate ice cream, strawberries, peanuts, hot fudge on top. And as I was scooping the hot fudge licked it off the spoon then wait a little while. My heart started racing and I got a little sick to my stomach So I’m just eating strawberries. [Chyna] I just made a very small bowl.
[Craig] How do you feel right now? [Chyna] It’s yummy… It’s really sweet [Craig] Everything’s sweeter when you quit sugar, everything that, you know, has sweetness to it [Chyna] Like me? [Craig] No, you’re always the sweetest thing in my life [Chyna] Awww [Craig makes gagging sound, Chyna laughs] It’s been several weeks since we finished this and I still don’t get cravings for ice cream or chocolate or donuts I–anything with sugar. I don’t even listen to Suge Knight. I don’t even box with Sugar Ray Leonard Is he still alive? He is still alive. Good for him So quitting sugar pros and cons. Pros: feeling full most of the time. Not crashing, energy levels kind of stayed the same throughout the day Disappointing that it didn’t shoot up to superhero levels but it was still nice Fresh food tastes better sweet cravings kind of went away Milk tasted like a milkshake. Not the kind of milkshake that brought all the boys to the yard but some of the boys We probably saved a lot of money and with all that extra money We made it rain which gave us exercise which was healthy Another pro: more health Probably. I say probably because you can’t really prove the long-term effects of sugar in a month But we did lose weight, which is believed to be healthy in many circles The cons: obviously missing our delicious nomnoms. I love chocolate I love ice cream. Yeah, the cravings went away but isn’t life about desire followed by satisfaction I believe it was Nietzsche who said “Just like want stuff and go get it, or whatever.” That’s how life is. So yeah, denying yourself stuff you love isn’t necessarily fun But with time I think you can get over it another con: the terrible withdrawal, which doesn’t last forever But the biggest con for me Inconvenience. Most fast food and most grocery store food is out the window You have to be vigilant about making sure there’s no sugar in stuff You can’t just go out and eat wherever whenever One inconvenient thing that happened We visited my parents and my mom made my favorite meal of all time is her spaghetti with her homemade sauce It has sugar in it. We had to bring our own sauce. And that’s cool, my mom was fine with it [Craig’s Mom] Craig doesn’t like my sauce, he can find another [beep]-ing mom [Craig’s Dad] In my day we dumped sugar in our Pepsi, poured Pepsi on our Count Chocula and drizzled corn syrup marinade on top And we washed it done with Yoo-hoo. [Craig’s Mom] You said it, Butch. [Craig’s Dad] Hell yeah, sugar mama. There it is, this is what quitting added sugar did for us Turns out I concur with most other people who did this and say that quitting added sugar did some good things Good job other people [Craig, off-camera] What did quitting sugar do? [Chyna] Made me grumpy and tired And then I mostly just felt normal [Craig] Are you glad you did it? [Chyna] I’m back on the sugar train But I’m eating less than I was before so that’s good. I think it was worth it, ultimately If you want to do it I say go for it, but you don’t have to just jump right into it [Phil DeFranco] Let’s just jump into it No, you don’t have to [Phil DeFranco] Let’s just jump into– No, Phil! You could just start by looking at food labels and learning about how much hidden added sugar there is everywhere Or, just do what you do. You’re a beautiful snowflake. And I know you can do it, whatever that is One thing you can do if you like this video is click the like button or you can subscribe. If you do you may see more month-long challenges like this. I may go vegan for a month. I may go streaking for a month I’m not gonna go streaking for a month In my previous video I analyzed why people liked haul videos and I plan to do more analyses like that and I’m doing a secret week daily vlog videos every weekday for patrons if you want to support me on Patreon Thank you for watching and thank you for being you [*ding*] Unless you’re a jerk, maybe work on that

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  1. I avoided sugar bit by bit. From reducing sugar in my tea to drinking my tea without it. And from eating a whole bar of chocolate to just eating a piece then later making my own dark chocolate with honey then living without chocolate at all. (Fact: dark chocolate without honey tastes awful but you gotta do what u can to trick your brain into having chocolate)

  2. For your next video you should try doing cold showers for a month 🙂 You can start warm and move to cold or just jump in cold. it's exhilirating and the guy who told me about it says he doesn't get sick anymore.

