What Vitamins Should Women Over 45 Take I What Vitamins to Take at 50
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What Vitamins Should Women Over 45 Take I What Vitamins to Take at 50

October 4, 2019

Hi this is Milan of SoNaturelle Wellness health lifestyle coach & personal chef. I help women over 40 who want to lose at least 50 pounds feel healthier, and reduce their need for medication. in this video. I going to share with you what is biochemical individuality. And how you need different supplements from those in your household, I’m going to share with you three different women, 3 different scenarios but hey are all stressed they are stressed for various different reasons. And we all are to some degree. But the way we handle them is different from each other. So woman number #1 is a corporate woman and it could be yourself you wake up with aches and pains in your body. You gain weight easily, you love chocolate or you crave chocolate even when it is not your time of the month. perhaps you have mood swings and corporate is stressful. Perhaps you are a business owner, entrepreneur like myself except your hair is thinning. You get really nervous if things aren’t going the way they should. Ans maybe you breakout in hives or maybe you’re just lethargic And it could have been just throughout the week of doing so many things. yourself and not hiring someone to help you do them. Woman number #3, perhaps this is you you are taking care of your parents who are aging. Now you are the sole care taker. You are fatigue, you lack energy., you lack sleep, it’s affecting your memory. Sometimes you have spasms or muscle cramps. So you see all 3 women they are the same in terms of their needs of protein and carbohydrates but they are different. Because their stress levels are different, their lifestyles are different. thier eating habits are different all of this is what biochemical individuality is. It means that we are the same but yet we differ. Because of these imbalances which are linked to a vitamin and mineral in your body. So to correct your vitamin and mineral imbalance. If your body is not getting what it need through food then you have to supplement. And you don’t necessary have to supplement with perhaps with vitamins and minerals but you can supplement with herbs, herbs are whole food. The body knows exactly what to do with it because it comes from the earth. Now the beautiful thing about when you incorporate a lifestyle change, when you incorporate supplementation into your body. your body starts to normalize and the problems that you had will eventually disappate Once you find the cause then you correct the imbalance. And that is what I want you to take away. What biochemical individuality is, it is correcting your bodily imbalances. So that your body can do what it is designed to do. And you body is always looking to heal itself. So, I want to invite you, I have 2 spots open this month For my Cannelle Lifestyle Intensive It is a Wellness Lifestyle Intensive designed to help find your bodily imbalance, change them and correct them so you can age wonderfully. If you sign up before midnight tonight. I will gift you with a beautiful rejuvenating botanical herb bath infusion. And along with that you will get 1 month FREE of my 365 day BALA -Body Balance to help your body stay balanced throughout the year, to help you reach your weight loss goals. And to get that support from someone even when you think you’re falling off your, goals and you can’t reach them by yourself I’m here for you, I will always support you. And until our next video…Stay Beautiful and Healthy.

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