  3. I think, that that my somehow sugar free lifestyle (i drink coke and other sweet drinks) helped me all the time to not gain weight. Everyone (women especially) was jealous of how much i can eat and never grow in weight. I ate a LOT, but never gained weight.
    Now i am no longer a construction worker, but a driver… so my weight goes up, now that i drink energy drinks and never quit my eating habits. Well, I am 45 now, so who cares. At 187cm and 88Kg I think i am still fine 😉

  4. I used to watch your videos back in the day and I loved you stuff. This video reintroduced me to your channel. I'm loving what you're doing now too!

  5. I don't know anything about food manufacturing, but I have a suggestion. Given the concerns regarding sugar, why not have a sugar gradient in foods. A candy bar could have a "start" end with more sugar & then more diluted toward the "end". (same with fats) Other types of foods too. The refreshing feeling of the sugar ( for me)doesn't need to be maintained thru the entire candy, pie, etc.. when I used to drink soft drinks, I used to add a lot of ice. The sugar was refreshing at first but as the ice melted, much less sugar was present, and I didn't really mind. Similarly with my low sugar cereal. I put a small amount of honey on top, on one side and eat first,, no honey throughout the rest.. seems to work for me. I think some products could cut overall sugar in half or more.


  7. sorry buddy stopped watching about 1 min in, your are trying to be funny, but that is not way people are viewing this kind of video, plz drop the humor and give good useful information, just not funny.

  8. Went almost 4 years without added sugar or high sugar naturally foods. No high glycemic carbs. First four months lost @40 pounds. Gradually added sweets back – but not as many – always read contents of food – try to stay to 5 to 10 grm of sugar per serving. I gradually put back weight but over @12 years. (I am not young.) LOL sticking to naturally occurring sugars in high fibre foods as much as I can. I feel great.

  9. I avoided added sugar for 90 days & switched to peanut butter as my desert (the real stuff) with oil on top. It is difficult during the withdrawal stage but after you survive that I had less of need & interest for sugar. I must admit I had very little added sugar in my diet to start, yogurt has always been my ice cream w/ bean pie. I stopped eating bean pies afterwards. But the addiction started to come back after a couple months, (past my 90 days) I would want something sweet. I just didn't want a substance controlling me so I did give in for a short while but decided to drink flavored water & teas that contain no High fructose corn syrup, & went back to my yogurt (flavored) for dessert & peanut butter cookies. Finding something to do with that time that you normally consume sugars which was at night watching TV (for me) helped to replace the added sugar with healthier foods or things to do to avoid eating sugar. I realize a good balance is the key, but I have really cut down on in take sugar. My mind is lot clearer & energy was good just got better, Focus, attitude etc got better. If anyone need help, feel free to contact me, I'm long time Vegetarian with regimented diet & lot discipline on clean eating as well as HHP. Macsherbtalk.com

  10. Fruit, peanut butter, french fries, bread, pasta, etc… all have sugar in them, or are carbohydrates that will be converted into sugar. So sugar levels are still pretty high when you keep eating these things. Especially fruit, those are just sugar bombs…. If you eat an apple and a banana that's almost the same sugar content as a can of coke.

  11. i did carnivore diet for a month, went from 235 to 209 then treated myself to 2 pints of haagandaaz , 160g of sugar in 1 sitting, i woke up the next day and ordered a pizza and ate all 8 slices, binging on sugar makes you feel bloated like shit after and depressed, binging on steak, eggs, fish and fat just makes you feel satisfied, you think the more sugar the more energy you have but chronic consumption of sugar day after day will have you feeling lethargic all the time, sugar is only extremely satisfying if you've exhausted all your muscle glycogen and need to refill it, but if its already full all the time the sugar is just circulating the blood waiting to get turned into fat, i gaid back to 230 in less then 2 weeks im 6'2.. i been treatin my body like a guinny pig for dietary experiments.. gonna go back to the zero carb routine after a few days of fasting but i bet these people dont go ham like i do when they do eat carbs like if im gonna eat Entemins donuts im killin the whole box, if i order pizza im killing the whole pie, sugar is a hell of a drug, it will make you keep stuffing your face even after your belly is bulging, it takes over… on the otherhand in deep ketosis is too kinda it has its profile of how it keeps your mental sharp and on edge, but when i said zero carb it was literally zero carb like no plants ( those are carbs), just seared meats (never fried ) ( mostly raw) with salt.. keep a balence between pleasure and suffering with food, cause its Easy to get carried away and go off the deep end in either direction without mental discipline…

  12. Next up on WheezyWaiter, a month without caffine. Watch as he crawls about the floor without energy to stand, but as a bonus he is reminded of what it's like to see through a baby's eyes and makes an awesome connection with his child.

  13. I didn't quit sugar completely, but I reduced my intake by about 90% because I decided to start eating healthy about a month ago. I could NOT figure out why I had no energy and felt angry, depressed, anxious, you name it. The cravings were ridiculous – I thought I was just craving food in general but I know now it was sugar that I wanted. I gave in more than a few times. I kept going with the way I was trying to eat and eventually the sugar addiction broke. I get HUNGRY now, meaning I don't CRAVE foods, I just get hungry when it's time to eat. What a difference – I didn't even realize they were two different things.

    Sugar really is just terrible for you. I had no idea how much it was controlling me.

  14. In my opinion, the best thing about living without added sugar is that everything that is healthy tastes much better and sweeter. Sometimes even an apple is almost too sweet for me. The only problem is that you can relapse very quickly even after months without added sugar. At least for me it always remains a small challenge to avoid sugar.

  15. Fyi dextrose is just a pseudonym for sucrose. Its the same thing and sucrose is just a disaccharide made of 1 glucose and 1 fructose unit. Its deceptive marketing, sucrose is table sugar

  16. Been meaning to watch this video for a while now, for health reasons. Wasn't expecting it to be so damn hilarious, in a dry comedy sort of way.. loved it. Your parents are fantastic sports too.. I pissed myself laughing at your moms unexpected comment. Anyway, thank you so much for the video .. very funny but super informative too. Im tempted to try this for a month.. the one thing that disappointed me was the no honey rule.. because damn I love coffee and like it sweet. If I did everything else in your suggestions apart from having honey in my coffee it would still of course be beneficial, but I was just wondering if u had any ideas for another maybe better alternative to add some sweetness to my coffee? Thanks again.

  17. i did this 3 years ago and also for a month and absolutely NOTHING changed- the only thing i noticed was that sugary things had a sort of strange taste the first 2 or 3 days, but besides that-nada

  18. Love this video so much i'm actually going to subscribe. Well done! Thanks guys. Actually really helps because im quitting sugar while doing keto. Plan to only use stevia or erythritol later. But wanted to see if i can really go without anything sweet for a week.

  19. Dude, I drink like 5 fantas a day plus a pack of candy. Every time I try to quit by tapering I can cut back to 2 fantas a night and then when I try to cut down to 1, I'll start trippin. Tonight I couldn't sleep and was so anxious so I ran out to the gas station at 11pm and got a snickers and a root beer. I've given up an alcohol and marijuana addiction but this MF is killin me. I tried to play with my daughter today without sodas and I just did not care and was so grumpy and then after drinking one I wanted to just go wake her up and hug her and play with her. This is some real shit. My brain keeps tricking me to drink more SUGAAAARRRR! That's why I'm watching this video haha

  20. I can’t go past a week sugar free. Especially working in a fucking grocery store where sugar is around every damn corner!!!!!!

    I cannot be blamed.

  21. Wtf, every video I see of people doing this they are like "lol that kinda sucked" I'm going on day 4 and I'm losing my goddamn mind…..

  22. Every time you said "ok Google", my phone paused the video and asked me what I wanted. Arrrrgggghhhhhh!!! You should bleep yourself. LOL

  23. …all I really wanted to know here is how this guy managed to get a solid 8.5.

    (Compliments to both of you, I’m sure the dude is chill/quick witted)

  24. If you went grumpy😂when you quit sugar , you have probably eating more sugar when you know .I have quitt sugar now for nearly 2 years , and i have no cravings

  25. Sounds like fasting. First three days are hard, then day four is transcendent and life changing, when the stomach stops barking.

  26. I just started 30 days sugar free challenge. It's been three days now and I'm already feeling very good about it. I enjoyed your video till the end. The drooling part was hilarious!! You've inspired me to keep going. I can do it now!!

  27. Hello, we're a community based on sugar free and low carb bread replacements called chaffles.

    Check us out!


  28. I quit sugar (mostly) about a month ago and my gosh I can taste the natural sweetness is yellow peppers now! Everything takes better.

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